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    posted a message on Anyone else not been to the end yet?
    So, I've been a minecrafter for who knows how long now... I think I joined in early beta... may have even been alpha...

    Well, I have not been to the end yet.
    Never mind that, I've only recently started checking out the fortresses in the nether.
    I have yet to even brew my first potion.

    Enchanting... okay, I've actually done that. I have yet to try the anvil though.

    I've been in one desert temple... never a jungle temple.

    Anyone else behind like me?
    Maybe not as far, but even a bit?
    Mostly just then end, anyone else not been there and done that?
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    posted a message on 1.4.4 removed sand generators?
    Quote from GerbilCrab475

    Yay, another exploitable bug that has been fixed. This is a good thing. If you want that much glass, buy some from a librarian after selling him books and paper. Want sand stone? Get out there and break your back.

    Um, double check that... if you want that much glass, don't bother with the librarian... better to nether gate to a desert and strip it.

    1.4.4 villagers are now difficult to buy/sell with on mass. They got nerfed to prevent emerald mass production with wheat and such. So now villager trading isn't very usefull for large builds, only small builds and general inventory.

    At least it looks like golem farming hasn't been nerfed... or I missed it in the patch notes. I can't get the villagers to populate anyway...
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Just a minor alteration to the code... allow glass panes to occupy the same block as a half slab or stairs.

    Imagine, a square window that is a block and a half tall.
    A 'peep hole' (stair case with glass pane, surrounded by regular blocks).

    Imagine a fireplace with a smaller fire... with a short iron grill in front. (Assumes that iron fence can also co-occupy with half slabs.)
    Imagine a slanted window...
    :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs:
    :Logs: :Logs: :stair: :Glass: :Logs:
    :Logs: :stair: :Glass: :stair: :Logs:
    :Logs: :Glass: :stair: :Logs: :Logs:
    :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs:
    Only, convert those double halfslabs into stairs (appropriatly rightside up or down) with a little glass pane sticking out of the step.
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    posted a message on Official 1.3 bug reporting thread
    Bug name: Partial Disconnect
    Severity: Harsh
    Version: 1.3.1 and 1.3.2
    Details: My sister will lose the ability to access boxes/crafting bench/furnaces randomly, usually within the first 30 minutes.
    Not long after, it will notify me that she has disconnected from the server, but she will still be running around the server, unable to break/place anything.
    Upon either of those occuring, she disconnects and reconnects and it works fine after that.
    System: Me: Win7, custom machine (Phenom II, Radeon HD 6870, 4 GB RAM) - running dedicated server and game client
    Sister: Vista, laptop (HP - don't have specifications right now)
    Netowrk - LAN, wired, Gigabit
    Image: Not Available
    Bug name: repeat - Creeper to the FACE!
    a.k.a. - house security failure.
    Severity: EVIL!!!
    Version: 1.3.1 and 1.3.2
    Details: 3 creepers and 1 skeleton have spawned in our house area now.
    Creeper 1: See my previous post, basicly I was running along on our porch, heading home from the farm, when a creeper appeared and blew up.
    Creeper 2: Not completely sure, but it showed up in our house and tried to blow up my sister.
    Creeper 3: I was mining in our hill to make an auto-harvest wheat farm, multi-level.
    I heard foot steps and climbed down from the third level to find a creeper had spawned 6 blocks below me.
    There was no where for it to wander from.
    Skeleton: I hid in our house, opened the forums and was reading through this thread when I heard footsteps (yeah, had the server and client still running).
    Popped back into the game to find a skeleton on our porch... would have had to wander about 50 bricks around the house to get there. I don't believe it did.
    System: See Above Bug
    Image: Not Available - old images in previous posting about this.
    Bug name: Lighting decreased effectiveness - related to above bug, probably.
    Severity: Harsh
    Version: 1.2.5 + 1.3.1 + 1.3.2
    Details: Before 1.2.5, I would put torches every 5th block inside bases, on the second block up.
    While on cave trips, I would put them every 7-8 blocks, or less if lighting seemed down.
    After 1.2.5, I had to reduce my base lighting to every 4th block inside bases, and a little closer then before in cave trips.
    Now, 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 have been putting torches on every 3rd block at floor level, and every 4th block in caves... and hostiles seem to still spawn.
    Pretty soon, I'm going to have to put a torch on every block that will take one.
    I would switch to half-slabs, but if they are put on the top portion of the block location, mobs can still spawn on them.
    I like having my chests on the floor, unless it is a storage room, then I'll do what it takes to fit as much as I can.
    System: See bug at top of post.
    Image: Not Available
    Bug name: Spawn point of no edit and relocation
    Severity: Nuisance
    Version: no edit - since always
    relocation - 1.2.5 + 1.3.1 + 1.3.2
    Details: At first, it was just that the spawn point would prevent breaking/placing blocks.
    This occurs from bedrock to sky limit. Just means we have to build our house outside the area (seems to be a 4 chunk square, though sometimes is a 9 chunk).
    We have made several new maps, and every time it does this, we've just gotten used to it.
    Creepers and TNT (launched in) can destroy blocks inside the area, but even creative mode can't edit it.
    Since 1.2.5, out spawn point seems to get relocated the second time we load the map on the server.
    It always gets relocated into a nearby ocean, taking the edit issue with it (thankfully).
    The only solution we have found is to not die until we have set up beds to be our spawn.
    System: See bug at top of post.
    Image: Not Available - wouldn't really show it anyway.
    Bug name: Heavy game and server
    Severity: nuisance
    Version: 1.3.1 and 1.3.2
    Details: I mentioned before that I left the server and client running as I cam to the minecraft forum.
    Well, it now lags my browser a little... and a lot when on the minecraft forum here.
    Never used to have a problem, could hit the wiki with the game still going... or even watch a YouTube video with the game running.
    No long able to... isn't so bad getting onto YouTube, but can't watch any videos with the server/client running.
    Also causes this forum to take about 10 seconds to load a page... usually I'm fairly instant.
    Although, it seems closing them didn't solve the lag on the forum... guesss it's just busy.
    Just means I can't browse the wiki with the game running anymore.
    -- I was mistaken, upon closing my client and stopping the server, the minecraft forum froze.
    I could close my other open tabs without issue, but the forum took several minutes of terminating to close it.
    This is probably due to how heavy the game seems to be on my system and how active the forum seems to be right now.
    System: See bug at top of post.
    Image: Not Available
    I'm sure I have more bugs to report, but I can't think of them right now.
    I'm just glad my sister and I haven't had any trouble with Nether travel... although, our initial portal in is at a height of about 70 blocks.
    In the nether, I made another portal at the same height as the one inside the nether and that one generated at a height of about 50 blocks (in a cave under a sea).
    My next portal I will be building both sides of the gate, so I can control exactly where they are.
    NOTE: I use the Mojang dedicated server, downloaded from the site.
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    posted a message on Official 1.3 bug reporting thread
    Quote from MattBarber

    Bug name: One offer per villager
    Version: 1.3.1
    Details: Can't switch villager's trading offers when pressing either arrow (>) next to the item icons, which I thought is a supposed new feature. Was using Optifine (can't play MC otherwise), but the Optifine developer had the same problem as me in vanilla. And there I was going to steal the emeralds of the good village folk...
    System: Windows 7 x64 (Optifine'd)

    Have you tried initiating the current trade. From what I hear, they start with only one trade... once that one has been used at least once, they will then possibly gain other trade options. This requires at least closing the trade screen.
    Also, after a trade has been used several times, it will go away. If the trade window is kept open, it won't go away, but once it is ready to go away, it will as soon as the trade window is closed.

    --- edit : responding to a few others ---

    Quote from kude42

    Maybe I'm nuts, but has anyone else noticed that most of these glitches mainly happen on windows 7? I swear there's been barely any on vista.

    A lot of people have switched to Win7 from Vista, since Win7 is better for gaming then Vista. Vista is pretty good for gaming, but it does have some glitches. My sister has a Vista laptop and is having more trouble then I am right now. I'll be posting details in a bit.

    Quote from inuyasha2510

    Bug name: sticky pistons not pushing
    Version: 1.3.1
    Details: not sure why but my sticky pistons wont push other sticky pistonsis they where prvioulsy blocked by normal pistons or obsidian
    here are some pictures of what happens

    Pistons cannot push a piston that is extended. A piston must be pushed and then extend.
    Also, once a piston has attempted to push, but failed due to being blocked by immovable objects, it will not automatically extend once the blockage is removed.
    To get it to extend after removing blockage, just cause a block update near the piston in question... or re-apply power.

    This applies to both regular and sticky pistons.
    I note in your pictures that two pistons are extended, and one piston is attempting to push another into the extended pistons. Just unextending those pistons will not solve in (third image), the piston that is pushing must be sent a signal again, or just place/remove a block beside it.
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    posted a message on Official 1.3 bug reporting thread
    Bug name: Instant Creeper to the FACE!
    Version: 1.3.1 (map from 1.2.5)
    Details: *takes deep breath*
    So, I'm walking along my hill top porch, at night, enjoying the snow... and suddenly, right in the block in front of me a creeper appears and explodes. I had enough time to smack it with my sword, but no time to get away... I tried.
    There is no where above for it to fall from, unless it came from the clouds... it shouldn't have come through the floor, nothing around to cause that.
    It might help to note that I started this map on 1.2.5 and am now lighting up nearby caves systems in 1.3.1 .
    Also, it is a dedicated server, run on the same machine. Not greifing, no one else on it.
    System: AMD Phenom II 810, 4 GB RAM, Radeon HD 6870 w/ 1GB, Win7
    Image: Post explosion
    This is the damage done by the creeper. Nothing major.

    This is what it looked like before the creeper... and looks like again.

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    posted a message on When is 1.3 going to come out?!?!
    It's 1am for me, about 10am Sweden time.
    I read in another 'when 1.3' thread that Mojang likes to release updates near the end of the day.

    They probably just want to make sure it is really, really ready for roll out...
    Okay, they are probably uploading it to the relevent servers for distribution upon release.

    Really, I have no idea.
    I don't want to deal with 'snap-shots' and 'pre-releases'... so I'm waiting for the update.
    The only thing I'm not excited about is the reskin of gravel... I'm not saying the previous was great, but it made me think of gravel...
    ... the new gravel looks more like metal plates to me... but I'll give it a chance.
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    posted a message on Community Creations - L4D2 Minecraft; MineTV Ep2 This Week
    I figured I would hit the 'force update' button mentioned to see if maybe it was already released *laughs*...
    Then I realized something... I don't have a 'force update' button.
    Is that going to be in 1.3 ? So I need 1.3 to force the 1.3 update? *laughs*
    I just want to update so badly...
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    posted a message on > Xbox360 Questions Answered
    Very nice, but I'm interested in some clarification.

    Quote from TheElm

    (01) Will minecraft PC and minecraft xbox SMP be compatible?
    Xbox & PC SMP are not yet available.

    Does that mean the ability for them to SMP together isn't available yet?
    The way it is worded implies that neither are capable of SMP yet... but I know that PC had SMP before Xbox had Minecraft.

    Question 5 implies that the two version are unable to SMP together.

    Question 9 implies that the two version are capable of SMP together.
    (Voice chat issues are moot if SMP of the two version isn't possible.)

    Question 23 leaves it open... the implication being that it may or may not currently be possible, but if it is then it may or may not be possible to prevent Minecraft360ers to join a MinecraftPCer's server.

    The solution, just re-answer question 1.

    Can the Xbox360 and PC versions SMP with each other?
    ie: if a MinecraftPCer gave their server IP to a Minecraft360er, is it possible for them to use that to try and join the server?

    I am the MinecraftPCer and a Minecraft360er friend of mine was interested in joining me.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Rope fence.

    :|: :Yellow: :|:
    :|: :Yellow: :|:
    :Iron: :Yellow: :Iron:
    :Iron: :Yellow: :Iron:

    The colour of the rope would be based on the colour of the wool used.
    In the case of the wooden fence, the colour of the wood would depend on the colour of the sticks.
    (This requires that sticks retain the colour of the wood they are from.)

    Who doesn't want to give themselves a red carpet, complete with red ropes along the side?
    Wouldn't it feel more like a tree house if the fences were rope?
    How about a dock with those wooden support beams but a rope railing?
    With a 10x10 grid of them, make it look like a net will catch you when you fail during acrobatics... granted, it wouldn't and you'd die if you fell... but it looks good.
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    posted a message on Requesting help, spawn related information required.
    Quote from bearbear12345

    are you using bukkit/

    if your useing bukkit edit bukkit.yml and add/change spawn-radius: spawn-radius:0

    Okay, I will go look into this... bukkit.

    We are currently using clients and server.
    No add ons, no mods, no painter... just running around and building a map by hand from a superflat base.

    I just need something I can open the map with and make the change.
    Kind of like the mapping programs that will look at the save files and generate an image of the map. ie: Minetographer, PixelMap, etc.

    After a quick lookup, bukkit is a server mod.
    So, I need to know one thing: will this change the spawn for the server, or the map?

    ie: If I then remove bukkit, will the change remain or be gone?

    Bonus Info: I have no need of retaining any server mod, I use a server to co0op play with my sister, and the base server works fine for that.
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    posted a message on Requesting help, spawn related information required.
    I think I have the right section, I spent a lot of time searching for my answers and then some time figuring out where I should post my questions.

    My sister and I are attempting to make a challange map to share with the community.

    Here are two things we encountered right away in starting this project.
    They are sort of merged together... we need either one solved or the other.
    They are moot for single player, but we would like to make this work in SMP as well.

    The spawn chunk is locked, and only server operators are able to manipulate the contents.
    We have two options on the solution.

    Solution 1 : Change the spawn point.
    Criteria : The new spawn point for the map must not be locked.

    I've tried finding the solution, and I'm sure it is out there... but I just can't find it.
    We can work with a chunk being locked, and have plans to make use of it.

    Solution 2 : Unlock the spawn chunk.
    Criteria : Just make it so regular players can manipulate the chunk like any other chunk.

    If this would also then let me lock any other chunk(s) as well, it would be cool.
    I could make good use of that functionality.

    Solution 3 : Not Possible
    Why : If the spawn point chunk will always be locked, no matter what...

    I doubt this is the case... after all, Sky Block has the player spawn on a tiny island and they are able to manipulate all within that chunk.

    Please don't just post something like this:

    "You can use IRTehMinecraftEditore to do all that."

    Use a sentence or two extra to tell me which solution it is.
    Will I be able to move the spawn without moving the lock, or will I be able to unlock the chunk?
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    posted a message on [ IDEA ] Sea-Floor Survival
    Sounds interesting... I would be inclined to give such a challange a try... I've made one underwater dome myself, and done a little skyblocking as well.

    Drown you say? I shall have to go check it out. Thanks for bring this to my attention though. :happy.gif:
    Good idea, even if someone beat you to it.
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    posted a message on Sound Effects Glitch
    Okay, I've done my own trouble shooting and done some forum wide and web wide searching, and didn't find anything... so I'm here to ask for ideas on how to fix this.

    The wrong sound effects play while mining, picking up items and placing blocks.
    Occurs while playing single player or multi-player.

    While mining, the mining may sound like mining... or various walking noises, or block placing... of item pickup... or hostile mob groans or squeeks.
    The block breaking is also such random noises... and picking them up and placing them down.

    I actually spent about an hour searching for a slime the first time it occured before I realized that the slime sounds only occured while I was mining.

    Solutions Attempted:
    Computer Restart - didn't fix it.
    Re-download Minecraft - didn't fix it.
    Delete all Minecraft files (except saves), then start a new map before loading old file
    - didn't fix it.

    That is all I can think of, if anyone can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.
    At least the rain and lighting still play the right sounds... and the music.
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    posted a message on Redstonable Chests
    Quote from TheBlueRocky

    If a server allows you to place a button on a wall, what is stopping them from opening their door and opening the chest by hand?

    Yes, on a basic server right now they can easily just break in and take your stuff anyway, but there is a difference.

    Manual Access Chests:
    Requires line of sight, so entering the house is one option... more likely to be spotted if the house owner is near by.
    Breaking the brick behind it is another option, but if you manage to get the brick lined up with the chest, the new smaller chests allow seeing that the block is missing, so if the person is in line of sight of the chest they may see it.

    Button Access:
    Don't require line of sight, so don't need to enter.
    The only warning to the owner is if they are in audio range they will hear the chest open... and with line of sight they can see it open.
    Now, let's say the chest can be opened via button at distance using redstone wires... now the theif can lay a long line of redstone while sneaking and lay bricks above it. Now, they open it from a button a ways away and while the house owner is madly digging to follow the redstone wire (or looting the box themselves), the theif has a chance to safely take what they want.

    Overall, adding the button access would make for 'cleaner' storage rooms since there won't be a ton of chests all over, though expanding storage space will be difficult. It could also be used to access one chest from multiple points, making access to more common items easier.
    However, it can also be used on theft permitting servers to make it lots safer for theives.

    I wouldn't complain if it was added to the game... but if it was up to me, I'd say get it put in via mod and not as part of the base game.
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