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Just your average Minecrafter. I've been playing since 7/13/10 so I've seen most of the Minecraft evolution. Outside of Minecraft, I program in C# and RBX.Lua. I also play a little Roblox but I kind of come and go from there (RBX.Lua is the scripting language Roblox uses).

I do have an Xbox 360, PS2, and Wii. I don't really play the Wii or PS2 but am an avid 360 gamer. I mostly play CoD:MW2, Rock Band 2, and occasionally NFS:Shift. My XBL gamertag is AbsoluteSpeed, but I don't add people unless I've played and chatted with you and like you.

I play a couple other PC games on and off.
Interests Minecraft, MW3 (Xbox), misc. PC games, programming.

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