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    I made another "cinematic" battle, this time featuring the Mutant Zombie-
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    I understand that a million people have posted their ideas, but I have one for the appearance of the Mutant Zombie Pigman.
    If you can, please make it look like this monster from the "Take Back the Night" Minecraft music video!

    Buff Zombie Pigman + Flail Mechanics = great boss fight.
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    I made a short Zelda-inspired video featuring a battle with the Mutant Skeleton.
    It's nothing special, but I figured I might as well post it here.

    Expect one with the Mutant Zombie later in the week!
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    Quote from Deonyi

    So we need useless superfluous new mobs and things? No.

    So I need unhelpful, egotistical, criticism? No.
    I'm always baffled when people complain about new suggestions adding "too much content" and even more so for official Minecraft updates. The game will, ideally, continue to evolve and change as time goes on, true to Notch's dream of Minecraft never "ending." More blocks, mobs, or biomes will only make the game more interesting, in my view... and who are you to speak for the community?

    Edit: in other news, I cleaned up the post some and mostly updated it to the current Minecraft version along with some new content. I also removed the Screech and the Glow Grub, as I'd rather leave room for cooler mobs later.
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    Whoa, did this thread get resurrected! I'll work on adding some changes later.
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    Another idea here, but not for a new mob: rather an expansion of tamable beasts.
    * * *
    I love RPGs where you can play as a hunter or ranger with control over a huge variety of creatures. World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 are good examples of these, both have a class that can tame different monsters and animals. I loaded my Skyrim with tons of mods so my character can have a battle companion ranging from a fox to a sabrecat to a horrifying centipede-beetle-mantis. I'm sure many would enjoy having a similar experience in Minecraft.

    For the most part, I'm content to simply fight against (and in some cases, tame) the awesome creatures this mod adds. However, I've gotta say that I'm disappointed the tamable animals don't have much purpose besides looking nice in a fancy zoo. The newest update made stingrays and jellyfish tamable, and I'd never thought I'd see the day where those odd critters could be pets before bears or foxes. Making detailed zoos and fishtanks are great for creative mode or expanding a multi-person city build. But for those who play Survival to be challenged and fight off monsters while building things, the pets could definitely be more useful. If anything, what I'm asking for is just to make certain pets act like wolves after tamed. But for a truly amazing taming system, I'd love for the mod to use my ideas below.


    * Many new creatures have been made tamable. You'll see which below.
    * Three items are used to control your pet.
    * Up to two (changeable in config) combat pets can fight for you at any time.

    a STRING is used to toggle movement modes. Right-clicking your pet toggles between Follow, Stay, and Wander. Pretty self-explanatory; Wander is just the default "roam" behavior that all pets currently do.

    a SHARK TOOTH is used to toggle fighting modes. Right-clicking your pet toggles between Guard, Aggressive, Defensive, and Passive.

    - Guard: Automatically attacks any nearby hostile mobs. Using this with the Stay behavior truly makes your pet a watchdog of a certain area.
    - Aggressive: Attacks anything that you attack.
    - Defensive: only attacks if you are hurt by an enemy. Good if you want to shoot arrows at your enemies and prefer to keep your distance.
    - Passive: will not attack anything at all. Use this when you're fleeing after being overwhelmed! Using this plus the "Wander" behavior is what most tamed creatures currently do. Don't worry, the zoo-builders won't be left out in this update!

    a BOOK is used to check on your pet's stats. Right-clicking your pet gives you a dialog box with the pet's level, how much experience it needs to get to the next level, and the option to toggle your pet's special abilities.

    * A leveling system for the pets. Check out AtomicStryker's Pet Bat mod. The bats gain experience based on how much health the mob they killed had (basically "difficulty" without needing things like a toughness meter. Your pets will level faster killing zombies than sheep.) For Mo'Creatures pets, I think the maximum level should be level 5, gained after <number of experience here.> Each level, the pet gains some health and does more damage.

    * Special abilities for each species of pet, to accompany the leveling system. Some abilities are passive, which means they are constantly active, while others can only be used by the pet every few seconds. Each pet starts out with one special ability, and unlocks its "ultimate" ability at level 5. Special abilities are usually pretty cool, but ultimate abilities are awesome. Do note that in my descriptions, the names for the abilities are purely for show. You won't ever see the names ingame as the pets automatically use their abilities.

    And now, the list of pets and their special abilities.



    Special Ability: Bear-handed Flip. The bear knocks an enemy back 5 blocks every few seconds.
    Ultimate Ability: Un-bear-able Roar. The bear roars, dealing damage to all enemies within 10 blocks.

    ​Big Cats

    Special Ability: Prowl. The cat does extra damage to the first enemy attacked after being out of combat for at least 1 minute.
    Ultimate Ability: Pounce. The cat jumps on an enemy and attacks it.


    Special Ability: Gore. The boar's attacks have a chance to apply a "bleed" poison debuff that does damage over a few seconds.
    Ultimate Ability: Charge. The boar rams itself into an enemy, dealing damage and knocking the enemy back.


    Special Ability: Clench. The croc bites an enemy and holds it in place for three seconds.
    Ultimate Ability: Death Roll. The croc performs its signature move on an enemy.


    Special Ability: Swift Swipes. The fox's attacks do consecutively more damage on the same target (ex: 2 hearts -> 2 1/2 hearts -> 4 hearts -> 4 1/2 hearts...)
    Ultimate Ability: Scamper. The fox gives itself and nearby players a movement speed boost when active.

    Komodo Dragon

    Special Ability: Devour. The komodo chomps on an enemy for <x> many hearts, and heals itself for the same amount.
    Ultimate Ability: Rough Scales. Enemies that attack the komodo are injured for half of the damage they dealt.


    Special Ability: Toxin. The scorpion's attacks have a chance to poison the enemy.
    Ultimate Ability: Grasp. The scorpion grabs hold of the enemy, instantly disarming it (for Skeletons and Zombies with swords) and applying a Weakness debuff.


    Special Ability: Nauseating Bite. The snake's attacks apply a slowing debuff to enemies.
    Ultimate Ability: Strangle. The snake wraps itself around an enemy with less than 25% health (no new animations necessary, just think of when you right-click a pet snake), instantly killing it. Doesn't work on the Enderdragon or Wither for obvious reasons.


    Special Ability: Groundpound. The turtle taunts all enemies to attack it instead of other players or pets.
    Ultimate Ability: Hard Shell. The turtle is now immune to explosions and takes 25% less damage from all other sources.

    Wild Wolf

    Special Ability: Savage. The wolf has a 60% chance for its attacks to be critical hits.
    Ultimate Ability: Bloodthirsty Howl. The wolf gives itself and nearby players a Strength buff (increases melee damage.)


    Important note! To raise a wyvern as a combat pet, follow the directions below.

    If you've noticed, the wild wyverns in the Wyvern Lair are much more aggressive than the versions you can currently hatch and ride. That's because, unlike mother wyverns, you never taught yours how to hunt. To do this, bring a snake near a recently hatched Wyvern and kill it. Then feed it a snake egg of any type. Now, your Wyvern has a thirst for blood and can be used as a fighter as well as a mount. [If this is too complicated to implement, a special food made out of snake eggs and fish could be fed to the Wyvern instead.]

    Special Ability: Fireball. The wyvern spits a ball of fire at an enemy, setting it (but not blocks) alight.
    Ultimate Ability: Air Support. The wyvern grabs up to two enemies, lifts them high up in the air, and then drops them. Obviously this wouldn't work properly underground.

    FAQ [Will be Updated!]

    Q. Why are there no Wraiths, Werewolves, Ogres, etc...?
    A. I don't think the more humanoid monsters should be tamed, and definitely not as combat pets.

    Q. Why are there no aquatic combat pets?
    A. I don't think they'd be useful. You can already have sharks to guard your moat and dolphins/stingrays/fish for a nice lake or aquarium. They couldn't follow you onto land.

    Q. Why no raccoons, ostriches, rats, or elephants/mammoths?
    A. Mammoths and elephants are way too big and clunky to be constantly following the player and fighting for him. As for the others... I just don't think they would make good combat pets. What do you think? Even still, ostrich pets would be more likely than rats.

    Q. Not a question but... OOH! OOH! There should be a <DERP> monster that can be tamed and does <DERP> and <DERP>!!
    A. Sorry friend, I'm sticking with the default critters Mo'Creatures adds for now.

    I hope you guys enjoy this idea. If you want an expanded pet system or at least just want combat pets besides wolves and the Big Cats, support me! Give me more ideas, suggestions, constructive criticisms, and "upvote" clicks. Gimme.
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    posted a message on [Mod Suggestion] Silverfish Expansion: Hives, Drones, and Queens (Oh my!)
    I dunno, I just viewed this as a place to go either before or after conquering the Enderdragon. I based the stats off of a player with full diamond gear and maybe even a Bane of Arthropods enchantment on a diamond sword. With those, this would be "moderate" difficulty instead of "absolutely impossible."

    Edit: oop, forgot to mention. Remember the Charge ability of the Silverfish Brute? It can hit quite a number of mobs at the same time and knock them back, doing serious damage. Use this to your advantage during the final stage of the Queen battle, when you're overwhelmed by the cluster**** of different silverfish swarming around you.
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    posted a message on DrZhark's Mo' Creatures (mod suggestion thread)
    I'd like to suggest two of my favorite suggestions, made by other people.

    First, the Antlion, by Firehazurd

    New Mob Idea: Antlion

    Environment: The Desert!
    AI: Very hostile
    Drop: ???
    Misc: The Antlion is a clever and ferocious predator. It lurks just beneath the surface of loose sand, waiting for happless prey to venture too near. When the poor creature is within striking distance, the Antlion lashes out and attacks it's victim. Somewhat clumsy on the surface, the Antlion will retreat to the safety of the sand if it's prey gets away from it. Waiting for the next creature to come along.

    The Antlion would attack pretty quickly, but would be very slow walking. If the player gets outside of striking distance for too long (a few seconds), the Antlion retreats beneath the surface again. Of course the player can try to dig up the Antlion and continue the battle if they so wish.

    Second, the Tunnel Mite, which was supposed to have an appearance in the Nether from the Aether mod ages ago but never made it in! :steve_rage: I've been trying to get this mob made for so long.

    By Rhinoceroscity-

    So what Minecraft is missing right now is a mob that is dedicated to scaring you. Something you don't want to be attacked by because you know it'll be freaky encounter, even if it isn't deadly. So I was getting a glass of orange juice and I thought of a sneaky spider-like mob that could stick to walls and roofs, not at all inspired by the spider that fell on my head while I was looking for cookies. It would try to stay in dark areas (even if there are torches nearby, it'll scuttle around in the dark patches). It would hiss at you, and best of all, it'd make a nice little shriek and drop on your head if you walked under it. Now I'm usually not a fan of getting scared, but I dunno, sounds like it might be fun.

    Behavior: Hostile. Stays exclusively in caves, even at night it won't leave them. Will stay out of range of the player as long as possible, finding darkness and standing still until the player gets near. When the player gets too close, it'll scuttle away extremely fast, until it either finds another dark patch to wait in, or it can find a roof near the player. It'll hiss at you while it's idle. It's red eyes glow in the dark for a couple seconds before fading. This happens randomly, not constantly. When you're traveling down tunnels, you might just see a couple of eyes staring at you in the distance, then fade.

    Maybe one day these creepy crawlies can find a home with the other Mo'Creatures.
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    posted a message on [Mod Suggestion] Silverfish Expansion: Hives, Drones, and Queens (Oh my!)
    This idea focuses on one of the most underappreciated mobs of all time: the silverfish. Heads up to readers: I have a nice little introduction into why I created this idea. If you're not interested, scroll to where it says "THE SUGGESTION" in bold words while I proceed to mentally frown at you. Anyway, here's the intro.


    In case you've been living under a rock for the past two years (which is funny, because these guys live under rocks too), this is a silverfish.

    The silverfish used to be found only in Strongholds, but is now a rare spawn from certain blocks in the Extreme Hills biome, thanks to a recent update. Still- far unlike Endermen- despite the silverfish's rarity, it is generally considered the least harmful hostile mob.
    I won't say it's the least intimidating as well, because a small, squirming, spiny insect can be quite scary for certain people. However, if not for the wholesome, innocent squishiness of the Slime, I would also say the Silverfish is the least intimidating hostile mob.

    Obviously we have a problem here. It's rare, most of the time it's only found in the "end zone" of the game, an area where only experienced and geared players would venture, and it's also not very intimidating or harmful. This is great for people who like to play the game on Easy, or dislike small squirming spiny insects, but not so great for people who like to play games with a higher level of difficulty or enjoy killing though monsters.

    Let's take a look at the cold, hard, numbers.


    * A silverfish has 8 health.
    * The silverfish does 1/2 heart's worth of damage.

    * The player has 10 health.
    * A diamond sword does 8 damage, while an iron sword does 7 damage.

    What does this mean? It means that 1) silverfish can be one-shot with a diamond sword, and one-shot with a critical strike from an (unenchanted) iron sword. It also means 2) A single silverfish would have to hit an unarmored player 20 times in a row to kill him.
    Some of you might be saying "But silverfish aren't strong by themselves! They have strength in numbers!"
    Numbers don't really matter when you can instantly kill an enemy by clicking on it once. Which leads me to...

    Most players will never encounter silverfish besides a single one in a Hills biome and that one spawner in front of the End Portal. Capitalize on their rarity and make them something to be feared, like the Enderman!

    Some of the best games draw inspiration from other sources. Notch was inspired to make Minecraft from Infiniminer, and look where it is now! So, what inspiration can we use to enhance the silverfish? Simple: expand upon the silverfish as a creature, and give it a place to live. In this case, we'll go with the time-tested trope of creepy bug hives.

    They are found only in strongholds, and only one hive can be found per stronghold. The entrance to the hive/nest resembles something like a collapsed section of the stronghold, and a dark tunnel leading into a separate area. The tunnel, and hive itself, is made up mostly of a new block: Hive Block. Essentially, it's a mini-biome within the stronghold. The entrance tunnel gradually splits into several dozen different tunnels about four blocks high and three-four blocks wide. Picture reference here. Sometimes the tunnels lead into a larger, more open area. All tunnels that aren't dead ends eventually lead to the Central Hive Chamber, where an epic boss battle is to be had.

    Hive Block
    (Picture coming at some point.)
    Resembles something like a goo-covered stone block. Think of Mycelium, and how it covers dirt.
    The Hive Block, like Soul Sand, slows players who walk over it by a good bit. This effect can be negated by wearing Enchanted Gold Boots (any enchantment works.) Unfortunately for you, the Hive Block also takes twice as long as obsidian to mine. This is to discourage players from just mining their way to the end of the hive.

    Now, what about expanding the silverfish? Here's the main part of this mod suggestion.

    All types of critters that live in hives in real life (which are generally unpleasant thing like ants, wasps, and termites) have different types of those critters with different jobs, because it's easier to take care of a colony that way. Just take a look at this real-world example that definitely helped inspire this suggestion.

    Interesting, huh? I have a similar plan in store for the silverfish. Also, keep in mind that while I may have been inspired by real creatures, the following is quite different from the original ugly little wood-eating insect that Notch and Jeb based the silverfish on. I'm not even sure the name "silverfish" even fits anymore. That's why it's a mod suggestion, and I'm not asking for this to be in vanilla Minecraft.

    Let's go over the types of silverfish this mod would add in order of the threat they pose(or as I like to call it, dangerousness.) Pictures will be added at some point, but maybe not for a while because I suck with Techne and it takes me like five minutes just to get a leg in the right position. Would you guys like poorly-drawn sketches until I can get a lovely modeller/modder to make a proper version? Let me know. For now, you get a little "Appearance" tab to get your imagination flowing.

    Silverfish Drones
    These are the generic, vanilla, Minecraft silverfish that we already know and probably don't love. They're weak, easy to kill, and pretty rare overall. However, two changes are added to the drones:

    * Silverfish drones deal additional damage based on how many there are.
    * Increased health from 8 to 16 and attack damage from 1/2 heart to 1 heart.

    So they're kind of a bigger threat. Now, there's an actual reason to be afraid of swarms. One last thing: drones are also the only type of silverfish that can be found outside of the Hive besides Soldiers.

    Silverfish Larvae
    The larvae are found only in and around Silverfish Eggs, another new block. They are kind of like weaker versions of Drones, except for their special ability to jump on your face and eat it. Yes, you read that right. Silverfish are born to be extremely aggressive after hatching to ward off predators, or something like that.
    Info below:

    Health: 10 (= 5 Hearts)
    Attack Damage: 1/2 Heart

    Special Abilities
    Jump On Your Face And Eat It
    Larvae with nothing to attack will just slither around doing nothing, but when an enemy (this means you) comes near, they launch themselves onto your head and start doing 1/2 a heart of damage per second. Eggs will sometimes spawn larvae when a player walks nearby, but always if bumped into. "Mining" the egg has an 80% chance to destroy it and the larva inside, and a 20% chance of destroying the egg and releasing a very angry larva.

    Get it Off, Get it Off!
    When a silverfish larva is attached to your face, you are unable to attack or use any items. This is probably because your hands are preoccupied with trying to rip a horrifying maggot-beast off your head. The only way to remove the pest is to jump up and down rapidly, upon which the larva will fall to the floor. That's when you kill it, unless you want to repeat the earlier spectacle.

    Basically a regular silverfish, except smaller, paler, and without the spiny bits. Also, it has a terrifying mouth something like this suggestion by Mr. Torb. Yikes!

    Silverfish Workers
    Workers are the backbone of the Silverfish Hive, digging tunnels and acting as the first line of defense to intruders.

    Health: 20 (= 10 Hearts)
    Attack Damage: 2 Hearts

    Special Abilities
    Workers have a chance to cover you in silky webbing when they attack you, rooting you in place for two seconds. The "webbing," normally just used by workers to construct the hive, is just a particle effect and isn't a new block.

    Basically larger regular silverfish. Nothing special here, but they have a slightly different coloration from the default drone.

    Silverfish Spitters
    Spitters are ranged attackers who use their acidic spit to melt through stone or repel enemies. Their variety of attacks make them quite a formidable enemy to face. [If the coding is possible, I would love for them to primarily walk on the sides or ceilings of the hive, spitting down acid from a safe range. This would make bows absolutely necessary to conquer the Silverfish Hive.]

    Health: 30 (= 15 Hearts)
    Attack Damage: 2-5 Hearts, depending on the attack used

    Special Abilities
    Caustic Bile
    All of the Spitters' attacks inflict a stacking effect called Caustic Bile that lasts for five seconds. The debuff does nothing from 1-3 stacks, but from 3+, the bile slowly starts to dissolve armor, wearing out the durability until it runs out or is cured by milk.

    Noxious Goo
    A fast-moving projectile that inflicts struck victims with a slowing effect for five seconds. Deals 2 hearts of damage.

    Acid Rain
    A heavy-hitting projectile that deals 5 hearts of damage. Spitters will generally quickly launch two or three gobs of Noxious Goo at the player, wait a little, and then spit Acid Rain. Obviously the projectile is harder to dodge when you're moving slowly from Noxious Goo, so be careful! Use the pause in the Spitters' attacks to your advantage.

    A larger, slightly more elongated silverfish with six skinny legs. Its mouth is... well, just imagine something like this lovely creature from League of Legends. The Spitter has brightly colored spots along its side, due to its poisonous nature.

    Silverfish Soldiers
    Soldiers are tough, beefy creatures designated to protect the important areas of the hive. You will never encounter more than two or three of these at the same time, but that doesn't mean the experience won't be terrifying!

    Health: 70 (= 35 Hearts)
    Attack Damage: 3 1/2 Hearts

    Special Abilities
    Hard Head
    Silverfish Soldiers take 50% less damage from the front. They turn kind of slowly to make up for this, but killing one will take a while.

    Serrated Mandibles
    The soldiers' mandibles are covered in nasty barbs. Each attack by a soldier has a 20% chance to do normal attack damage plus 1 1/2 hearts over a few seconds!

    A much larger silverfish with six segmented legs (See: the legs of Dr. Zhark's scorpions) Its head is something like a termite soldier, or the Antlion Worker from Half-Life 2, only with spinier jaws.

    Silverfish Brutes
    I'm not gonna lie. These are basically rhinoceroses in the form of bugs. You're gonna have a bad time. Two of these are found outside the Central Hive Chamber and are basically minibosses.

    Health: 180 (= 90 Hearts)
    Attack Damage: 2-10 hearts, Depending on the attack (Its basic attacks-bumping into you-do only 2 hearts of damage)

    Special Abilities
    Very, Very Hard Head
    Silverfish Brutes take no damage when attacked from the front. None. Nada. Not even the finest diamond could cut through that thick head.

    The Brute swings its head from side to side, dealing 5 hearts of damage and knocking the player back 8 blocks.

    The Brute swings its head downwards, dealing 8 hearts of damage and stunning the player for two seconds.

    The Brute prepares itself and then rushes forward towards the player. If it hits any mob, it deals 10 hearts of damage to all nearby enemies and knocks them back five blocks. If the attack misses, the Brute is disoriented for three seconds. Hint: This is when you go behind it and attack it.

    A gigantic, armored silverfish that is really more of a beetle than anything else. Check these out to understand just how big and armored its head is. Rhino Beetle Spiny Rhino Beetle

    Boss Battle: The Queen
    You don't need an explanation for this! It's the mother of all silverfish, the Hive Queen, the force behind the swarm. If this suggestion ever makes it to the mod phase, it'll be one of the most complex fights in Minecraft, rivaling those of DivineRPG (Awesome mod, by the way, check it out! I'm a sucker for boss fights, if you haven't guessed already)

    Health: 350 (= 175 Hearts)
    Attack Damage: 1-13 hearts, depending on the attack

    Special Abilities
    Almost every ability the Queen uses is special. Abilities marked with a * are only used on Hard and Hardcore mode. Let's move on to the phases of the boss fight.

    Summoning the Silverfish Queen
    The Queen is summoned by breaking any of five special eggs in the center of the Central Hive Chamber that don't hatch any larvae. They just exist to summon the Queen boss fight. Anyway, breaking these eggs causes the Queen to emit a horrifying noise and spawn in the distance.

    Phase One
    The Queen spreads her wings and takes to the air, hovering high above the ground. During this phase, she uses only ranged attacks.

    Acid Globules*
    The Queen continually spits acidic projectiles at the player every second, dealing 1 heart of damage each if they hit.

    Acid Rain
    Just like the Spitters, this attack deals 5 hearts of damage and is slightly slower than other projectiles. The Queen only uses this attack once every 6-10 seconds.

    A ranged projectile that, if it hits the player, causes the player to continually draw aggro from all silverfish within 30 blocks. Lasts 5 seconds, but all silverfish that were alerted to the player will continue to attack him until they are killed.

    Spawn Larvae
    The Queen produces five larvae every 20 seconds, which will stay directly under her unless the player gets too close or gets hit by Pheromones.

    Overall, this phase is about dodging the abilities when possible and shooting arrows at the Queen, who repositions herself every time she's hit. Although there are still some types of silverfish entering the Central Chamber through the tunnels, "adds" won't be a big problem for now. Do note that the Queen destroys any blocks not native to the Hive- don't try and build a bridge up to her or hide under manmade cover.

    Phase Two
    When the Queen is at 75% health, she will land on the ground and gain a new set of abilities. (Any abilities not mentioned in the phase descriptions are not used for that phase.) While on the ground, the Queen is immune to arrows.

    Existing Abilities
    Acid Rain

    New Abilities
    Defend the Hive!
    The Queen summons ten drones and four workers to attack the player.

    The Queen snaps her mandibles when within range of the player, dealing 5 hearts of damage. Can only be used every five seconds.

    During this phase, the player will want to make sure he doesn't get overwhelmed by the lesser silverfish while doing as much damage to the Queen as he can. Remember, when you are in range to hit the Queen, she can attack you with Snap. She can only use it every so often though, so adopt a kind of "run in -> hit her -> heal -> run back in" strategy.

    Phase Three
    At 50% health, the Queen spreads her wings and returns to flight- this time, flying up to the ceiling, out of range of most shots.

    Existing Abilities
    Acid Globules*
    Acid Rain
    Spawn Larvae- Now spawns 10 larvae instead of 5!
    Defend the Hive!

    New Abilities
    Mind-Numbing Toxin
    Every 10 seconds, the Queen will fly down to launch a poisonous attack at the player. If it hits, it will deal 6 hearts of damage over 3 seconds and distort the player's screen. You should dodge this and shoot as many arrows at her as you can, before she goes out of range!

    Spawns a Spitter to help attack the player! Used every 20 seconds.

    Final Phase
    When the Queen reaches 25% health, her wings become torn and she crashes to the ground, furious. She automatically spawns one Silverfish Brute and two Soldiers, and focuses on attacking the player.

    Existing Abilities
    Acid Rain
    Spawn Larvae- Now spawns 14 larvae instead of 10!
    Defend the Hive!

    New Abilities
    The Queen briefly spreads her wings and jumps at the player.

    Lethal Sting*
    If the player gets within range of the Queen's rear end, she stings him with a deadly venom that deals half a heart per second for one minute. This will KILL you if you don't drink some milk or guzzle down Regeneration Potions!

    The Queen Is Dead
    When the Queen reaches 0% health, she will go berserk, launching dozens of Acid Rain projectiles all around the Hive Chamber. Finally, she crashes to the ground and explodes into loot and XP!

    This one is tough. Until I can get a real Minecraft model for the Queen, just imagine her as a larger, thinner version of the Silverfish Soldier with nastier jaws and a big ol' stinger.

    "Yeah, yeah, so what. What's the point of going into this disgusting hive at all?" Well, thanks for the convenient question, mister or missus reader. That's what this section is for!

    All Silverfish:
    Experience, varying on the type of silverfish
    Stone blocks

    Vial of Spitter Blood: Can be thrown at enemies to slow them and damage them over time. Now that's a deal!

    Soldiers and Brutes
    Chitin Chunks: identical to flint, but dropped in large numbers. 3-6 from a Soldier, 10-15 from a Brute. Happy arrow-making!

    The Queen
    Carapace of the Broodmother: Chest armor that gives diamond protection and has infinite durability.

    Stinger of the Fallen Queen: Inflicts enemies with the Lethal Sting debuff. The Wither and Enderdragon are immune to it. Has 30 uses.

    Shattered Wings: ???

    Bugbait: A small, pheromone-laden piece of the Queen's body. It basically gives you control over up to four Silverfish Workers at a time. Infinite durability.

    Right-Click: Throws a pheromone scent at a target, spawning a silverfish to attack it. Once the target is dead, the silverfish will follow you around.
    Left-Click: Calls your silverfish off whatever target they were attacking, to follow you.
    Pressing Q (Dropping the item): Instantly despawns the silverfish.

    Head of the Queen: A placeable item for decorating your house and grossing out your friends.

    Total Summary:

    2 New Blocks
    6 New Mobs
    6 New Items
    1 New Entity (The Head of the Queen)

    Well, that's all for now folks! I realize a lot of the ideas here are super-complex. However, I would love it if a modder was willing to pick this up for a try, and I'd help in any way I could. If you're not a modder and are just browsing: leave me feedback, please!!
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][Forge] Atmosmobs v1.3.2b - ExtraBiomesXL Support is back!
    I wonder if a certain Lurker will ever be added to this mod... ;)
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][Forge] Atmosmobs v1.3.2b - ExtraBiomesXL Support is back!
    I don't see why it would ever be a good idea to remove mobs. Put themed ones in different packages, maybe... but we have the config for that :/
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    posted a message on Primitive Mobs v1.1beta - Last Updated 01/01/2018 - 1.12 beta version available!
    No surprise here: another excellent mob mod by Davey! I love that you brought back some old favorites of mine while adding some of your own, too!
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    posted a message on [Oct 8] Coros Mods: ZombieAwareness for 1.10.2 with new improvements
    I have an issue with your Zombie Awareness mod, that I've enjoyed for a long time. It only affects zombies and skeletons, instead of every mob (or at least, every default mob.)

    This is a new change, and I must ask you, why? I much enjoyed fighting every mob in the land, now it's like I'm playing a zombie-survival game. If this is your intention, I suppose it works well, but otherwise I'm really disappointed.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][Forge] Atmosmobs v1.3.2b - ExtraBiomesXL Support is back!
    Quote from MohawkyMagoo

    Sorry, only just seen this. Is it the MSC config you want?

    I'm using one of your configs and haven't seen a single atmosmob. I've ramped up the spawns to a ridiculous amount, and I'm still getting an unproportional amount of zombies and skeletons, as opposed to the dozens of other hostile creatures I have installed :/
    Mo'Creatures are still showing up, though, just rarely.
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    I am getting a blackscreen after installing Mo'Creatures. I have Forge and other default mobs, and it works fine with just the latest versions of GUI API, AudioMod, and CustomMobSpawner. But as soon as I put in Mo'Creatures, the game goes black after the Mojang screen.
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