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    posted a message on Ice Blockz!
    Snow, you can already make (four snowballs), but ice would be good. I'm thinking you use a pick to harvest it, and it either gives you the ice block directly, or possibly ice chips that you craft into ice blocks. Possible recipe:

    :Glass: = Ice Chip (4 per block)
    :Water: = Bucket of Water
    [] :Glass: []
    :Glass: :Water: :Glass: = Ice Block (gives you the empty bucket back, like Cake)
    [] :Glass: []

    This would open up the possibility for the best transportation system of all time - captive pig ice roads.
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    posted a message on Firewood
    Why can't you use netherrack to have a fire?
    Because you are playing SMP and don't have netherrack! That was kind of my point. I can live with different looking fireplaces, but the current situation in SMP is no fireplaces.
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    posted a message on [Aesthetic] Top-Half Slabs and Inverse Staircases
    Has this ever happened to you? You make a nice looking staircase, then you happen to look at it from the side - and it looks like crap! :SSSS:

    The problem is that you can't build the stairs symmetrically - with slabs, you get:
    [] [] :_: :stair:
    :_: :stair: [] []

    Or maybe:
    [] [] :_: :stair:
    :_: :stair: :stair: []

    When what you want is something where the top and bottom match. Same problem with stairs. The only thing that looks good is a 1:1 incline staircase:
    [] [] :_:
    [] :_: []
    :_: [] []
    Which then defeats the point by being hard to climb.

    The solution:
    Top-Half Slabs - Works like normal slabs, but fills the top half of the block instead of the bottom half.
    Inverse Stairs - Like stairs, but upside down.

    Crafting recipe is obvious for the stairs, but I'm not sure what to do for the slabs - maybe a T shape?
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    [] :cobblestone: []
    [] [] []

    This would not only allow decent-looking staircases, but also numerous other decorative purposes - better looking domes, arched ceilings, nicer bridges, and more.

    Who Cares About Aesthetics?
    Everyone who doesn't just build a dirt block-house. If you're just going for what you need to survive in Minecraft, you may as well make a tiny shack, close the door, and declare victory. Even if you want to explore and get resources, there's no need for anything beyond a very minimalist block-house or cave. Trying to make something better than that is what creates the gameplay.
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    posted a message on Barrels?
    Putting buckets in the barrel doesn't sound very useful. Then it just becomes a chest that takes iron to craft and doesn't hold as much. And who stores lava in buckets anyway? What barrels are competing with is the current method for storing lava: Make a trench or pit, put lava in it - each 1 square holds 1 source block. So barrels have to be somewhat comparable in utility.

    The original idea (barrel stores 5 buckets worth, which you pour in, keeping the bucket) could work though, at least for those with a good stock of iron. And storing milk could definitely be useful, seeing as you can't currently do so (outside of buckets).

    Holding five buckets means an easy answer to the "what happens when it's broken" question - it puts a source block in its own square, and the four adjacent horizontal squares. If some of those squares are full, then you lose some liquid. Since milk doesn't exist in free-flowing form, it just disappears.
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    posted a message on Firewood
    You know, I'm getting a bit tired of people just replying "Netherrack" to this. Have you guys heard of SMP, by any chance? Also, aesthetically, a fireplace with burning logs is not the same as a pit of burning hell stone.

    And yes, aesthetics are important. If they weren't, there would be no reason build anything beyond a dirt hut.
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    posted a message on Possible dangers of using beds
    I'm not sure where this "beds are cheap" thing is coming from. People do realize that you could already just close the door and sit out the night in perfect safety, right? All the bed adds is skipping some time without going AFK from the game. And as long as there are creepers, day-time cannot really be called "safe". :SSSS:

    I do like the idea of dreams/nightmares though, maybe not every night, but some of the time. Actually, it would be interesting if you could influence the chance with special beds: gold pillow for more dreams, soul-sand pillow for more nightmares.
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    posted a message on Flint Tools to replace Cobble (Also Arrow Tiers!)
    The problem with making things more realistic is that - realistically - one person can't construct a huge castle, or an underground rail network, or a grid of roads and towns.

    Large construction projects burn through tools like popcorn. The only thing that makes them possible is the fact that you can replace your tools equally easily. With this, I see two options:
    A) Wooden tools are buffed to a point where they're about as good as stone currently is. People mostly just use wooden tools where they would have used stone before.
    :cool.gif: Wooden tools still suck. Large construction projects are a huge PITA, to the point that you have to be pretty obsessed to even try one.

    Also, it's not like wood is useless without tools. It's one of the most-used resources, IME.
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    posted a message on Pork chops are gamebreakingly overpowered
    Bread may heal less, but is has significant advantages:
    * Can be farmed in complete safety. Sure, you can also do this with an enclosed grass field, but a wheat farm is easier and more productive.
    * Grows at a guaranteed rate. Pigs may or may not spawn in your field, but wheat will definitely grow. Within less than a week of game time, you can be producing more than you'll ever use.
    * Can carry a lot more. While bread is less space-efficient than grilled pork, wheat is much more so. You can carry 63 wheat in one inventory slot, which becomes 21 loaves of bread.
    * Does not require slow cooking that you have to sit there watching (because of non-stacking).

    Now fish - yeah, they're a bit pointless, I don't really use them. I guess a fishing pool does provide hypothetically the most healing within a single day, so if you have a lot of players needing healing and no room for a large wheat farm, it comes in handy. Of course, then you run into the problem that fishing is impossible when there's too much lag.
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    posted a message on The MineCar!
    I don't think a full-fledge car fits very well. However, I think a powered minecart that you can ride directly with controllable speed could work. For the recipe, I'm thinking:

    [] [] []
    :Furnace: :Logs^: :|:
    [] [] []
    :Logs^: = Minecart
    :|: = Redstone Repeater (the new one, with the lever)

    Would be able to switch speeds between stopped (does not burn fuel), half-speed, normal speed, and double speed (burns fuel at double-rate). When putting fuel in, you get a furnace-style view, so you can put an entire stack of coal or lava bucket in if desired. Probably doesn't accept wood, like the normal powered minecart.
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    posted a message on [new mob] Skull Monkey
    One refinement - since players usually keep away from trees at night anyway. What if instead of dying in the daytime, it just went dormant, sitting still all day. However, if the leaf that it's on breaks, dropping it to the ground (or it takes damage some other way), it wakes up and attacks the player (if it can see them). Would be a nasty surprise if you're not careful chopping wood.
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    posted a message on Creepers less overpowered
    I do have a bit of a problem with there being no setting between "Cakewalk in the tea park" (Peaceful) and "Must be a paranoid SOB" (everything else). Creepers make it so that you're either safely walling up in your fortress, or running around with weapons and food at the the ready like it was a FPS. Sometimes I'd like to run around exploring, with some danger, but not requiring full alert mode every second of the day.

    So personally, my preference would be that - on Easy difficulty - Creepers are less potent during the day. I'm thinking that they stop moving, although they'd "wake up" and act normally if you walk right next to them or they take damage.
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    posted a message on Exploration / Rare Biomes
    In a recent game, having established a decent home base and acquired a compass, I decided to go exploring. I left my important supplies safely stored, packed some food and boats, and set off northward, planning to catalog what I found and possibly build a road to any particularly good sites.

    And then I ran into a problem that should, in retrospect, have been obvious - there is little reason to explore, and almost no reason to set up more than one base, in Minecraft. Farmed resources can be farmed anywhere equally well. Underground is unknown, so you're equally likely to find diamonds/caves/dungeons by expanding your current mine as digging a new one. Some resources like pumpkins and flowers are location-finite, but you can get those just as effectively with an "outward spiral" search pattern, and there's no reason to return where you found them later. The only thing that might be worth setting up a secondary base is a desert, if you need large quantities of sand. And any desert is equally good for that purpose.

    This is a problem because:
    1) Exploring distant lands is fun - but less so when those lands are no different than the one you left.
    2) Using the Nether for fast travel is cool - but there's no reason to fast travel anywhere.
    3) Setting up secondary bases is an interesting change; brings back some of the risk of your first base, but now you're better equipped. But there's no reason to do it, currently.

    Solution - Rare Biomes
    Imagine if there were biomes with unique resources available (or significantly better access to an existing resource), that appeared much more rarely than normal - spaced out a day's walk apart or more. These biomes would be obvious once you were inside or close to them - there's no point having a rare feature that you'll probably miss when walking past it. Ideally, they would encourage you to set up a secondary base and transportation to the location, so that you can work it. In some cases, they could just have a single special feature, as a reward for exploration. Here's some ideas:

    Gold River
    A plains /swamp type, with numerous pools or rivers of water. On the banks are gold-salted blocks - dirt or sand with golden specks. Those are not particularly useful themselves (have like a 1% chance to drop gold ore, otherwise the normal material), but act as an identifier. If you set up a mine here, gold appears much more frequently and at higher levels above bedrock.

    A rainforest type, with the grass and trees a different shade, plus certain flowers that only appear here. In addition to the unique flowers, there are unique trees and/or plants that can be farmed, but only here - they won't grow outside the Tropical biome. Also has an increased number of spiders spawning.

    Ancient Battlefield
    A plains type, but with no grass or trees. No plants will grow here. Below the topmost layer of dirt, you find battlefield soil (looks like darker dirt with white specks, has a chance to yield bonemeal or a random piece of armor or weapon - probably damaged, otherwise yields dirt). Has an increased number of zombies and skeletons spawning.

    Meteor Crater
    Looks like any normal type, with a big crater in the center. For one thing, this could provide you with a fast start to a mine. For another, the center of the crater often has a few blocks of diamond or redstone right below the surface.

    Desert Island
    Only found in large bodies of water. Looks like - well - a small desert island. Buried somewhere on the island, there's a treasure chest (as you would find in a dungeon). On the downside, skeletons will spawn here at night regardless of the light level, so digging it up may be a bit tricky.

    I've tried to minimize the number of unique blocks and items required - you could certainly add more. But I think even with minor changes, these rare locations could make exploring and expanding a lot more useful and interesting.
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    posted a message on [MOD REQ] Chimps and Banana Plants + Art!
    Making them hostile is a possible idea, but most peopel dislike hostile daytime mobs so that would be reason for people to not download it.
    Maybe make them hostile only if provoked, like daytime spiders.
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    posted a message on Making wood tools better (by comparison)
    The problem I see is that this makes mining or excavating large underground rooms significantly more of a chore. Currently, when your pick runs out, you just make another out of the cobblestone you've been mining through. With this change, you'd have to carry around a stack of smooth-stone for pick repairs, or bring a furnace + fuel and wait for the slow smelting process. And having built a few ground-bedrock towers, I can say that excavation does not need to be slower!

    Sure, there's iron picks. But:
    A) That doesn't help the early game.
    :cool.gif: Some of us like to save iron for railroads and other metal-exclusive things. If I make an iron pick for diamonds/etc then I'll keep using it, but I don't want to waste a stack of iron just digging some tunnels.

    Definitely agree on the hardwood though - that would be a nice addition. Even if all it did was have different-looking logs, they would be useful for building decoration.
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