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    Culture Craft


    PR-0.2 is available for download. Minecraft version 1.7.10, Forge version

    Please download and test what is in the mod so far! Bug reports, feedback, and suggestions are welcome. I will be checking this thread regularly while away so please let me know your thoughts!

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/afh2osimpganl64/Culture_Craft-1.7.10-PR0.2.jar

    -install Forge, then add Culture_Craft to your mods folder.


    - There are a few debugging recipes while I'm still running through adding things. Oak and Spruce saplings craft into Sakura and Kozo saplings respectively, Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds craft into Raw Rice and Rush Seeds, two Sugar Cane vertically craft Bamboo Shoots, and two Dirt blocks vertically craft flood plains.

    - Flood Plains near water will generate Silt in the rain. Silt Blocks in world dry into Mud Blocks.

    - Kozo and Sakura craft into Planks.

    - Bamboo blocks can be soaked and then dried in the Sakura Crate.

    Recipes & More Info:

    A Sakura Crate. It can dry certain objects or soak them - to soak, fill with a water bucket.

    Soaks Bamboo, Kozo Bark and Raw Rice.

    Dries Soaked Bamboo

    Dried Bamboo Blocks to Bamboo Slats

    Bamboo Door

    Bowl of Rice. Soak Raw Rice then cook in a furnace to get Cooked Rice, then craft.

    Tatami from Rush (above) and Rice Stalks (below)

    Netted Screen

    Soak Kozo Bark (obtained by crafting Kozo Planks) in the Sakura Crate, then drop the resulting pulp onto the netted screen to dry. Must be able to see the sun. This will produce Washi.

    Washi and Bamboo Slats can be combined to produce:

    Fusumas and

    Shoji, which are mildly translucent.

    It is also used for Paper Lamellar, and normal Lamellar is made with Iron Scales (obtained by cooking iron ingots currently)

    Paper lamellar can then be used to craft paper chestplates and legs, or Iron Lamellar to produce a full Samurai Armor set.



    -Added Rice and Rush plants and items.

    -Added Shoji, Fusuma, and Tatami.

    -Added the Flameless Light block.

    -Added Washi production and required items.

    -Added Samurai and Paper armor.

    -Added Hedges.


    -Added Bamboo Shoots and several variants of Bamboo Block.

    -Added Kozo and Sakura saplings, trees, and wood.

    -Added the Sakura Crate.

    -Added the Netted Screen.

    -Added Bamboo Slats, Block of Bamboo Slats, and Bamboo Door.

    -Added Flood Plains, silt, and two variants of Mud Block.

    August, 2015:

    I'm back, folks!

    As you may know, this mod was started, halted, and then restarted. Then I disappeared. Between life getting in the way, getting fed up of Minecraft (developmentally and some lower members of the community), and having my computer stolen, I just didn't have the heart to come back to this. But now I'm back!

    I have restarted - mostly from scratch - development on CultureCraft on the third of August.

    I will be developing for 1.7.10. I do not like 1.8 at all.

    I will update with more details soon, but for now here are some screenshots of the first few blocks.


    Kozo and Sakura logs/planks:

    Sakura tree:


    Bamboo blocks:

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    After an extended hiatus, I am back, and CultureCraft (which had previously been started, but was lost in a computer theft) has been restarted.

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    To clear a few things up:
    I bought a PC in July, received it, it didn't work. I had to go through a 4 week return battle and eventually got my money back. Then I was hit with even more money troubles. My craptop, which I was previously using, is in such a bad state and unusable that I haven't even tried to turn it on in weeks.
    I am hoping to fund a PC at some point in the next 6-8 weeks, and - if things go well - I will then be able to get back into the world of games and coding. If this happens, I will take some time to explore where Minecraft has gone (it's changed a lot!), explore a few mods (Thaumcraft, anyone?) and then return to working on this mod.
    I have reams and reams of paper with sketches and plans and ideas for the mod. It has not been lying dormant just because I haven't been able to code. But, understandably, I don't like checking back here every few days as a reminder that I haven't got a usable computer at the minute.

    Hopefully this clears things up, though the regulars to this thread have done a fine job of that already!
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    Please Note: This mod is for 1.2.5. It is not being updated. I am working on a new mod called CultureCraft. Please join us over on that thread.

    Japanese Weapons and Architecture Mod
    Version 0.4.3.
    Version 0.4 adds the Spirit and Tea systems, among other things.
    Version 0.4b adds a quick fix after encountering a game-crash bug (oops!).
    Version 0.4.1 adds Poisoned Yas, and a few other things.
    Version 0.4.2 fixes bugs and anomalies.
    Version 0.4.3 fixes one annoying bug.

    General Note About Updates!
    If you plan to ask about updates, don't. Read this post. No, read this post instead.

    General Note About The Future!
    This mod will be splitting into two mods (a Better Than Wolves addon, and a Forge Standalone mod).
    When this happens, large sections of code will be written, and both mods will be released under new names.
    When this happens, I will try and release a crossover version so that worlds with items or blocks from this world do not loose materials, blocks or items. But I cannot promise that everything will be safe.

    Page Contents:

    Hello and welcome to Japanese Weapons and Architecture! This is a growing mod that adds a number of systems based on the Japanese culture. This is not a mod for the faint hearted. You will encounter powerful enemies and have to create 3D structures whilst demonstrating the virtue of patience in order to achieve the items this mod adds, which include a complicated tea brewing system, Samurai weapons and armour, and Japanese Architectural blocks! If you enjoy the mod, let me know, and feel free to support it by using one of our banners!
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    Reviews and Videos

    IpodMail Review for Pre-release 0.2

    Ipod Mail's review for Pre-release v 0.2. It's great to have such great feedback so early on!

    RaustBlackDragon now uses this mod in his LP (as of E8P0). Find his channel here:
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    Mod Download and Installation!

    There are two ways to install this mod: the Forge way, or the Better Than Wolves way. The one you use depends on which you use in your minecraft.

    The Forge Way:
    1. Download and install Minecraft Forge (grab it here).
    2. Download and install Sparrow API (grab it here).
    3. Run Minecraft once.
    4. Download my mod, and drop the downloaded .zip in your /minecraft/mods folder.
    The Better Than Wolves Way:
    1. Download and install ModLoader (grab it here).
    2. Download and install FC's Better Than Wolves (grab it here).
    3. Download and install Sparrow API (grab it here).
    4. Run Minecraft once.
    5. Download my mod, and drop the downloaded .zip in your /minecraft/mods folder.
    Download the mod here: http://www.mediafire...kqyxb67p2kj7jxw.

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    Using the Config File

    To use the config file, first you have to install the mod and run minecraft once; this will generate the config file in /minecraft/config/mod_Eriotto.cfg file. To edit it, open the file with notepad. You will be greeted with something like this:
    #SakuraLogsID (int:160)
    #SakuraLeavesID (int:161)
    #RiceSeedsID (int:5256)
    #RiceStalkID (int:5257)
    #Wed Jun 20 14:17:11 BST 2012

    Though a little longer. The values you need to change are the ones WITHOUT the # in front of them. For example, if I wanted to change the above example to use 159 for the SakuraLogs Block ID, I would change it to read like this:

    #SakuraLogsID (int:160)
    #SakuraLeavesID (int:161)
    #RiceSeedsID (int:5256)
    #RiceStalkID (int:5257)
    #Wed Jun 20 14:17:11 BST 2012

    At some point I will try and make it more user friendly, but this is just a quick release of it so that those of you wanting to use a config can do so.

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    Eriotto Mod


    Pre-Release 0.4.3
    Stopped dead zombies evolving.

    Pre-Release 0.4.2
    Fixed the Spirits not always being attracted to Karate Zombies when they should be.
    Added an individual render texture for the Poisoned Yas.
    Fixed the Netted Screen producing Washi when Teas are tossed in it with Setup 1.
    Fixed a crash that occured with the Flames below the Netted Screen in Setup 2.
    Changed the Netted Screen bounding boxes. Yet again.
    Fixed a bug where items produced with the Netted Screen would sometimes appear above it when that item
    should appear below it.
    Changed the Soaking Unit to work like the Drying Unit, in that if it is in a cold biome, it will work at 2x
    the speed, and will work at the slow speed if in any other biome (with the exception of Desert, where it will
    not function).
    Fixed Soaked Mulberry Bark and Mulberry Pulp disappearing when landing on top of a Netted Screen.
    Fixed Nabe dropping a Cauldron when destroyed, instead of a Nabe.

    Pre-Release 0.4.1
    Added Poison as a brewing outcome for the Nabe.
    Added Poisoned Yas as an item.
    Increased the shooting distance of the Yumi.
    Changed a few textures.
    Fixed another bug with the Spirits.
    Added more Creative support.

    Pre-Release 0.4b
    Fixed a "Saving Chunks" crash involving the Spirits.

    Pre-Release 0.4
    Removed the old way of obtaining sakura/mulberry saplings/bamboo crops/ rush/rice seeds.
    Added Spirit system:
    - Added Karate Zombies, which when killed, spawn "spirit of Japan", which is similar to large xp orbs.

    There are three versions of Karate Zombies. Whitebelts (Which wear white or yellow belts/headbands),
    Greenbelts (which wear blue, green or brown belts/headbands) and Blackbelts (which wear black or black
    and gold headbands/belts).

    Karate Zombies spawn like any other mob, except for Blackbelts, who do not spawn anywhere, as they are

    Each tier spawns more spirit: Whitebelts spawn between 1 and 3, Greenbelts between 3 and 6, and
    blackbelts between 6 and 10. Whitebelts drop the amount of experience as most mobs, Greenbelts the same
    as Blazes, and Blackbelts noticiably more.

    Beware, though. Whitebelts aren't too hard to kill, and don't often attack. But Green and Blackbelts
    will attack anything which attacks it, and will attack the player on sight. Blackbelts in particular
    are very strong and very fast. Whitebelts will actually flee the player if the player is wearing
    full Samurai armour.

    - Added the item "Bottle of Japanese Spirit". If the player has glass bottles and space in their
    inventory (and is not near Culture-infused SoulSand, see below), the spirit will draw itself towards
    the player, and be collected in the bottles as a Bottle of Japanese Spirit.

    If the player does *not* have glass bottles in their inventory, the spirit will wander, and may
    infuse nearby zombies. If a zombie is infused with a spirit, it will become a whitebelt karate zombie,
    if a whitebelt is infused with 2 spirit, it will become a greenbelt, and if a greenbelt is infused with
    3 spirit, it will become a blackbelt. Be wary of this if fighting karate zombies in a mob - if you run
    out of bottles, you may find yourself up against several blackbelts. If you are really unlucky, they may
    become infused by spirit before you collect it in your bottles.

    Zombies can be artificially infused by right clicking them with a Bottle of Japanese Spirit.

    Bottles of Japanese spirit can be thrown (up to eight at a time) like Bottle o' Enchanting, and doing so
    will smash the bottle, releasing the spirit within.

    - Added the "Culture Infused Soulsand" block. To create this block, right click normal soulsand while
    holding a bottle of Japanese Spirit. You can then pour more spirit into block to infuse it up to 128
    spirit. You can also infuse it (once it is created) by smashing bottles of spirit near it, which is
    slightly faster, although some spirit may escape and you won't get your bottles back. It's worth doing,
    though, as it is fun to watch!

    - Added the "Ancestral Infuser" block. This block is how the starting crop items (saplings, seeds, bamboo) are
    now obtained. To function, this block must be placed on top of Culture Infused Soulsand, with air blocks
    surrounding it: this means the 9 blocks above it, the 8 blocks around it, the 8 blocks around the infused
    Soulsand, and the 9 blocks below the infused soulsand. It must also be in a lightlevel of 7 or less. Its
    top texture will change to a red circle and its orb will turn red if set up properly.

    To use the Ancestral Infuser, ensure it is setup properly, then throw blocks on top of it. Saplings will turn
    into either sakura or mulberry saplings, wheat, melon or pumpkin seeds to rice, rush or tea seeds, and
    reeds to bamboo. Each conversion will use up 1 spirit.

    - The Ancestral Infuser, when properly set up, will display a GUI when right clicked. This can be used to
    craft any normal crafting recipe, but is used to craft certain blocks required for the mod. Any special
    items crafted on the block will use up spirit in the infused soulsand below it.

    The Infuser will also repair mod weapons and armour at the cost of spirit when thrown on top of the block,
    retaining any enchantments.

    Changed the way Bamboo grows. It will no longer grow on sand, only dirt or grass. It no longer needs to start
    near water. And it now grows to 5 high and spreads horizontally, including up and down hills of a gradient 1.
    Added more variation for the Fusuma blocks.
    Changed the way IronSand is obtained to require a third setup of the netted screen.
    Mod weapons are now enchantable.
    Added the Tea System:
    - Tea Seeds are obtained via the Infuser.

    - Tea Seeds can be planted on dirt or grass, and will grow into either a dead bush or a tea plant,
    yielding one of 9 tea leaves. What leaves it yields depends on a number of factors: biome,
    light level, whether or not the plant can see the sky, and dimension. These teas can then be processed.

    - A Nabe can be constructed on the Infuser. The Nabe can then be filled with water, and can have up to
    6 ingredients thrown into it. The ingredients are any type of tea at any level of processing, sugar
    and milk. When the Nabe contains at least 3 ingredients and is above fire, it will cook. Once cooked,
    the tea can be collected in teacups.

    - Teacups are made by putting a blob (not a block) of clay into a Tatara.

    - Different combinations of ingredients will yield different results. There needs to be at least two
    identical teas in the nabe.

    - Nabes can be filled by water running over them.
    Changed a few recipes.

    Pre-Release 0.3.5

    Merged several blocks and items to conserve item and block IDs using metadata.
    Changed blocks will display a black texture that says "break", and will update in game over
    time, or when a neighbour changes (either metadata, block placed, removed, etc), or - if you
    are impatient - breaking it will drop the new block.
    Changed items will display a black texture tuat says "craft". To update these to their new IDs,
    place them in your crafting grid and they will output the new items.
    Changed the way the tatara operates, so that if one or both of the required air blocks in its
    setup catch on fire, it will continue forging.

    Pre-Release 0.3.4

    Changed the way Iron Scales and Sashimi are produced. They now use the netted screen. See the
    MCF thread for details.
    Added Paper Lamellar.
    Added Paper Armour set.
    Increased the output of mulberry pulp sheet on the netted screen to the 'proper' amount (9),
    to facilitate the increased washi need.
    Fixed a bug where mulberry and sakura saplings would occasionally grow into Oak.
    Changed the Tatara GUI to the correct functioning illustration.

    Pre-Release 0.3.3

    Added changeable block and item IDs via the .minecraft/config/mod_Eriotto.cfg file.

    Pre-Release 0.3.2

    Changed the Stand Unit's name to Drying Unit.
    Changed the way the Tatara, Drying Unit, Soaking Unit and Netted Screen work, so that
    they can be placed anywhere, but will only function if placed correctly.
    Changed the Drying and Soaking Units' GUIs to reflect their new functioning methods.
    Changed the way the Netted Screen functions, so that items change on contact when correctly
    assembled, and not via a furnace-esque process.
    Changed the way the Drying Unit and Soaking Unit function, so that they do not need a
    fuel input, and instead will convert items iff they are correctly placed.
    Changed the Drying and Soaking Units' GUIs to reflect their new functionality.
    Changed the rush and rice crops to grow in light levels of 9 or greater.
    Added block support in Creative-mode.

    Pre-Release 0.3.1

    Added Tatami, Shoji and Fusuma.
    Fixed a couple of small dropping bugs.

    Pre-Release 0.3

    Added Tanto, Wakizashi and Katana swords.
    Added Yumi parts, Yumi and Ya (bow and arrow).
    Fixed Shinai killing 'Undead' entities.
    Fixed Bamboo Blocks dropping Cherry Planks when destroyed.

    Pre-Release 0.2.1

    Added Tatara and Kera blocks.
    Added tsuka, tamahagane, hocho-tetsu, heated tamahagane, heated hocho-tetsu, finished
    tamahagane, finished hocho-tetsu and katana blade.
    Added Shinai (bamboo sword).
    Updated Sakura and Iron Sand textures.

    Pre-Release 0.2

    Added Sashimi and bowl of rice food items.
    Added rice stalk ash, lamellar armour strip, undecorated samurai armour set, soaked
    rice and cooked rice items.
    Added Samurai Armour set.

    Pre-Release 0.1

    Added Sakura and Mulberry trees and saplings and cherry wood.
    Added bamboo, rice and common rush plants.
    Added Ironsand.
    Added the Soaking Unit, Drying Unit and Netted Screen functional blocks.
    Added bamboo blocks.
    Added rice seeds, rice stalks, raw rice, common rush, common rush seeds, iron scales,
    soaked bamboo, treated bamboo, rice straw, soaked mulberry bark, mulberry pulp, sheet
    of mulberry pulp and washi items.

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    If you want to support this mod by using one of the banners, copy the code below the banner you want into your signature in your UserCP:

    This banner was made by LithuaniaGhost - thanks, man! (: To use it, use this code:

    This banner was made by me.


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    Mod Guide

    Gathering Spirit

    To start using anything that this mod adds, you need to gather Spirit. To do this, you need to go monster hunting!
    On installing this mod, you will probably notice that a lot of Zombies are wearing white gowns. These are Karate Zombies, and they come in three tiers:
    Tier 1 are about as easy to kill as Zombies, and wear white or yellow belts and headbands.
    Tier 2 are faster, stronger and have more health, but aren't too hard to defeat. They wear green, blue or brown belts and headbands.
    Tier 3 wear black, or black and gold belts and headbands. They are fast, and viscious. Without armour on hard difficulty, you will survive one hit if you are on full health. Anything more and you are gone. Luckily, tier 3s do not spawn naturally.

    So what do these Karate Zombies look like? Like this!

    When a Karate Zombie dies, it spawns Spirit. This spirit will float around, and is drawn to you, the player, if you are carrying Glass Bottles. If you are carrying Glass Bottles, then the spirit will collect automatically in your inventory on contact.

    Spirit may also be attracted towards Zombies and Karate Zombies. Beware: 1 spirit will upgrade a Zombie to a Tier 1 Karate Student. Tier 1s upgrade to Tier 2 with a further 2 spirit. And Tier 3s upgrade on contact with a further 3 spirit. Beware of this if fighting multiple karate zombies at once!

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    The Ancestral Infuser

    Now you have gathered some Bottles of Japanese Spirit, you need to create an Ancestral Infuser as so:

    This block is used to convert some vanilla items into items in the mod, as well as to craft certain mod items. However, this block runs on Spirit, and needs this spirit stored in a particular fashion: Spirit Infused Soul Sand.

    To create this mystical block, right click a block of Soul Sand with a Bottle of Japanese Spirit. It will turn red. What is more, any spirit spawned near the block will spiral towards it. One block of Infused Soul Sand can store up to 128 Spirit, You can add more spirit to the block one by one by right clicking it with Spirit Bottles in hand, returning your glass bottles. Or, for the impatient, or aesthetic lovers, you can smash Bottles of Japanese Spirit on the ground like splash potions to release the spirit, which will then spiral into the Infused Soul Sand, breaking your bottle in the process. Doing it this way will allow you to smash up to 8 bottles at a time, so is a time saver.

    Simply place the Infuser above the Infused Soul Sand in a light level of 7 or less, with nothing but air blocks in the 9 blocks above the Infuser, the 8 blocks around it, the 8 blocks around the Infused Soul Sand, or the 9 blocks below the Infused Soul Sand. If done correctly, the top of the Infuser, and the orb above it, will turn red. An example can be seen here:

    Once it is set up, you can do two things with it.

    Right clicking it in this state will bring up a GUI similar to the crafting grid, where all crafting recipes can be crafted, as well as some Mod-Specific items. Crafting anything that can be crafted on a crafting bench will not use up any Spirit in the Infused Soul Sand below, but anything that must be crafted on the Infuser will use up 1 Spirit on each craft.

    The second thing you can do with it is chuck several items on top of it to do different things. The items are:
    Saplings, which will be converted to either Mulberry or Sakura Saplings.
    Seeds, Wheat Seeds, or Melon Seeds, which will be converted to either Tea, Rice or Rush seeds.
    Sugar Cane, which will be converted to Bamboo.
    Any damaged mod Weapons or Armour, which will be healed for 1/20th of the max damage per spirit.

    If all of the spirit in Infused Soul Sand is used up, it will convert to normal Soul Sand. Right clicking with an empty hand will tell you how much Spirit it is infused with. Destroying it will loose the spirit and drop soul sand, unless you have empty bottles within your inventory, in which case it will collect itself.

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    Sakura and Mulberry Trees

    Sakura and Mulberry Saplings grow into Sakura and Mulberry Trees. However, these saplings will not react to bonemeal: You must show patience to follow the Japanese path.

    The Sakura (cherry blossom) tree looks like this:

    Its wood can be crafted into Cherry Planks, which are very useful in the mod.

    Mulberry trees look like this:

    Mulberry wood is very delicate, and as one log converts to one plank. It can also be converted to Paper at a rate of 3 logs to one paper. However, it can be processed via several mod blocks to become Washi, Japanese paper.

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    Rice and Rush

    Rice and Rush seeds can be grown on hydrated tilled soil, and the crops look like this when fully grown:

    Rush plants drop Common Rush in maturity, which is used for making Tatami.
    Rice plants drop Raw Rice at maturity, that can be processed into food. They also drop Rice Stalks in the last few growth stages, which can be processed into items which are useful in both the making of Tatami, and making of Japanese Steel.

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    Bamboo can be planted on grass or dirt. It grows at a similar rate to Sugar Cane. However, it grows up to 5 high, and can grow horizontally onto any grass or dirt block on the 8 blocks surrounding its base, including up or down one level. This means you must contain bamboo crops with a wall of any non-dirt material. Bamboo looks like this:

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    Tea Plant

    Tea seeds grow into tea plants. Tea plants can drop one of 9 varieties of tea leaves on destruction once fully grown. The things which determine what leaves are dropped are Dimension, Biome, Height, Light Level and whether or not the crop can see the sky.
    The best quality tea is grown in the overworld, with cover from the sky, with good light, on Plains, Extreme Hills or Swamps, at a medium height. However, such tea plants will also yield 6 other types of tea leaves, much more regularly. End Tea Leaves and Nether Tea Leaves are grown in their own dimensions.

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    The Processing Units

    Cherrywood Soaking Unit

    The soaking unit can be crafted on the Ancestral Infuser as so:

    This is how you soak various items. To do so, make sure the unit is set up properly (see below). The items that can be soaked are currently: Bamboo (To 'Soaked Bamboo'), Mulberry Logs (To 'Soaked Mulberry Bark'), Raw Rice (To 'Soaked Rice') and any green tea leaves (to soaked green tea leaves of their type). The unit does not require fuel.

    The soaking process takes time, and takes enough time that it encourages you to make more than one unit and set up to do something else nearby, but not too much time that it should be a drag waiting for it.

    The unit itself has several conditions on where it will function. There must be water surrounding it on all sides on its level, and below it, and ice directly above it. As such, you must hunt out a snow biome to uitilise one. A word of warning, though: try to find the edge of a frozen stream, rather than making a hole in the ice and placing it. If you do the latter, your hole may refreeze, which may cause the unit to stop processing until you have reset it up.

    Here is an example of it in place:

    If it is set up properly, the GUI will show blue as below:

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    Cherrywood Drying Unit

    The Drying Unit can be crafted on the Ancestral Infuser as so:

    This unit is similar to the Soaking Unit, in terms of how long it takes and that it has requirements to be met if it is to process.
    It requires sand on all sides (including diagonals), on all the blocks below the sand blocks to be sand as well, directly below the block's destination to be sandstone, and on top of one of the sand blocks to be a dead bush. There must also be nothing above the block's destination (must be able to see sky) and be daytime for the block to function.
    It will function in any non-frozen biome, but will process at twice the speed in the Nether or in a Desert biome.

    It will convert soaked bamboo to bamboo slats, rice stalks to rice straw, soaked mulberry bark to mulberry pulp, and non-green tea leaves to withered tea leaves of their type.

    Here is an example of it in place:

    If it is set up properly, the GUI displays like this:

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    Netted Screen

    A Netted Screen can be crafted on the Ancestral Infuser as so (those are bamboo slats by the way):

    Wheneveritems hit the top of the screen, it will convert them if it is setup to do so. In any position, it will convert Soaked or Withered Tea Leaves to Tea of that tea's Type, and Tencha Tea to Matcha Powder.

    Other than that, it has uses in 3 setups:

    Setup 1:
    If it is set up properly for this setup, then it will store Sand in the Bamboo Block below it, and will convert Blocks of Iron and Sand into IronSand at a rate of 8 Sand and 1 Block of Iron to 1 IronSand. Rightclicking it with a bare hand will tell you how much sand is stored, and right clicking with a stick will poke the sand out. Destroying the netted screen or the bamboo block below it will also release the sand within.

    To set it up for this process, surround the 8 blocks around the netted screen and the block directly below it with blocks of bamboo, and surround the block of bamboo below it with water. An example is like this:

    Setup 2:
    If it is set up properly for setup 2, then Mulberry Pulp Sheets - when thrown onto the top of the netted screen - will output 9 washi below it. Equally, it can be used to revert Iron Sand back to a Block of Iron and 8 blocks of sand. The Block of Iron will be left on top of the screen, and the sand below it. It also will convert raw fish into sashimi, at a rate of 1:3.

    To place a netted screen for this setup, you need a 3x3 physical square of cherry plank blocks, with the middle one being water. Above the eight cherry plank blocks you need 8 bamboo blocks. Then in the middle of the bamboo blocks, the netting screen is placed. So that you can get the items that are converted by it. you may wish to add another layer so the water can drain out, letting out converted items.

    Here is an example of it in place with an output stream:

    Setup 3:
    If it is setup properly for this, then it will convert IronSand into 27 Iron Scales (above the unit). To set up for this function, you need a 3x3 of bamboo blocks with netted screen in the middle (as above), stone bricks below the bamboo blocks and fire or lava below the netted screen, as so:

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    The Tatara is a Japanese Furnace, used to make Japanese Steel and Teacups. It is similar to the other units, in that it has conditions to function properly.

    It is crafted on the Ancestral Infuser as such:

    And must be placed as follows to work:
    Underneath it, you need a 3x3 square of clay blocks, with a hole in the middle. In the hole, you need fire or lava. On the level it is on, you need stone bricks on the corners, and 2 blocks of iron on opposite sides, with the two other sides blank. On the top you need 3x3 Netherbrick.

    Here is a picture:

    And here it is with the Tatara in place:

    It takes Rice Stalk Ash for fuel. It converts Iron Sand to Kera, Tamahagane to Heated Tamahagane, Wrapped Tamahagane to Reheated Tamahagane, Hocho-Tetsu to Heated Hocho-Tetsu, and clay (items, not blocks) to teacups.

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    Raw fish can be converted into Sashimi at a rate of 1:3, and each sashimi slice heals 1 hunger bars (2 halfs). To do this, use the Netted Screen, as above (setup 2).

    A bowl of rice can be crafted with two cooked rice over a bowl. These heal 4 and a half hunger bars.
    Raw rice must first be soaked in the soaking unit to become Soaked Rice, and then cooked in a furnace to Cooked Rice, and then put in a bowl. I will change the names to Sticky Rice at some point to reflect this …

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    There are two types of armour added by the mod: Paper Armour, and Samurai Armour. Both are created with Lamellar Strips.

    For Paper Armour, Paper Lamellar must be crafted as so:

    This can then be crafted into Paper Armour as you would any other armour. This armour's strength is comparable to Iron. However, wearing this armour when you are "wet" (in water or in rain) will slow you down for a while, but if wearing the full set, will also slightly boost your resistance. If you catch on fire while wearing it, it will be destroyed. It is paper, after all!

    For Samurai Armour, Lamellar Strips must be crafted as so:

    This can then be crafted into undecorated Samurai Armour like any other armour material. However, this is useless in this state. It must be crafted into Samurai Armour on the Ancestral Infuser, using a shapeless recipe using the undecorated armour, two Lapis Lazuli, 3 gold nuggets and 3 washi:

    The armour is a little better and more enchantable than Diamond.

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    Japanese weapons are constructed from special metal. Firing IronSand in the Tatara will yield Kera, which can be placed then mined to drop Tamahagane and Hocho-Tetsu.
    Tamahagane and Hocho-Tetsu can be heated in the Tatara. Once they are heated, they have to be folded. Currently you do this by folding them over sticks:

    Heated Hocho-Tetsu must be folded three times before it becomes Finished Hocho-Tetsu.
    Heated Tamahagane is folded once, then surrounded by washi to become wrapped tamahagane (below), which must be heated in the tatara to become reheated tamahagane, and then folded again.

    To craft any Japanese swords, you need a sword handle, called a tsuka, crafted as so:

    The planks are cherry planks.

    The first weapon is the Shinai (bamboo sword). It is crafted with a tsuka and bamboo slats on the Ancestral Infuser:

    It can be used as a normal sword, but I don't recommend using it to that end! It has a rather special property, in that - as long as the mob you are attacking has more than half a heart remaining - it will appear to do no damage to the mob. It still blocks arrows.
    This quality is not useless. The main implementation is for herding animals, as you can hit them with it and they will run around, without doing any damage.

    The Half Katana Blade can be crafted with two finished Tamahagane and one finished Hocho-Tetsu bars:

    A Katana can be crafted with a tsuka and two half katana blades on the Ancestral Infuser:

    It is a little stronger than Diamond.

    A Tanto is a short sword and can be crafted with one bar of Finished Tamahagane and a tsuka:

    It is a little weaker than Diamond. As it is short, it does not block. But it will harm you for half a heart if you right click, instead. The benefit of this is, if you have 2 and half or less hearts when attacking with the tanto, you will deal extra damage to your enemy and will get a speed boost.

    A Wakizashi is crafted with two bars of Finished Tamahagane and a tsuka:

    It is also a little weaker than Diamond. If your enemy has less than a quarter of their health remaining, it will do extra damage to them.

    A Yumi (bow) can be crafted by first crafting the top and the bottom with Bamboo Slats, sticks and leather, then joining them with string and leather. The final stage must be done on the Ancestral Infuser:

    To fire a Yumi, you need special arrows. Craft the arrowheads with Finished Tamahagane and Finished Hocho-Tetsu. Then attach the heads to bamboo and feathers. The final stage must be done on the Ancestral Infuser:

    At the minute, the Yumi and Ya do more damage than a normal bow and arrow, and have a longer range.

    Yas can also be poisoned in the Nabe if it contains poison. (See Tea System.)

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    Architectural Blocks

    These blocks are just for decoration.

    Tatami mats can be made like this:

    Shoji like this:

    And Fusuma like this:

    Tatami mats take up 2 blocks, and is placed in a similar manner to beds (place it, and it will appear on that block and the block behind it). Shoji and Fusuma are placed like iron bars/glass panes. Fusuma also comes with variations in decoration. To cycle through these, right click a placed Fusuma with an empty hand.

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    The Tea System

    The tea system is rather complex, but worth it. First, you need to plant tea leaves as above. You can use the straight leaves, or processing. Processing the leaves makes stronger tea. The 9 default leaves are:
    • White Tea Leaves
    • Assam Tea Leaves
    • Ceylon Tea Leaves
    • Gyokuro Tea Leaves
    • Bancha Tea Leaves
    • Sencha Tea Leaves
    • Tencha Tea Leaves
    • Nether Tea Leaves
    • End Tea Leaves
    The four green tea leaves (gyokuro, bancha, sencha and tencha) can be processed by soaking them. The others can be wilted in the drying unit. Wilted or Soaked leaves can be passed through the netted screen to make tea. Tencha Tea can be passed through again to make Matcha. Any tea can be placed in the furnace to make Houjicha.

    To brew the tea, you need a Nabe, crafted on the Ancestral Infuser as such:

    You can fill the Nabe with water by either right clicking it with a bucket of water, or by letting water run over the top of it.

    You can then fill it up with between 3 and 6 ingredients. At least two of these must be identical teas (same type and level of processing). The ingredients can be any level of tea leaf at any stage, sugar, and milk. Each ingredient has different properties. Once you have the ingredients you want, light fire below the Nabe and it will smoke profusely. Once it is cooked, the contents will change colour, and can be removed with a teacup. Here are some Nabes boiling, and their finished results:

    The finished teas will have different potion effects and strengths depending on the ingredients.

    More processed tea takes less of it to make stronger tea. Stronger tea makes for stronger effects. However, most teas hold a positive and negative effect.
    A cup of tea's effects are based on a number of things: The main tea ingredient (the tea with the most in the nabe), a secondary ingredient (any tea other than the main one), and the sugar/milk content.
    If the tea's secondary ingredient's effect is what I class as the opposite of the main's negative, then the positive will prevail. Pure matcha tea is especially powerful and has 3 good effects.

    A Nabe which is full of tea can be emptied with an empty bucket. A Nabe which is part-emptied of tea can be reset with water running over the top of it. Water over the top of a Nabe will also stop it from boiling, which can be used to keep a fire underneath it, and shut off the water once the desired ingredients are within. If you input ingredients with fire below the nabe and no water on top, it will boil once it has 3 ingredients.

    There are a number of other items that can be added to the nabe. These are Nether Wart, Gunpowder, Redstone Dust, Glowstone Dust, Spider's Eye and Common Rush.
    None of these items will make any difference to your tea. However, brewing one of each of them together will boil up a poison. This is not the regular minecraft poison, but you can dip your Yas in it to become Poisoned Yas, which have a chance to do add a poison potion effect to any entities which can suffer from it.

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    This document is Copyright (2012) and is the intellectual property of the author (Eriottosan). It may not be reproduced in any form, except for personal, private use as long as it remains in its original state. It may not be placed on any website, or otherwise distributed publicly without permission from the author (Eriottosan). Use of this mod on any other website is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Japanese Weapons and Architecture, v0.4.3 (Updated August 9, bug fix)
    Quote from Sales-Kital


    Dude, when quoting a long passage, learn to snip, or just quote the bits you are responding with. Otherwise it just clogs things up, especially if your response is only 2 lines long xD.

    You hate BetterThanWolves? Good for you, you have your own opinion. However, I *love* that mod with more passion than you can possibly have against it. So if you have a problem with it, fine, but that problem is not to be expressed on my thread.
    However, I will take 2 lines to mention that *I* hate in-your-face bronies, animated avatars, and Technic/Yogbox, and you have all three on each of your posts ...
    Moral of the story: The world is so much nicer when we only mention the things we like, don'tcha think?

    So yeah. You don't have to use the Better Than Wolves Add-on. In fact, once I have CultureCraft and Better Than Bakumatsu released, they will have their own threads.

    And as far as turning off Cultures goes, no. You can just not use the bits of the cultures you don't want. Especially as things will be doubling up on metadata, turning things off would be near impossible. Just don't use them. Nothing is world-gen, the only things from other cultures you will see are the occasional mobs if you are in their biomes.
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    posted a message on How can I find lápis lazuli for a recipe? [ Pls help ]
    It is a dye, so you need to create a dye ItemStack with the correct Damage Value (No idea what damage value, have a look).
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Japanese Weapons and Architecture, v0.4.3 (Updated August 9, bug fix)
    Quote from applesisme

    hey i was wondering if theyre were any biomes that naturrally spawn sakura and mullberry trees
    i also have found bonemeal to be innafective at growing the trees is this intended?

    Quote from applesisme

    also the netted screen could be used for getting flint from gravel

    No, I don't mess with worldgen.
    Yes, you need patience, young one.
    Possibly, though I'm not sold on that ;).
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    Quote from Hyoka

    矢 (ya) just means arrow by itself. Don't stick Samurai on the end of everything just because a samurai uses it. Of course, you can still make it out of tamahagane and all, but for the sake of using a different term (because having two items with the name "arrow" on it will be confusing), you should use T. Arrow or J. Arrow (T for Tamahagane and J for Jeweled since.. well, you know what tamahagane is)

    Yeah, I know it just means arrow. I'm saying samurai arrow purely because it will be used with the yumi, which I believe is the bow Samurai used? I was just going to call them ya in game ...
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Japanese Weapons and Architecture, v0.4.3 (Updated August 9, bug fix)
    Right I've been playing around with the code for weapons for an hour or two trying to implement a Shinai (bamboo practice sword).

    My idea for it is to have it do no damage, but still be a sword. For me, this is useful as it helps with herding animals, but I'm sure there are other uses for this kind of sword :) .

    However, I ran into a problem: If you code a sword to do no damage, you have no effect when you attack things. As in, they don't even notice you are there. Which makes it useless.
    So the sword has to do at least one half heart of damage.

    So I had a think, I hummed and hawed, and I thought "How about adding a heal effect so that they are healed when they are hit?"

    So that is currently what bamboo swords do (not that they have been released yet, but soon they will be!). If you hit a mob with it, they react as normal (i.e. passive ones will run around), but it will heal damage done to them, which also extends to healing some already dealt damage. This means two things: if they are on their last legs anyway, they will still die, and secondly, they get a small particle effect each time you hit them.


    EDIT: There are some small things to note with the shinai in its current state (still not yet released). I've just done some testing: it will still kill zombies, zombies pigmen and skeletons, but all other mobs will not be killed unless they only have one half heart remaining. It will also turn mobs aggressive if they are able to be turned: spiders in the day, wolves to aggressive, and iron golems if you attack villagers. It knocks back mobs and makes cattle/sheep/pigs run around when hit. :)
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Japanese Weapons and Architecture, v0.4.3 (Updated August 9, bug fix)
    Quote from woffl

    Wow! Beautiful mod! The only change I would make is how the Sakura Trees stand out too much. It should be a lighter shade of violet. Also, you should implement Cherry Blossoms with a very faint and light pink colour. I don't know, I just think it would look nicer. Also, if you plan to add a Katana, I have an idea for a crafting recipe. It might look nice if you had to use Sakura Branches, two gold nuggets beside it, and two ores (Diamonds, Iron, Gold, Cobble, Wood).

    Another good idea I think is not only Sandstone and Wood Villages, but Japanese villages with Rice Farms instead of wheat farms. I can help with the architecture of the building if you'd like, but it's all up to you.

    As you know, boats are very difficult to steer and maneuver. It would be really nice to see a Japanese Boats that have better steering mechanics like the ability to make sharper turns, to make slow turns, to speed up, and to be able to make good landings always if on dirt, sand, soulsand, or clay. A nice recipe would be a boat in the middle, a paddle to both sides, a sail on the top, and some dried bamboo on all on the bottom. Just an idea, but still, all your choice.

    And lastly, I think an important step of Japanese culture is painting. You should make a way to be able to paint very oriental pictures. You can work on the mechanics

    Thanks for you feedback, it's very much appreciated :).
    As far as sakura trees texture go, it is high on my to do list to change the colour a bit. However, your comment about cherry blossoms confused me - sakura are cherry blossoms, so I'm not quite sure what you mean?

    As far as katanas go, they will be implemented, but you will have to craft jewel steel (tamahagne or something, it's on the OP somewhere) to craft it from - I don't want to get into wood/iron/diamond/stone/gold variants of it, to be honest.

    Villages are tricky: 1) I don't want to edit world gen, which means adding them in another dimension. 2) such villages would use a lot of the architectural detail I'm planning to add (naturally), and as such would provide a shortcut for obtaining these items. However, it is something I will give more thought to, in my "new dimension" pot of consideration.

    I don't know how easy it would be to code a new boat, but that's certainly a good idea for something to consider - I shall add it to my list :).

    Regarding paintings, I'm planning to have fusuma (spelling might be wrong, I'm tired ...) which are the wooden panels in japanese homes which are often highly decorated. If I can work out the coding, I plan to have these have random selection from a variety of images for them, similar to the way paintings work.

    Thanks for your input, and for being your first post by the looks of things!
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