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    Hey Ive really taken like of this mod, it puts abit of depth into the game because you make things thats stronger and more builds with things. So i put it 5/5 :)
    Small bit of suggestion:
    Ive noticed that the tools that you forged wont last as long then i thought, and its kinda tough to have enough iron to have a upkeep on the iron. So im just wonderin if there will be a repairing methods or mending from iron or higher quality with the combinations of the forge and anvil such as using a hot bar and a tool thats been heated, then smith it with the hammer as repairing the item (each bar can go up to 10-30% at least).
    It would be kinda tricky but i think it be worth while and kinda saves alot of iron and coal to make steel and so forth.
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): Ravlin81
    Where are you from?: United States, AK
    Your age?: 16
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below?: Yes, twice in fact
    Did you vote for us?: Yes
    Extra notes?: Im not a sociable kind of person but I give same respect as the person as the person gives respect to me. Good with combat on PvM
    How did you hear of Super-Earth?:
    Havent actually, I just looked at the most replied and i found this :)
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    posted a message on Minecraft Detective Mysteries
    Dang, didnt think about a fraction server/ underground base for ALL his teammates, im not use to that kind of stuff and bases i play on someone else is like a 1 man castle.

    Ah well its a good start off of a Mystery, like doin those
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    posted a message on What do you least like about MC and why?
    I personally dont like the ocean much. It's usually flat, hardly any visible fish mobs (only squids), it helps hostile mobs live alot longer to attempt to kill me, and only thing to do crafting for the sea is like.. only a boat and a fishing rod to fishes thats invisible.

    Hopefully the ocean would be updated soon..
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    posted a message on Minecraft Detective Mysteries
    My theory,

    The perpetrator might have been doin his daily mining between y10 - y17 for resources and accidentally went to George's base, not knowing who or what the place is he wandered around exploring till he founded the chest and seen all the stuff that George placed in. He took it all and trying the fastest to get out of the area he didnt cover the evidence up.

    The motive is possibly:

    1. Diamond/Iron/Gold blocks
    2. Iron/Gold ingots
    3. Pickaxes
    4. No one was in the area at the time, thinking he could get away from it.

    Thats all i have for now
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    posted a message on [1.1.0] Tale of Kingdoms Ver. 1.3.0
    For some reason when i talk to the blacksmith, Guy that sells food (i think), and the person that will start a new city for you. When i talk to them the minecraft itself would become extremely laggy till its not responding and i have to end the process.

    Is it to much mods or something with the computer i use? Everything else work fine just the people that you buy/sell goodies.

    If it something else, is there anyway to fix it?
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    posted a message on F A I L
    Oldest Epic Fails- Had full Inv and dug diamonds.. didnt look back to see if i gotten them, i was seeing them dissapering when coming back tried to run over to them but somehow i fell into a lava pool under me. Lost 7 stacks of unrefine ore, 3 stacks of gold, and 9 stacks of redstone, and rest was cobble

    Recent Fail- I got distracted by a taco behind me, held W and ran into my Cactus pit.
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    posted a message on If You Were A Mob, What Would It Be And Why?
    I would be a.. Cave Spider, because they are small enough to go though a hole where bigger relatives cant get through, poison people, and hard to hit. Not to mention webs are the best thing to get rid of pests.. climb walls, live in the sunlight, and jump attack.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Lord Flower's Generic Furniture + TV Mod
    Finally some proper furniture that you can actually sit in and watch zombies burn into another death!

    The chairs and tables should be recommended for vanilla instead of a fencepost under a pressure plate.. or a staircase with signs on side of it.. and using sneak to 'sit' :/

    I kinda thought of something with tables.. What about card games on a 2x2 table like poker or blackjack? I dont think there a mod that got mini games like that so that would be the first.

    second some plates to put on tables then some food like steak to eat off of be really nice to.

    Diamonds for ye :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Random Ideas
    Quote from Haqt

    The recipe for the memory fragment looks alot like the recipe for TNT... :tongue.gif:

    Yea really didn't think of anything but that TNT recipe but still good right?
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    posted a message on Random Ideas
    I had an idea about what leveling should be done, It should be perks or skills that help out with gaining resources, and endurance

    We all know how slow and little we get when we gain resources right? By each skill increase on a certain perk such as
    1vl 1 Wood pick Expert - Wooden picks increase by 5% 1/5 (passive)
    lvl 1 Power Dig - All pick speed increase by 10% resources -3% 1/5 (active)
    lvl 1 Smite - Sword Hit increase by 15%
    lvl 1 Endurance - Hunger Bar % increase by 3 1/4
    lvl 1 Frenzy - Damage increase by 35%, Damage receive by 35% 1/1 (active) (random thought)
    [and so on]
    For me the skills should be on a skill tree in 3 Tabs. Mining, Harvest, and Combat.
    And here a list for what the level should the skills should be and other stuff
    - Each level would be longer to gain to next level
    - There would be a certain max level on each Skill
    - The Skills would consume hunger bar (except for Passive)
    - Each death would Decrease level and lose 1 skill point
    - The skills can be activated with Left Ctrl and numbers 1-9, you can place the skills on a separate hot bar that's in the skill tree menu
    - Spawned Mobs (from mob spawns) don't drop Exp
    - More Exp on Hard Difficulty
    - The better the skill the longer it will last and Consume energy from hunger bar
    There is a good thing, however it can be a little challenging.
    As my idea on the Enderpearls You can craft it to be as Memory Pearls which is a Level and Skill Point saver.

    To make the memory fragment you need 5 Enderpearls and 4 soul sand. Its like the TNT like this
    :Blue: = EnderPearl
    :Black: = Soul Sand
    :Blue: :Black: :Blue:
    :Black: :Blue: :Black:
    :Blue: :Black: :Blue:

    Done, finally.. So what ya think about my idea about the leveling system?

    Note: really didn't took the time to organize every part of it. I just wanted to make it short n sweet so ya understand what I'm talking about.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3]The Spy Chicken Legacy 1.2 - Become a chicken!
    Hey nice mod,
    You should try and make a mod thats about being a zombie pigman
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    posted a message on NO MORE ZOMBIE FEATHERS!
    so.. zombies dont drink redbull no more?

    but then again sense the meat rotten.. erm.. bad smell = derp bait?
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    posted a message on Planning ahead much?
    Im planning a boat race in rivers when 1.8 comes out and in server

    and things gonna be alittle crazy
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    posted a message on Survival
    Living off the land + not get eatin by mobs = survival

    Adventure just spicing it up
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