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    IGN: DemonstrationOfProperGuardApplication
    AGE: Not ­ing 12 or below
    What Is Your Timezone? A time zone, not a ­ing location
    What Times Can You Play On The Server? "Most of my free time"
    How Long Have You Played On MCP? Longer than ­ing an hour... "More than five days"
    What Is Your Current Rank On The Server? Not ­ing C block... "I'm currently B block"
    Do You Have Any Experience With Other Prison Servers? "Yes"/"No"
    Do You Have Any Experience With Guarding? "Yes"/"No"
    Have You Read All The Rules (Guard And Prisoner)? Don't even bother lieing... "No" (:P)
    Why Should We Pick You To Be Our Next Guard? "You should pick me to be your next guard because I am always ready to end a PvP dispute between players or confiscate contraband from players. If Chosen as America's Next Top Model, I would strive to be the prettiest and most gorgeous model this nation has ever seen. I have huge breasts, tight abs, and the sexiest, most moist vagina in the whole world. I'm serious, I've been popluar on /gonewild with almost al of my audience. I'm constantly getting comments on my pictures and GIF animations like: "Omg I completely want you're anus wrapped around thobbign cock." As you can see, my experience with Modleing will help the server have prettier guards. I can teach them how to suck in their gut, and push out their chests. If nessassary, I'll even go as far as to take them on a field trip to Walmart where we could buy eachother push-up braws. I'm devoted as ­, bro. Come at me.
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