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    Hey, now that 10pak is making a comback for 1.10.2. Have you managed to get into contact with him to continue support for each others mods when the mod is stable for that version? I'd love to see that feature again! Lot's of fun seeing your butterflies coming to the flower gardens...which brings me to another point. As a future thing if you guys choose to collaborate more again, Id love to see host/nectar plants from 10pak, and if your mod is installed, they could have a rare chance of spawning or attracting certain butterflies. Some examples would be:

    Monarch butterflies: Milkweed

    Gulf Fritilaries: Passion Vine

    Painted Ladies: Sunflowers, Thistle, Hollyhocks

    Black Swallowtail: Fennel, Dill, Parsley

    Nice source to use as well: http://www.gardenswithwings.com/what-is-a-butterfly-garden/host-plants.html

    TONS of examples but just a few!

    Thanks for your hard work, looking forward to seeing more content and updates :)

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    More varieties to keep as pets then! If anything, maybe change the name to macaws? The textures for a lot of parrots in the mod line up more with the appearance of the different macaw species. Your choice though !

    Glad to see you back Pavo, looking forward to seeing the 1.10.2+ releases in the future. keep up the good work :D

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    Wow!! Much thanks for the support folks!

    I kinda put down working on development of the mod after reaching a rendering issue while adding my blocks. From what I've seen/read forge has changed significantly, so I might have been using old methods of adding what I need into the code. Your interest has given me the desire to give it another go, Thank you!

    I am going to poke a few devs who are working on mods in 1.10.2+ to see if they might be able to tell me where I am going wrong. 10pak is working hard on his so I will leave him be I think until he makes his initial release. I know there is the Plants mod, so I might PM that dev and see if he could give me a hand.

    Quote from asilyad»

    10pack is back? WOO HOO! Hey, Erinbutt, here's another one you can ask for advice. One of the things you could specialize in, perhaps, is flowering mosses or spreading ground cover. Imagine castles and mansions with colorful variations of Mossy Cobblestone and Mossy Stone bricks. Spreading plants like climbing roses, honeysuckle, trumpet vine, wisteria, flowering clover could grow on fences. Creeping alyssum, edelweiss, common spreaders like Iris, daffodil, daisy, day lily, most come in all different colors, and make gorgeous variegated fields and manor yards. Plus they haven't been made yet, so no competition with other mods or possible ID conflict. We could also do with colorful trees like scarlet maple, desert Willow (or any weeping willow), or at least some kind of vine like cover that can be added to common trees as a flower decoration. These won't have to grow. But they will make pretty orchards. Flower seeds are another thing Pam got me addicted to. And separating the different flower and food beds with glow flowers make spectacular night scenes. In the end, it's your mod. Minecraft is the only place I can make flowers grow. I'm not kidding; in real life I kill the un-killable plants. XD

    Great ideas!
    I have a major list of plants, vines, tree and such that are on my list! Many of the plants you listed are planned to be in the mod. I however did not consider adding glowing plants! I love the idea and would love to. Perhaps adding a glow forest with various glowing and shimmering plants and vines would be a good thing to consider for the future. Vines on fences might be tricky because I believe that would involve poking the Vanilla code, unless I make separate blocks (I was thinking right clicking with a vine would be a neat feature, but might not be east to do D:). Trees are going to be a fairly major chunk of the development I think. I will be focusing on making different states (variants now? Forge???) for the stages of growth for fruiting trees: bare, blossom, unripe, and ripe fruit. Flowering trees and colorful leaves is definitely on my list :)!
    Quote from asilyad»

    Cool! Decorations! My gardens and orchards haven't looked the same since Wee! Flowers! and Plant Mega Pack went out of business. If I may offer these requests: flowering vines, glow flowers, and flowering trees. Impatiently waiting for downloads. One person you may consult is Pam Collins of Pam's Mods. She taught herself mod coding and Java. Maybe she can give you some advice.

    Thank you! Unfortunately it might be a while before you get a playable download. But seeing some life here I will try hard to give you guys something to play around with! Pam I know is a very busy woman and I would like to give her an ask but I might hold off. :)

    Another screenshot of the Updated sprite sheet :D
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    Strange glitch I've noticed with both the 1.8.9 and 1.10.2 versions of the mod. Randomly when placing items down from the mod, it will switch to the creeper plushie, and then back to the originally selected decorative piece. However in the 1.10.2 version items placed will sometimes stay as the creeper plushie and not revert back. Occasionally I reload the game and some of my items placed in the game have changed to the plushie. A bit strange but thought I should let you know.

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    Was checking out your videos and now I remember what I'd like for doors! Would it be possible to maybe have different settings for them? Such as sliding or lock to an axis so it opens like a vanilla door? Also would be lovely to give it maybe the vanilla door sounds as well, or at least an option to do so! :)

    Also would you look into compatibility for Flat Colored Blocks? Think it would be great to use those in conjunction with your mod :)

    Looking forward to the full release keep up the good work :D!

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    Plants Plus Mod! Filling your world with Tons of Beauty and Color! (looking for advice/help with coding)

    NOTE: Currently, I am very new to modding, a lot more of the complex stuff I will most likely wait until it I
    feel comfortable getting into deeper development. I am however aiming to get plants, trees, and possibly crops
    as the first wave of things in the mod. I would love some help, not really with coding, but just explaining or
    even pointing me in the right direction for how to go about doing certain things...such as not even being sure how
    to add plants in (I'm ashamed, I can't find tutorials on what plants fall under. I can find TONS of them on making crops, however) as well as overworld generation for things that arent ores.
    Please be patient with me, there is a 99% chance I will be starting the mod in 1.10.2 if I do start eventually, and be support for that and beyond only.
    Ideas and suggestions would be absolutely wonderful! Thank you in advanced! :)

    What would "Plants Plus" do?

    Plant's plus would be a mod that brings tons of beautiful plants, flowers, trees, and foilage (and hopefully crops)
    into minecraft. After one of my favorite mods discontinued development, I felt my world was so empty. Wanting to bring back
    a much wider variety of ways to landscape, I decided I wanted to give a shot at learning mod development and put something lovely
    back in my world. Current plans are not set in stone, but I want the mod to be grand and vast, giving players a reason
    to explore and find all the plants.

    Plans would include the following (still in WIP for planning):

    - New and custom made flowers and Plants in a wide assortment of colors and sizes (1-2 blocks tall and beyond (very tall plants are a future plan)
    - Custom trees with unique leaves, wood and planks
    - Tons of Crops and new Fruit trees with unique growing (IE greenbeans and cucumbers would use trellis) styles? (Future plan)
    - Gardening Related Blocks and Items that would accent the mod nicely


    - Botanist and Gardener - Villagers who buy and sell things from mod
    - New Village structures? (greenhouse and market?)
    - World gen structures - abandoned farm/silo/overgrown orchard

    - Nourished Soil -Plant crops without water (possible config for faster growth OR make 2nd soil type)
    - Composter - Craftable Bin for various extra greens (Upgradeable?)
    - Worms - Can be found randomly by digging in dirt, help speed up compost/higher yield?
    - Flower basket - Possibly placable, but when inventory will pick up plants, grass, seeds, leaves, ect. Maybe multiple types of baskets?
    - Spinning wheel - higher yeild of string from wool (6-8?) can be used to make string from cotton
    - Fruit picker - Tool used on fruit trees to pull the crop off of the tree without destroying leaves
    - Watering can - Simple way to water crops?
    - Rake -Way to clear grass off of dirt, higher chance of seeds
    - Tappers - Way to get maple syrup/Oak Resin/ Pine Sap for crafting
    - Garden Shears - Last longer then standard shears, specifically for getting double of plants and leaves.

    - Create saturated colored hardened clay (surround dye with corresponding dye = wool colored clay)
    - Decorative paths and fences
    - Useable trellises and pots
    - Stylized blocks suitable for greenhouses

    Possible Textures for some of the plants (Note: yes, I know MC uses 16x16 textures standard, the images were copied onto a sprite sheet for easy viewing):

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    Lukizin, The bird cages have been mentioned multiple times, both by you and a few others in the past. I understand that there is a language barrier and you might not understand, but you need to be patient. There have been multiple requests for it and I believe that Pavo might be adding them in the future, if not the next update. It takes time. Pavo has a life to live outside of the forums.

    Rodrigo condors are somewhat related to vultures, aren't they? All I can suggest is possibly instead of an entirely new bird, just wait and see if pavo wants to add another bird texture to the mix. Once again he's got stuff to do outside of here.

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    Not sure if you are looking for a new model + texture, but I was fiddling around with Techne and created a tortoise a while ago. If you want, PM me and I will send you a link. Here are some screenshots since the Techne site is acting funny :P

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    posted a message on ~DecoCraft 2.4.1!!~ Decorations for Minecraft! Updated to 1.11.2 !!! ~DecoCraft 2.4.1!!~

    I am in love with the new kitchen items! Seriously they are fabulous! You really have outdone yourself with them :)!

    A few small bugs I've noticed though

    - The "How high the moon and Inception chair's textures seem to be broken in parts

    - The Picados and hummingbird feed have hitbox issues. I cannot place the Piccados next to one another or a block. The Humminbird feeder can't be placed with a block above it.

    Thanks again!

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    posted a message on [MOD IDEA] Market Crates: An attractive way to show food!
    Quote from Minelander»
    ever thought of a name for your mod ?

    I've kinda thought The Market Crate Mod might be the name, But I will discuss the name with Ifaoanl and see if he/she would like to name it something they wanted. :)

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