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    The Netherlands will enter the fight. The KCT pack is a 3d guns pack with the weapons used by the Dutch army.

    Enjoy these weapons after installing the pack;

    Glock 17


    Accuracy AWM

    FN MAG

    Mossberg 590

    Colt C7

    FN Minimi


    The kct team won't work without Flan's Modern Warfare pack.

    Sound from Flan's MW pack.


    Available on the Flansmod.com page.



    Werken bij defensie, je moet het maar kunnen.

    Request and questions are alwayws welcome.

    If for some reason, my weaponpack no longer functions the way it should, due to updates, contact me through the minecraft forums. If there is no response after 30 days, or I respond with a message of approval, you may use these Techne files to update the weaponpack and redistribute it anyway, however, credit must be given to me and no money may be made off of the redistribution.

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    Quote from vincentmet»

    that for you to find out when the update is out...


    I know, as I made the model & texture.

    But I ain't telling.

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    Quote from Geethebluesky»

    I wonder why Glassmaker is alone maintaining the mod anymore. This used to be a super-popular mod... it's open source too, so why isn't there more interest? What happened?

    T10a got it right.

    Quote from T10a»

    I honestly don't know. Last I heard, he was busy with life.

    Also, I'm just the artist. I can't do java, or else I'd have helped him out.

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    Quote from Maulkin12»
    Having a bit of trouble installing the mod(s) - the installation page indicates that there are several additional mods to customize which metals you want in the game (fantasy metals, nether ores, etc). However, I can only find Metallurgy Core (MetallurgyCore-1.7.10- and the main mod (Metallurgy-1.7.10- Are they all bundled in the main mod, or do I need to download them somewhere else separately?

    The installation page talks about M3. In M4, you only need Metallurgy and Metallurgy Core. Everything is configurable through config files.
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    Thx, bud. Needed this for something I'm working on. ;)
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    Quote from MasterAshess»
    I'm not sure if i'm overlooking something in a config, but I've played modpacks where Metalurgy metals gives their traits to Tinkers' Construct tool/weapons. I've been making a pack, but can't get this to happen.
    I've got Metallurgy, Metallurgy Core & ExtraTiC installed, but still nothing.

    By traits, do you mean the standard "enchantment-like" traits to, for example, Tartarite? Yeah, about that... It's yet to make a comeback.
    Quote from Sodisna»
    So, is there a wiki for this somewhere?

    Yes, but the wiki contains copper ore, and that's it. This spreadsheet might be of help, though: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgRW341lnPj2dGo4d1ZwczZ1TFYxV09xZnpmSW5FSEE#gid=0
    Quote from Geethebluesky»

    How isn't it cheaty to have a mod that adds better materials than diamond anyways? ;)

    If you balance it nicely, it's not.
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    Quote from Geethebluesky»

    No problem re: confusion/difficulty, I'd be more than glad to tailor suggestions to any kind of development logic you guys want to follow, I just want to know what that is :) Didn't know about the hand guards, thanks for the culture tidbit.

    Regarding copper, I always tweak its spawns to make it as common as Iron, because of my personal logic about copper and iron use in Buildcraft: :
    - Copper is weaker than Iron, so it doesn't make sense that the first metal I'd find and want to use for tools/armor would be Iron when I'm using Buildcraft. Copper relieves most of the pressure I have to stockpile Iron for anvils and BC gears/machines/iron pipes, plus: copper chests have always been a must with Metallurgy 3.
    - Copper is required to make Bronze which is my next upgrade, again to avoid using my Iron for tools and armor.

    Believe me, I eat iron for breakfast with my BC setups. And gold + diamonds too. I'd have to play probably twice as long to mine all the iron, gold and diamond I need with Buildcraft if I didn't use Metallurgy. Even if the iron is 2x as common as copper, I still never want to use it for equipment.

    That's also why for me, the Tartarite Enchanter is a late-game item for me: Electrum is very precious and I never bother with Angmallen because there are stronger options that don't use gold if I just wait a little. I keep the Electrum for enchanting and wish other dusts could be used instead, because I keep running out of gold with Buildcraft--thus my using Midasium with the "useless" metals.

    My only bottleneck remains diamonds, for which I really want the vanilla spawn configs back.

    The example regarding copper pipes was just a silly example, but I could definitely use actual BC copper pipes as a 4th type of basic pipe (along with cobblestone/stone/quartz), perhaps with 3/4 the friction of Stone and carrying 32 mJ of power: the "poor man's" pipe for draft setups, and a welcome 4th option to run pipelines in parallel.

    Even with the current 3 options there are still a bunch of compact designs I have trouble implementing because the darn pipes keep trying to connect to each other when parallel lines branch off at different points.
    Last time I forced myself to go to the Nether early to get Quartz to stop that and it was just a frustrating experience (I usually set up the Nether to be harder because of Metallurgy 4, and take the time to equip myself well before traveling there).

    Regarding Prometheum, my bad: the first thing that came to mind was Prometheus and his gift to mankind!

    And yeah re: Astral Silver, that was just a silly idea, forget it :)

    Have you guys thought of configuring ore spawns per biome?

    Glassy's on IRC (#Metallurgy on http://webchat.esper.net/), so you can contact him about the enchanting. I told Glassy to release smaller patches with less content per patch. I asked him to make the next patch a Metallurgy 4 patch with the vanilla module with the ore spawns per biome stuff.
    As for the copper pipe, not sure that would be something to ask us. Have you tried contacting the people from Forestry, for they make a major Buildcraft addon that adds copper?
    As for Prometheum being fire and stuff. I see where you got that idea. Ignatius, though, being a better alternative. Shadowclaimer indirectly said that Prometheum would be earth. Most likely, the reason for this would be that this Prometheus made the first humans out of clay, right?
    Quote from dogman035»
    I had some solutions to the fairly extreme easiness of getting higher tier tools.

    (I play with extra TiC, so I'm not sure if it's as big of a problem with vanilla metallurgy...)

    One: Make manganese require a diamond pick. This prevents early access of steel, and early access of higher tier tools.

    Two: Make Orichalcum Cobalt mining level (Yes, I'm going to call it this... It means the same thing anyways.), and make Celegnil Manyullyn. This way, you still have to do some extra mining (Or quarrying, if you have a tech mod) before you can get a good pick. Unless you're extremely lucky, and come across a piece BEFORE you find Orichalcum.

    Three: Make Celegnil have a Cobalt mining level, but keep Orichalcum the same. This symbolizes the weakening of the metal with the alloy. You lose a mining level, but you gain speed and durability.

    Steel in Metallurgy is an earlier-game alternative to diamond. It is TiC's fault that steel has mining level 4. Though it could be changed for personal preference in the config files. Same goes for all the other stuff.
    I believe that Metallurgy 4 is well balanced and that further rebalancing is up to the user.

    Quote from SourceUp»
    Hey guys can anyone help me, craft guide is not displaying the furnaces you can make, its showing all ores and weapons though. Not sure what else is not showing, but does anyone know what could be the problem

    That is because the different tiers on furnaces are gone, for about a year now. Only the vanilla furnace remained.
    Quote from Wolfofthenyght»
    Hey there Metallurgy team :D I know everyone is super busy, but I was just curious if there was anything I could do to help with ExtraTiC's update? I'm decently good at pixel art, so I'd be happy to contribute that if it even helps a little D:

    Right now, Glassy's done with all the textures for ExtraTiC's next update. Though, it contained 5k new textures, so if we need you in the future, we will contact you.

    Glassy's next job is maintaining the vanilla module. If you have problems with the strengths, spawn rates, etc. of Metallurgy stuff, you can configure this to your liking.
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    Quote from AnonTheMouse»
    My point still stands. :P

    Speaking of, I did fire off that PM to the right person, didn't I? I really hate how buggy the forums have become...

    Responded already :P

    Back on topic:
    Buy now: the newest version of one of the other Team Metallurgy mods: Aquaculture. :P
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    Quote from Geethebluesky»

    Thanks for providing Glassmaker's overall situation, I had no idea he was loaded up like that!

    Here's my suggestion in more detail...

    So right now in the game there are 2 metals purposed for enchantment boosting: Electrum and Astral Silver. Those are consumed by the Tartarite enchanter with crafted items, but as far as I can tell, they have no other purpose.

    Instead of just those two, why not have *all* metal dusts add enchantability boosts in small ways--perhaps even depending on what base metal the target item is made of?
    If it's possible to increase the likelihood of getting specific enchantments, that would be even more awesome. I'll just assume both of the above are possible codewise, but I really have no idea. :) Sorry if some of this sounds naive.

    For example:

    • Deep Iron dust could boost the % chance to get Efficiency and/or Unbreaking enchantments on Iron, Angmallen and both Steel-type tools more (since Iron is part of them). It could give an even bigger boost to Shadow Iron-based tools, maybe affecting Durability as well (?)
    • Conversely, it wouldn't do squat for tools that aren't composed of Iron.
    • Shadow Iron dust could offer a bigger Unbreaking boost than Deep Iron, but wouldn't boost Efficiency as much (since its base Speed is slower than Deep Iron's).
    • Midasium could boost Efficiency on Gold-based tools even more (doing nothing for non-Gold).
    • Infuscolium could boost the % for a specific enchantment, like Smite, on tools of Tier 2 and below (To me that name recalls "infusion" and sounds mean, so... that equates to better Smite :P
    • Sanguinite could do the same on Tiers 3 and above
    • Prometheum increases the % chance for Fire Aspect
    • Platinum and Amordrine boost Fortune in different proportions
    • Hepatizon boosts Bane of Arthropods
    • (etc)
    • Astral Silver and Electrum remain "general purpose" enchanting boosters useful with everything.
    And yeah I guess the above depends on whether you want users to have more to learn with the Enchanter.

    I'm also supposing there isn't any way of combining dusts together to create ingots that have boosted enchantability from the start (via metadata, maybe). :)

    Other suggestions:

    • Astral Silver dust turns everything into Silver (configurable?)
    • Add back the metal chests with larger inventories! (Why were these dropped? I seriously miss them... the only other chest mod that used to be worth anything isn't being updated either. :(
    The chests were a great reason to mine for specific ores... I suggest adding them back in, but using only Metallurgy-specific ores instead of vanilla ones. I didn't like having to use my gold for chests *and* my Buildcraft stuff, but loved using all that extra copper/zinc/brass. Right now there's no reason to have Brass in the game at all... it's almost immediately surpassed by Bronze and then Vyroxeres for tools (because I use all my iron with Buildcraft).

    And yeah I had about 30 chests of varying sizes because I made a massive BC sorting system last time, the colors just helped me remember where everything was without having 150 signs everywhere...

    As said by Shadowclaimer, he does it to himself.
    You're welcome to join us on the IRC (#Metallurgy) and discuss it when Glassmaker's around. It seems rather awesome, and I'd like the information to be processed through you, I'm not any good with enchanting.
    As far as Astral Silver and Midasium goes, Midasium comes from King Midas, the person who asked Zeus if everything he touched could be turned into gold. Zeus granted the wish, but this would also mean that his wife, children, butlers, friends, etc. got turned into gold too. This was also true for his food and water. He died. As for astral silver, sounds cool, but it has nothing to do with the etymologic origin of the word. Astral comes from the English "Astral", meaning starry, which in turn comes from Greek and Latin. Therefore the Midasium only made sense from an etymologic point of view. Don't worry, feel free and ask Glassmaker. I'll tell him I sent you.
    Hahah, as for the chests, guess what's coming up in the next update? The messenger bags were just bonuses.
    They come with the old update system, forcing you to stockpile Brass.
    Quote from AnonTheMouse»
    Ideas, I have plenty of, though I think Glassmaker may not be well disposed to hearing them, given my vocal criticisms in the past. If you'd like, though, feel free to send me a list of metals you think could use more uses, and I'd be happy to discuss what can be done with them in PMs or something.

    I'll make him listen. >:D Jk. So far, he hardly rejected any of my ideas (Either stolen from you guys (I made sure to mention your names, don't worry), or my own). Except when I wasn't sure about it either.
    So yeah, PM me, I'd love to hear ideas. As I said before. Ideas to make metals more useful are always welcome.
    Quote from Geethebluesky»
    Hmmm.. so... is Glassmaker open to ideas or not? :)
    See above.

    Once more, as far as metals go, until we solve the uselessness of the metals, no new metals will be added.
    At no point in time will we remove metals, either. That would basically be the same as stopping development for Metallurgy, for the mod would be worth nothing any more.
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    Quote from Geethebluesky»

    I just saw this. Personally I'd be sad to see Celenegil go, it's my "early game" power tool metal because it's so enchantable...

    How about having some of the metals usable only to add enchantment value to existing alloys?

    We won't remove any of the metals under any circumstance.
    I'm interested in the idea, but I don't exactly understand what you mean. Could you explain this?
    Quote from AnonTheMouse»

    I haven't really been pleased with the direction this mod has taken, nor the speed of developmnet, but I do still check in sometimes (still hoping for something to be done about those "useless" metals, and preferably not elimination). I've been looking at your posts, and I think that your logic may be a bit flawed. As I understand it (and please do correct me - politely - if I'm wrong), what you're saying is that by expanding the height at which ores can spawn, their frequency is increased. Now, that's partially correct, however, ores can only spawn in stone anyway, so in most biomes, ores don't actually get the benefits of an increased spawn range due to the lack of stone at higher altitudes. The one exception to this would probably be the Extreme Hills biome, which is actually quite unrewarding to mine in in Vanilla, due to the additional layers of ground one must go through to reach anything. Also, unless I am deeply mistaken, random patches of Silverfish blocks in Extreme Hills is a Vanilla feature, making mining there more dangerous as well.

    Admittedly, yes, you are still going to see some increase in how much ore is found. However, that's not necessarily unbalancing. When you increase the number of types of things being spawned in stone, that also has an effect, as everything that is spawned means another spot that something else isn't spawning. In addition to that, Metallurgy - like any mod with tech in it, really - increases the demand for materials. What might have been plenty of iron in Vanilla will, in the modded environment, need to be divided among machines, alloys for progression, and other such uses, in addition to all the things it would have originally gone to.

    Though, if you still feel it's too much, there are a number of options. First and foremost, and as has been brought up before, Metallurgy has been and remains one of the best mods out there for customizability of its ore spawns. Additionally, you could add a mod like Chisel (2), which adds new stone types that ores don't spawn in, reducing spawn locations to counterbalance the range it checks. Even further, you could add more tech mods, without adding more ore spawns, to further increase the "demand tax" on resources. Speaking of mods, I know Glassmaker makes ExtraTIC, but I would personally recommend against using TiC if you're concerned about resource availability, since it lowers crafting costs and makes repairs easier, meaning that it has an overall effect of reducing the "demand tax".

    On an entirely different note...

    I was actually rather disappointed in the response to the idea of an option to disable Diamond-tier equipment. In my opinion, that's a fantastic option. It would encourage players to experiment with all the different metal tiers instead, by forcing them out of their comfort zone. It's not entirely without precedent either. Despite my earlier point about TiC, it bears noting that they actually don't have a method for creating diamond tools, a limit hard enforced with Iguana Tweaks...just to give one example.

    As to the use of diamond equipment in other mods, I think that there are a few options there, too. My favourite would be to replace the diamond equipment with a range of "diamond machine parts", made from metal and diamonds, and only used in crafting...either by editing recipes, sprites, and names, or by having recipe-equivalent items (Forge OreDict, in other words). Or, simply follow in the footsteps of other mods and disable the use of the items, but leave them as-is, with a notation in the tooltip that they are used "for crafting only". The third option, of course, is to just leave it at the user's discretion, note in the config that the option might break recipes from other mods, and leave it to them to use one of the several recipe editors out there to change how those items are crafted, if need be (possibly advising them to do so in the aforementioned warning).

    The speed of development has to do with the fact that Glassmaker is in charge of ExtraTiC, Metallurgy, Aquaculture, Agriculture and Atum, and to top it all off, he can't say no if people ask for his help, slowing development even more and leaving me with little to do but expand on Aquaculture and Agriculture, in turn, slowing his progress even more. I'll tell him to release smaller patches more often, that'd be for the best for his planning and the mood of the users... And my mood :'(.
    As for the silverfish in extreme hills, that's vanilla.
    As far as ores not spawning in Chisel's Marble/Limestone/Granite/Andesite/Diorite goes:

    I'm working as hard as I can on making metals more useful. If you have any ideas, you are free to shout it out. Your prayers will be heard; I will check the forum on a daily basis. My current idea is an autonomous drill fueled by Nether metal cores and upgraded by other kinds of cores, but I'm not satisfied with that.
    I'll talk to Glassmaker about it. He's currently working on Metallurgy.
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