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    So, we all know hopefully about the secret rooms that use paintings with a door behinds it. However, what I wanted to make, with my limited redstone knowledge, was a piston door that can open and close, with a painting on top of it. It seems that it is possible, although quick pistons are required since paintings now break when they are not supported for a second or so. The only problem I am facing right now is alternating how the doors open and close, I did succeed in closing and opening the door manually while it remains behind the painting. I feel like 2 tflops can accomplish this; one tflop doesn't work because there needs to be alternating delays on when one door opens and the other closes.

    Does anyone have any ideas or made something like that before? I attached a rough diagram. The dispensers are to keep the pistons from acting weird, the circuit is mostly not shown.

    I'm on mc 1.13 by the way.

    PS: I would prefer this door because it's hidden even when the painting is removed or broken, unlike other secret doors that use a wooden_door

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