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    Hello, Victfan000!

    IGN: Soaj0
    Nickname: Since my IGN is kinda weird I'd rather be called by my cat's name (Eternaleclipse)
    Rank applying for: Admin
    Maturity: Very mature
    Experience: I don't have so much experience since I usually play on servers with a lot of people (so they have more chances than me) but I'm usually the first one to welcome a new member of the server.
    Why you want to be staff: I love to help out and want to let everyone have fun by making sure they follow the rules. It's also a great experience for me.
    How many Warriors books have you read: All the way to ThunderRising and all the super editions/ side stories.
    Other: I don't really care if I become staff or just a roleplayer. I just want to get your server going! I can also direct people to your server so they can check it out.
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