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    Quote from SwiftlySpace»

    is this for me??

    No, it was for me. He pressed the reply button on my post. If it was for you, you would have gotten a notification saying "X replied to your comment on Y"
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    posted a message on Phoenix Network () CO-OWNER NEEDED!!!

    IGN: Purge2202

    Age: 15

    Skype: Epicman30

    I have experience in developing and managing plugins as well as moderating servers. I know the Java language and, if needed, could make a plugin for the server. I used to own my own server, but I took it down due to lack of funds. I am experienced in plugins suck as WorldEdit, Spawn Protection, and the Voxle plugins, as well as the standard plugins such as essentials.

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    Quote from ArrowFilmsMC»

    I like the way you applied, saying that you're a good staff member by saying you guess you'll apply since you like the way you run things, like you have the upper hand... Or something.

    But, Only on weekends just isn't enough, because we need staff that will be active at least once a day or every other day is understandable, even just for a quick check in.

    Sorry :(

    I can do check-ins on weekdays, what I meant was I couldn't be on for hours at a time like I could be on fridays and weekends.

    Also, the reason I said that stuff at the beginning was because I have so much experience in being staff of failed servers & I want to apply for the servers that have a good shot of at least staying up for a while.

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    Your one of the first more professional, choosy server owners I've seen in a while. Its always good to try and actively find the best people for staff and not just let almost everyone who applies have a rank. I like how your handling things, and I have faith that this could be a good server, So I'll apply.

    What rank are you applying for?: Admin or Head-Admin

    IGN: Purge2202

    Age: 15

    Skype Name: Epicman30

    How do you handle yourself in a bad situation where a player has either upset you or has threatened you or someone?: I act professionally and give him a warning not to threaten or harass me or other users and, if the problem persists, I either mute or temp-ban him, depending on the severity and nature of the situation.

    How would you handle the following types of malicious users:

    Hacker: He would be banned temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity
    Spammer: He would be given a warning and muted if the problem persists.
    Glitch Abuser: He would be given a warning, then temporarily banned or, if a repeat offense, permanently
    Client Abuser: The same way as I would handle a Glitch Abuser, except without a warning
    Inappropriate Minecraft Skins (Nude,Racist,.etc): Warning, then temporary ban, and if it persists for too long, a permanent ban
    Unapproved Links put into chat by a player: Warning, than muting
    Advertiser: Warning, then muting.

    Do you have any past experience as a staff member?: I have been mods, head-mods, admin, and head admin of plenty of new servers, all of which ultimately failed. I was also a mod on a larger mini-game server until resigning due to personal problems

    How often can you be on? (On school days vs. Weekends): I can be on on weekends, Friday afternoons usually, but since we are at a break, I can be on week round for now.

    Why should we choose YOU over anyone else?: Because I am an experienced, mature player who knows how to use many plugins and knows what punishments are appropriate for what offense.

    Do you promise to enforce all in-game and website rules as a staff member of AstroMC in a fair and honest way?: Yes

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    posted a message on Minehue Network - 1.8 - Survival - Creative - Skyblock - Hungergames - Skywars - AND MORE!

    Moderator app:

    1.) Real Name? You'll see it in my Skype,, I don't like revealing it on the internet. Initials are A.R., though

    2.) Age? Only 14, but I have been called mature for my age

    3.) *Skype? Epicman30

    4.) *IGN? Purge2202

    5.) *How important is this to you? Helping servers in any way I can is really important to me. It always makes me smile knowing that i made the experience of players better.

    6.) *Any past experience in this field or something similar? I have been mod multiple times, admin 3 times, and i have owned a server

    7.) *Have you ever managed a server / network before? Yes, I used to own a server

    8.) *Would you still want this job even if it had high stress? Yeah, but moderator jobs generally don't have much stress. In fact, they may even relieve stress from normal play, as I have the power to, if the player is contradicting the rules, do something about it. But, if it were high stress, I would still take it, because if i get to see the server evolve, it'll all be worth it.

    9.) *How many hours are you willing to dedicate a day/week? I will be able to play Friday-Sunday, 4 hours a day, until summer. On Mon-Thurs, I can check about 10 times for short periods of times.

    10.) *How can I trust that you are going to be a dedicated staff member? If you ask some other people I have built/moderator for, they will generally say I've been good. Also, you can see that, on my last moderator job, I was there for a VERY long time.

    11.) *Describe your personality to us? I am usually a nice and friendly guy. I frequently ask about my maturity level to my friends, and I mostly receive a range of 7-9 out of 10. I enjoy helping newer servers get a good player base, and see if i stay from there (I mostly do). I also have OCD, so please bear with me if I get a little angry about something seemingly small. In my brain, it seems like a huge deal.

    12.) Anything else that we should know that may earn this application some consideration points? Nothing, really, I don't feel like i need to "Earn" consideration points, I just be myself and see if I get it.

    13.) Have you signed up on the forum page?(Yes will earn you more consideration points): Not yet, but it will be done immediately after posting the app.

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    posted a message on [CTM] [WIP] Dwarves bane!

    Wow. I completely forgot about it.

    If i restarted from scratch, would anyone be interested in playing it?

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    posted a message on Lucky Block Mod - Drops items, spawns mobs, structures and more!
    I keep getting a .zip file instead of a .jar file
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    posted a message on ★★★★★ MIDDLE AGES ■■■■■■■■■■ mmorpg ♛ [NOW OPEN]♛ [NEW]♛ [MEDIEVAL] ♛[SKILLS]♛
    BETA application:
    1.) IGN: Purge2202
    2.) Age: 14
    3.) What is your experience with RPGs and MMOs (does not have to be minecraft)?: I have played som WoW and a minecraft MMORPG. I also enjoy the Dragon Quest sereis
    4.) What version of minecraft was "out" when you started playing: 1.7 beta
    5.) Have you signed up @ the server's forums? Not yet, but i will after writing this application. Username will be Epicman2
    6.) Please write at least 3 sentences on why you should be accepted as a BETA tester
    I should be accepted as a beta tester due to my kindness towards other and my fondness for both rpgs and minecraft. I always try to keep everyone happy and don't just think about myself. I also have experience in MC RPGs and will know the basics beforehand so that i do not have to ask everyone everything, making me both the current players less. If you do not accept, i understand. Thank you.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Server For Factions and Youtube Recording/streaming with Private Worlds! Maybe a TeamSpeak
    Can't provide you with a server, but I can tell you GGHosting is excellent and I would gladly volunteer to be an admin
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    posted a message on ATon2's Server | FREE RANKS | Towny | Skyblock | Economy | Social
    I'd like member. My ign is Purge2202
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    posted a message on LOOKING TO START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL
    Age: 14

    Name: Austin

    Timezone: (Preferably U.S) CDT

    Skype: (MUST have.) Epicman30

    Good working mic? Yes, but it's a little quiet. You can edit it louder, though.

    How long can you play? 30 min- 2 hrs depending on says schedule.

    Do you already have a youtube channel (not necessary)? What is it?Yes, its Purge2202

    What games are you looking to record? MINECRAFT

    Anything else I should know: Nope
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    Quote from Geneo
    I think you forgot a huge advantage the PE version has- that it will run on almost any phone or tablet.
    The vita version only runs on.... the vita. (As of Jan/14 they've still only sold about 81,000 units).

    It will run on ALMOST nay device, but lots of them try it and lag, making them lose money. With Vita, there is no worry of that. Not saying Either is bad or Good, as i have not played Vita and have barely play Pocket (It lagged on my phone), but, Vita does have it's advantages.
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    Quote from PurpleTurtleATH
    Ok, Tell me your email account and well talk, both of you guys.

    How about just skype me? Or message me on the forum? You appear to be new, according to your post count.
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    posted a message on Server Staff Needed

    I am 13, i have Skype and will be getting a mic by monday. Skype is Epicman30.

    I would like to be admin.
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    posted a message on MOJANG MADE A BIG MISTAKE
    He's talking about a 1.8 resource pack from 14w06...
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