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    posted a message on how did you find minecraft?
    Found it through my future brother in law who was playing it around Christmas. Loved the look of it so bought myself a present. Then went to work after the holidays had finished and then found out that my boss had been playing it too!
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    posted a message on Minecraft 0.X?
    BETA 1.x is perfectly acceptable format for a pre-release software version.
    By your same logic, if BETA 1.8 should just be 0.8, what then would you call the ALPHA version of the game?
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    posted a message on I need Tips: How to create a good creation on Minecraft
    I agree with most of the points made there.

    * I find that it's useful to plot out the general shapes in something like Paint, especially when doing anything with curves and circles.
    * Always have at least a vague Idea of how what you want it to be when finished. Otherwise you end up revisiting things and finding that there's not enough space left, or other things are in the way.
    * I always start by constructing the general shapes and then (unlike WearyGod) work from the inside out. I find this gives me a bit more freedom to go outside my original lines. Obviously this doesn't apply if your doing something epic like an entire city.
    * You will usually want to give up at some stage and think your work is crap but this is NOT the case. Just keep at it and post a few pics on the forum to get some feedback on your work.
    * Don't bite off more than you can chew on your first few projects. Try the odd building or sculpture and then work up to towns etc.
    * HAVE FUN!
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    posted a message on Beta 1.8 seed, 9 villages and 3 strongholds!
    Quote from ArmyStrong

    Am I the only one who has fallen down the well in a village?

    I jumped down one without a pickaxe to get back out. Does that count or am I more stupid?! lol

    Second stronghold on this map is cool. the library is pretty much toast by the time you fight your way down there, but i'm sure it can be rebuilt.
    It also connects to a pretty large abandoned mineshaft. It has a cave spider spawner that hovers over a fairly large drop, so it's pretty fun to watch them take a dive the moment they spawn. Only downside is I didn't realise that they hadn't actually died so when I went down there I was mobbed by loads of them!
    There's also a further stronghold down there if you scout around a bit.
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    posted a message on If you could violently kill any annoying video game character, who would it be?
    Quote from Dyscalculia

    This ***** from Fallout 3.

    Ha ha! She was the reason I nuked Megaton. Only to find she was the only person who actually survives! I think I remember bumping in to her later in the game an bludgeoning her to death with a nail board... ahhhh good times.

    I'd kill Shawn Hastings from Assassins Creed 2. I'd carry him up to the highest point on the map and then make him do a leap of faith, without the hay bail to catch him.
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    posted a message on The first videogame you had ever played?
    I think my first game was either Adventure or River Raid on my old Atari. I have all the old classics on that console, but I don't think my first was something as obvious as pong or PacMan.

    I feel seriously old after reading things like "Pokemon" and "GTA 3" but i'm only 25! Oh well, at least my Atari still works, which is more that I can say for most peoples Playstations! They just don't make 'em like they used too... :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Tree House in "Lorien Forest"
    Looks good (especially the bed sheets!). Could do with seeing a few more pics of it all during the day though.
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    posted a message on Biome Size Choice
    Quote from Microbots

    That would be the best possible way Minecraft can end up being. TOGGLEABLE EVERYTHING

    As long as there's a toggle to turn all the toggles one and off! lol

    Seriously though I quite like the larger biomes, although alternative travel option to make travel quicker would be cool (although I just plan to use the nether).

    The 1.8 world i'm playing spawned me on a pretty small island with no friendly mobs and only two trees. It had some sugarcane, so I made a map and a boat and set sail. I've now filled the entire map and only come across a few small islands here any there. I'm assuming there is a mainland out there over the horizon somewhere, but i'm enjoying the exploration involved in trying to find it... getting a bit hungry though!
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    posted a message on The Legend of Zelda OOT Temple of Time [WIP]
    Looking good. I'd avoid the DokuCraft TP though, unless you want to change the mossy cobblestone texture in it.

    I finished my version of the 'Temple of Time' not too long ago. It's a bit smaller than yours, but it might provide some inspiration. You can also DL the save, so have a look around and see what you think.

    My link
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    posted a message on Temple of Time
    This is now as complete complete as it's going to get. The world save is now available if anyone wants to take a look around.
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    posted a message on Temple of Time
    New screenshots added of the exterior. Let me know what you think!
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    posted a message on Redstone help
    Thanks Peppe, I'll give that a go now. Looks like I was trying to make it far more complicated than it needed to be!

    I've got one of the punch-card memory units elsewhere in the build to power a music box, I just never thought of adapting the process for this! (duh)
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    posted a message on Temple of Time
    Thanks all for the kind comments, it's very much appreciated!

    Nice! I havent played Zelda... Not a big fan, but it looks cool...

    OMG! Not a Zelda fan! for shame my friend! :tongue.gif: Thanks for the feedback though :smile.gif:

    @ptdnet - Thanks for the image fix!
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    posted a message on Redstone help
    Hi all, wondering if you guys can help me with a redstone problem.

    Put simply, I'm trying to pull blocks out of a flat wall (using pistons) and replace them with different blocks.
    I've been playing around a little bit trying to get it to work, but I'm no expert and I can't quite get over the last little hurdle.

    In a bit more detail, there are three blocks that need replacing. The first trio of sticky pistons need to grab these and retract them. The second trio then need to lift them out of the way (this bit I've got). The third trio then need to push the replacement blocks up (again, done that) before the first trio push them out and remain extended (the bit I'm struggling with)

    I have some space constraints as well. The wiring and mechanisms can't go down and they can only be 4 blocks deep. However, there aren't really any major restrictions when it comes to width or height.

    I hope I've explained this well enough and hope someone out there can help. You guys will of course be credited if/when I publish my finished project.
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    posted a message on Temple of Time
    Hi All,
    this is my first "big" build, so thought I'd share it and hopefully get some feedback.
    I'm working on it from the inside out, so the exterior is not yet done. I'm building it from a handful of screenshot's I've found of the original game and from my own memory of playing it as a kid.

    I'm using the DokuCraft texture pack and have SPC and TooManyItems mods installed. (I really didn't want to mine all that stone manually!)

    I have some nice ideas for this build, so when I'm done I'll update the thread with a video tour.

    Any constructive criticism is very much appreciated, so let me know if it looks like a project worth finishing.

    The Exterior has now pretty much finished, so let me know what you think!
    I've also replaced the old screenshots to reflect some minor changes I made.

    I've got a few more bits I want to do before uploading a video tour, so if there's anything you guys want to see, please let me know!

    Edit 2:
    I've had a few requests for the save, so here it is!
    download (using ad.fly)

    Any issues please let me know.

    Unfortunately I've not been able to all all the redstone contraptions I wanted due to both space (didn't really think about them until after I finished building) and time.
    However, I did add a button on the pedestal that will play the 'Song of Time' for you! Enjoy!


    Outside views

    A view from the entrance

    The view from the rafters

    The pedestal (I took some creative licence with the stones!)

    The chamber viewed from the entrance

    The chamber viewed from the rafters
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