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    IGN: JMK208
    Skype: jmk208
    Age: 14
    Why you would like to join: I really have been wanting to get on a nice minecraft server that is vanilla. BUT you know what happens when you try to join a non-whitelisted vanilla server everything around spawn is destroyed and ofcourse they have tons of plugins and stuff that is not just vanilla minecraft. So ofcourse I look at some whitelisted and they don't have all the griefing but they still have tons of plugins that make it non-vanilla. Then I finally found this and thought of the mindcrack server and here I find myself already applying.
    What kind of player(builder,redstoner,etc.): I am a pretty good builder if given the proper time( I take time to decide) but then I think it is really boring if you don't fill your house with awesome redstone and such.
    Anything else you would like to add: I know I am pretty young but I would really love it if I got excepted into what looks like a great server.

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    Can you finish it for 1.5 PLEASE!!!!!
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    Quote from Taiine

    You took his pack and upsized it... badly. Um.. no.

    At least others who are making a 64x64 faithful are MAKING THEIR OWN TEXTURES.

    Hello Vattic took from default so why can't HiteeN
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