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    Woo, introductions thread, guess I'll post here. New to the forum, blah blah blah, main reason to join was to request a skin for Minecraft, since I was able to finally nab the game today. Dunno if I'll stick around or not, who knows.
    Funny thing is I told everyone that I wouldn't mess with this game, now look at me. xD

    EDIT: ...Ugh, not allowed to make posts anymore. :/
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    New to the forum...decided to get into this game after saying that it wouldn't happen, lol. Anyways searched Google, found nothing, so I'll requerst here. Take a guess who I'm asking for. :3

    Hint, lol

    Notes: Don't worry about the hat, or tail...(or that Striker thing, lol) Just what you see in the middle
    P.S: Isn't she cuuuuute? :3
    Ok I'll shut up now, lol
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