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    Quote from CrankerMan»

    First this I'd like to say that this pack was working 100% for me.

    Then ingame I was a bit disappointed that there were only 4-5 textures but then again they're x512!

    The ones that exist look damn good and I can't wait to see more of this :)

    This times a thousand. There aren't a lot there at the moment, but they are effing impressive.

    I look forward to future updates.

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    Is this mod dead? Is it still being developed? Just curious. I can't stand NEI. I use TMI. And TMI and craftguide in tandem are fantastic together. Missing it in my 1.8 world. Not asking for an ETA, just asking if it is being worked on. Thanks.
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    Alrighty, thanks for the information zomb.. Are you planning on making more stuffs 3Dish? I really dig it.. Would it be helpful of me to start a list of all the stuff that brings up purple textures? I just noticed the torch only does it if it's centered.. It works fine hanging on a wall though.. Figure this way you don't have to go back through every single item.. and I am more than happy to help by running through all the items in the 3D resource pack or Texture pack to help speed up the process.. Just let me know if it's actually helpful or not..

    Note- List is from use of HD RC_8 and Beta 3D Test 5 Models
    The list- Iron Trapdoor, Spruce & Oak Wood (the logs when facing up, but not sideways), Torches (but only when they are centered), TNT, Lever (it's just ****ed, they changed it completely it would seem), Jukebox, Glowstone, Enchanting Table, Redstone Comparator (it's texture seems kinda funky too, redstone repeater knobs seem to be as well), Brick Stairs, all versions of the Anvil..
    Red Mushroom texture is garbled but otherwise breaks a proper texture..

    (completed test of all parts of 3D beta pack.. Did not test things like bonsai or command block. Not sure exactly what bonsai are, and I don't really ever use the command block nor know how to bring it up.)

    Sorry for editing this like nineteen times..
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