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    posted a message on Oasis SMP - 1.15.2 Survival SMP - Vanilla - Whitelisted

    Are you looking for a fun, friendly, active community?

    Look no further: Oasis SMP is the place for you! Oasis SMP is a whitelisted 1.15.2 vanilla Minecraft SMP (survival multiplayer server) started up about 2 months ago by RubyPlaysMC. Our community is tight-knit, very friendly, and has both experienced and relatively new players, so you'll have no issues fitting right in regardless of how long you've played!

    To help create a closer community and keep the server fresh and exciting, we've built and planned multiple community projects and farms. Some of these projects include a shopping district where players can build and stock their own stores, as well as large iron and gold farms to help speed up resource gathering.

    We've included a few datapacks to make the SMP experience a little more exciting, including OnePlayerSleep and MobHeads. For a full list, please visit our discord (linked at the bottom of this post). None of these datapacks are massively game-altering, so you can still enjoy a classic vanilla experience!

    Our rules are fair and just, so just take a quick read through:

    1. No Griefing
    2. No Toxic Behavior
    3. No advertising other discords/servers
    4. Don't Ask for TP or any permissions
    5. No Stealing
    6. No Xray/Hacking
    7. No PvP unless all parties involved agree to it
    8. Be polite and kind to other players
    9. In general, treat other players the way you'd like to be treated

    Sounding pretty good? Consider applying by joining our discord server and filling out an application in the #applications channel.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/9TVkazu

    We hope to see you in the game!

    ~The OasisSMP team

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    posted a message on Oasis Smp Recruiting!

    Ign: _Erandur
    Age: 19
    Timezone: EST
    How Long have you been playing MC: Too long lmaoo (since 2012 i think??)
    Goals for the server: Build a small town from the ground up, do some collabs with other builders, and meet some new friends
    Have you ever been banned if so Why?: Nope
    Why do you wanna join: I'm currently working on a large world with a buddy of mine and I've kinda burnt myself out of it for now. I'm looking to join a new server with new people to change things up and hopefully make some new friends/learn from other builders.

    Also, quick heads up, you didn't link the discord in the post.

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    posted a message on ⛏️ XMC ⛏️ 🖥️ Just Updated! 🖥️ 🤗 Friendly Community 🤗 👍 Join Today! 👍

    IGN: _Erandur

    Age: 18
    What should we call you? Erandur (Air an - dur)

    How active can you be? Everyday for sure, just not too sure about how long each day

    Have you ever been banned from a server? No siree

    Any other questions or comments? Nah man

    Screenshots from past builds (required*): https://imgur.com/a/vC96PAp

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    posted a message on Ladonia *BRAND NEW* | SMP | Vanilla | 1.14.4 | Community | Whitelist

    Minecraft Username: _Erandur
    Age: 18
    Country: USA

    Discord name: 𝔈𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔡𝔲𝔯#6992
    Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm currently a freshmen in college studying music. I play both bass and guitar and love music more than just about anything.
    Tell us about your experience in minecraft: I've been playing for about 7 years now. My favorite thing to do is build, especially in the Medieval/Fantasy theme.

    Media Accounts (Optional): N/A
    Show us your builds (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/vC96PAp - This is a link pictures of my latest project. Sadly I never got around to finishing it.

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    posted a message on Inviting people to our smp server! (1.14.4) (whitelisted) (vanilla) (PvP)

    IGN: _Erandur

    Age: 18

    What do you like to do in survival multiplayer: Build, specifically medieval/fantasy towns and cities

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    posted a message on Ore and Sons SMP (1.14) (Realms)(Whitelist)

    Name: _Erandur

    Age: 18
    Discord # (and if you're willing to voice chat): Erandur #6992
    Agreement to the Rules: Yup
    What do you spend your time doing in minecraft: Building, building, and more building.
    Do you WANT to build in spawn during early days of the server: Yes! I'd love to contribute.
    Anything Else: Nope!
    What's your favorite pizza topping: Sausage and Pepperoni
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    posted a message on 1.14.1 Mature Vanilla Community Server *NEW* (Whitelisted | Discord | SMP)
    IGN: _Erandur

    Age: 18

    Discord: Erandur #6992

    Country/Timezone: EST

    Name(optional): Bobby

    Tell us a bit about yourself: I've been playing Minecraft for a little over 7 years now. I love building; it's my favorite in-game pastime. Outside of gaming, I love playing guitar, bass, and drums.

    Why do you want to join IvicarusMC SMP?: I've been looking for a laid-back SMP to join for a while, and this one seems perfect!

    Have you ever been banned before? If so, Why?: Nope :)

    What do you think will be the best part about joining our community?: From the looks of it, this server seems energetic and friendly, which is very important!

    What will you bring to our community?: I'm a relatively decent builder, so I could hopefully add to some community projects/general aesthetics on the server.

    What is your favorite thing about Minecraft?: Building, building, and building.

    Do you have any suggestions in regards to the server?: Everything I've read seems good so far!

    How much time do you expect to spend playing on the server? I'd say like 5 hours a week minimum.
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    posted a message on Elysium 1.13.2, 18+, Brand New, Hermitcraft Inspired, Discord, Player Town, Whitelisted

    1. Your In Game Name: _Erandur

    2. Your Age: 17 (literally turning 18 in 7 days)

    3. How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 6ish years

    4. In one sentence, what is your specialty in Minecraft?: Building, in medieval/fantasy primarily

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    posted a message on Ressourepack - how to edit? How add shader? How add optifine?

    When you click install, it installs Optifine to its default location on your computer and creates a profile within your Minecraft client. You shouldn't have to edit any other files.

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    posted a message on *** <New Vanilla SMP Server!!!| LIKE HERMITCRAFT | > ***

    So far so good. Loving it on here.

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    posted a message on a simple mod request

    Probably shouldn't put "simple" in the post name, this is anything but simple. xD

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    posted a message on Can someone plz make a mod for me!!!

    Take a look at this: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/tabula-minecraft-modeler

    It's a modeler that works inside of Minecraft, so you'll be able to use it on Mac.

    Also, try Mr. Crayfish's Modeler. It's clean and really easy to use, plus it was a mac edition.

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    posted a message on why is windows blocking forge 1.12.1 installer?

    Yes, that is a safe website. Forge doesn't list a developer in their files, so when you download anything from that website, it'll give you that notification.

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    posted a message on How do I edit existing mods?

    First of all, you'd need the source code for all of the mods you're trying to edit.

    Second, you'll need to know Java because what you're trying to do is pretty advanced and will require at LEAST a basic understanding of what you're doing.

    It's not IMPOSSIBLE, but it's very unlikely that all of the mods you're wanting to edit will have their source code available to the public.

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    posted a message on ;

    minecraft ign: Eridiah

    discord?: Eridiah

    age (doesn't rlly matter): 16

    how long have u played minecraft?: too long (4-5 years)

    how many hours will u be active per day?: 1 to 4 (just depends on homework)

    why do u want to join korokraft?: I know a bunch of the players on here, and I've been looking for another vanilla SMP server to start up on.

    anything else we should know about u?: I'm a pretty strong builder, and I love medieval stuff.

    if u have any pictures of previous builds that would help with us accepting u :): sure thing: https://imgur.com/a/LJ8Z6

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