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    posted a message on [1.6.X] KaelPvP
    I like this! Especially the tools, keep up the good work.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Thepancake1921's Resource Pack
    No one likes default edits, please try to create a real resource pack next time.
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    posted a message on What my resource pack should be about.
    That is really up to you but I have a few suggestions for you:

    - Do not make a bucket-fill pack
    - Do not put the term 'simple' in the title
    - Stick to a common theme, don't mix and match different themes into one pack
    - Be prepared to take critism, not everyone will like it.
    - And finall, be original, do not use anyone's work unless you get explicit permission from the original artist.
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    posted a message on Help Create a Resrouce Pack with Sound for an Amusement Park!
    I'd like to help, I could do some textures for you.
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    posted a message on [32x] [1.7.X] Mitis Nubila [WIP]
    A resource pack


    So... any of you guys remember back in October when I said this would be released on 11/1/13? Well obviously it is now 12/14/13 and I have finally released it, so if any of you were actually looking forward to this pack (which I highly doubt) then sorry for the inconvience.


    (A picture of the above ground landscape!)

    (A picture of the underground)

    (A picture of all the stained glass)

    (A picture of all the logs/planks)



    You may:

    -Use this pack in any videos you make
    - Use this pack for your map
    - Edit this pack to your own liking, but you cannot redistribute it
    - Review this pack

    You may not:

    - Claim this pack as your own
    - Redistribute this pack
    - Use textures from this pack in your pack without my explicit permission
    - Post this pack on any other websites

    Some of you may have noticed my signature, stating I am an official member of the Graphics Network. We are a community of gamers and artists who just like to have fun. We have our own forums, steam community, and servers completely free for everyone to use. I highly recommend you check us out by clicking the image above and consider joining us.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] ☆ GoMineYourself ☆ [Post username below for Plus rank]
    IGN: Epic_Awesome1
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    posted a message on ♛ OddPvP 24/7 ♛ ☆[Factions][Auctions][McMMO][And More!]

    Here is a picture of our amazing spawn. Join now!
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    posted a message on [1.6.X][16X]BLUE SWORD CRAFT, blue fantasy world!
    I like the GUI, but the rest just looks below average.
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    posted a message on ♛ OddPvP 24/7 ♛ ☆[Factions][Auctions][McMMO][And More!]

    OddPvP Server IP: play.oddpvp.com (Log in and try us out! No Whitelist!).OddPvP is a truly epic faction server. The server uses alot of various plugins that will make the players enjoy the server better to increase the features of Minecraft, while not totally eliminating the aspect of survival. We have a user-friendly ranking system for regular members, donors and staff.
    OddPvP Features:
    Multiple Worlds (Coming Soon..)
    Factions & Raiding
    Great Staff
    Special Kits for players and donators
    No Lag (Yes no lag, if there ever is, we find it and kill it fast.)
    Prize Winning Events
    Exclusive Donor Perks
    Much, much more...

    How to apply for staff and to donate?
    Before applying make sure you understand all the rules for players and staff (http://oddpvp.com/forums)
    To Apply Please Go To http://oddpvp.com/apply

    Who are we looking for?

    We are looking for dedicated and active Minecraft players who can be mature and follow our rules. l are welcome on our servers and if you ever have a problem you can contact me via ingame or on the website (http://oddpvp.com)We want to be the best server out there and we're looking for the best players to help make that happen. If you are looking for a permanent home to settle roots on. OddPvP is the server for you
    Donate For Sweet Perks

    As stated above, we are not like other servers where donating is required to use basic features, though we do respectfully accept donations because without them this server simply wouldn't be possible and we reward users greatly with permanent perks. No monthly dedication is required, all donations are a one time charge to your account and you earn greater benefits with the more you spend to help perpetuate the continued life and stability of the server. If you're interested in becoming a donor, please visit our donate page (http://oddpvp.com/shop). Thank you.
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    posted a message on [1.6.X][1.7.X] Christmas Pack
    Going to a video review of this soon, will post here once I have.
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    posted a message on [128x, 256x, 512x][1.5] Sphax GrungeBDCraft (22/04/13)
    Quote from Sphax84

    GrungeBDcraft has finally been updated for Minecraft 1.7!


    Sorry for this looonnng inactivity on this version of the pack.

    GrungeBDcraft has most (if not all) solid blocks and must be used with PureBDcraft (since Minecraft 1.7, you can use several ResourcePack at the same time). To use GrungeBDcraft, add PureBDcraft and then add GrungeBDcraft and check that "Grunge" is above "Pure". ;)

    Many blocks have been redone for this update. More details in 128x have been added and better rendering in general.

    Good, thanks for the update, this was one of my favorite packs.
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    posted a message on Christmas 1.7.2 Texturepack
    Hey this is pretty good, even if it is a default edit, you've just unlocked the achievment of getting me to download your pack.
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    posted a message on The Stanley Parable Resource Pack?
    Quote from OriginalIcarian

    Has anyone ever made a resource pack for The Stanley Parable? If so, where would I find it?

    Not that I know of, I could give it a try if you would like.
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    posted a message on ;
    Quote from takenyadown

    he made it on his phone so it isn't perfect.
    don't u agree that it would be hard to do?
    i will have him take a look at your comments.

    I agree that he should have used GIMP/Paint.NET/Photoshop. I'll just leave a few things here:
    1.) Perhaps your friend didn't want you to post it in the first place.
    2.) When you post something in this section be prepared to take critisism, for the better or for the worse.
    3.) Some of the textures look pretty good (quartz ore), but the majority of the textures are just lazy and plain bad.
    4.) Alot of people make texture packs on phones and post them. Of those I have only founf one good one. ONE.
    5.) Please don't get mad at people who make statements about your pack, it just makes you seem immature.
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    posted a message on [1.6.X][1.7.X] Christmas Pack
    Hey, this is actually pretty good.
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