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    posted a message on RedBloods (Hardcore PvP) (Tight-Knit) (Factions) Recruiting: ŽŽŽŽYES
    IGN (In-Game Name): EpicPoodle
    Age (Minimum 14): 17
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Before any sales, My account was free
    How long have you been playing Factions?: I don't know, and it does not matter. i know how the plugin works
    Any experience with Hardcore PVP?: I'm willing to bet i have more experience then most of the clan.
    Summarize the 3rd, 8th, and 10th rules: No refusing pvp, represent redblood well and you're only allow'd 2 sets of personal armor.
    Do you meet the voice chat requirements?: Yeah
    What clan role are you interested in?: Gathering
    Summarize your wanted clan role: Gathering stuff from the enemys constantly.
    Rate yourself on PVP (1-10): 10
    Rate yourself on maturity (1-10): 7
    How long can you be on per day?: 10+ still looking for a job in my area pretty free, once i have a job it might drop to 4 - 6
    Who founded the clan?: Reaper283
    Who or what makes major decisions in the clan? the council.
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    posted a message on Getting old, notch.
    This guy thinks notch still codes minecraft. oh man this guy.
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    posted a message on Looking for a GOOD minecraft pvp server.
    Some things i'd like to see in the server.

    - Heroes [or some kind of skills plugin]

    - No factions

    - No mcmmo

    - No serverhubs [ personaly hate them]

    - No ­ admins/annoying mods

    - more then 50+ people on atleast.

    - A fun comminity that talks on forums and in general is older/more mature.

    I know this is a big list of things to want in a minecraft pvp server considering all the stupid servers out there like gontroller, but hell maybe one of you know of a good server that i could not find
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    posted a message on Stuff mentioned, never added.
    Quote from mrliberty90

    Okay, so Minecraft has been updated with things we never knew about. But there are some things they
    mention, they either revoke them, or delay them.
    Here are some (not all of them) things from the Minecraft Wiki they said they would "Add".

    Modding API: Promised since 1.8. Never came. (They are actually working on it now.)

    Pigmen: Mojang decided to scrap them and introduce Testificates.

    Minecarts with Dispensers: So you can add Minecarts with a hopper, Minecarts with TNT in them, Furnace Minecarts, and Chest Minecarts, but no time for freaking Dispenser Minecarts? Oh yeah that's real true!

    Expand of Villagers: You add trading and zombie villagers. That's freaking it.

    New type of rail: You got time to add the activator rail but not the new rail that loads mobs into carts?

    Transparent clouds: Who cares about clouds? They just get in our way of vision.

    New Enchants/Enchanted Book enhancements: You didn't add any enchants recently besides thorns. All you did to enchanted books was make them able to have multiple enchantments. (Already possible with TMI.) You did a great job of making enchanted books combinable to raise levels! (Huzzah! More Prot 4 diamond armor noobs on the way!)

    New Skin System: Edit skins of player and mobs easier eh? It's freaking editing a PNG FILE! We got editors online even!

    The Sky Dimension: You trash that and add the end? Oh well at least we got the Aether mod!

    Tutorial Level: Oh yeah put it in the Xbox Version but leave the PC Version in the dust? We got to think from scratch in this game!

    You add features that were never mentioned back before 1.8 Beta, but these were mentioned and were never added. Stick to what you say will come Mojang! Don't trash those and add other stuff that wasn't originally planned way back. Your too busy making the game realistic half of the time than interesting. Creative mode was a great thing, but ever since that, it's mostly been about survival and realism. Now all you people out there who come to this topic to tell my post is stupid or false, think that this is just an opinion, same as yours. I don't want you to reply to my statement, but add your opinion on development and discuss what you really want.

    You feel way to entitled to a game you already spent money on, if you feel these things should be added this is not the way to go about doing it, Itch­ing on the forums.
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    posted a message on W key not working. CAN NOT WALK!
    Force update your game brother, check the options tab before logging in.
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    posted a message on Anyone out there wanna join ChaosChimeraGaming?
    Quote from Evilpengu

    Hey fellow Minecraftian's I was wondering if anyone would wanna join my group ChaosChimeraGaming I have my own server but wont be up to around christmas time. So i'll check the forum post then but you can add me on Skype: lild12431 but there are some age requirement's
    • No one under the age of 13
    • No one over the age of 17 as i'm only 14 and it's creepy talking to ppl older....
    • No Whiney babie's there so annoying!
    And we need some ppl good at these thing's
    • Java, Web programming
    • 3D Graphic's for our youtube vid's
    So yeah if you wanna join either email me at [email protected] or Skype: lild12431 or just leave a forum post. Thank's and bye! :)

    lmao the 14 year old says no 13 year olds. i'm done gg. also op there is a "clans" section on the forums.
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    posted a message on Why refer to gold as 'butter'? Gold ingots do not look, nor act like butter!
    Quote from Allosaurus_Jr

    Well people not only LIKE it there is also SkyDoesMinecraft. Cause he has a MILLION subs,and his favorite thing in Minecraft is gold but he calls it butter, His subs (SKY ARMY RECRUITS WOOHOO) also follow. And AntVenom, he is a friend of Sky and he calls it butter too and um... they both have a million subs so like so many people say it and PLUS the people who dont have YouTube/Gmail accounts watch them too. So yeah, why not call it butter/budder ?

    You need to go die in a hole. i think that post gave me cancer
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    posted a message on Why refer to gold as 'butter'? Gold ingots do not look, nor act like butter!
    Because ­s copyed sky, it kinda upsets me. i learned recently that people refer'd to gold as butter because of this and ever since then i cannot refer to as butter, for fear of sky ­s joining in.
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    posted a message on Flint is too hard to find!
    Quote from joev14

    I think that for all of us Minecraft players, we all will have the same opinion on this, :Flint: FLINT IS TOO HARD TO FIND. For those who prefer the bow & arrows over the simple close combat sword (which I might add, gets used up), the only problem is, most of the time when I go to craft arrows, I say to myself, "Oh great, I have like a million sticks and maybe half a million feathers, but only 5 flint, there goes my chance to get more gunpowder tonight." So I thought a nice alternative for having to dig 20 gravel blocks :gravel: just to find one peice of flint is, what if you could smelt gravel in the stove to get flint? It would be a nice alternative for those of us who get bored erecting huge towers of gravel and then mowing our way down to the bottom, spending hours a day just getting flint to survive the night. So, what do you guys think?


    Fortune spades.
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    posted a message on Who do you perfer, Skydoesminecrart or the Yogcast?
    Tbh i wish they would all die in a fire, but i'm not to fond of youtube so yeah. youtube got horrible once people started making money.
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    posted a message on Early minecraft players- has the game gotten stale to you?
    i started playing minecraft back before you could see your hand, i was one of the people that noticed notchs post on tig source. I've been playing it ever since. it's still just as fun ^^ i do miss indev/infdev
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] ALTRAUX PVP || NEW MAP || FACTIONS || MOBARENA || RELICS || NOLAG
    Faction Vene, is recruiting shoot me a line on mcforums or hit me up on the smashbox ts3. Must have a mic and be above the age of 13
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] ALTRAUX PVP || NEW MAP || FACTIONS || MOBARENA || RELICS || NOLAG
    I've been playing this ­ all day i recommend it alot!
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    posted a message on [1.12.2] 🔥 SMASHCRAFT 🔥 Guilds ★ mcMMO ★ Player Economy ★ Survival PVP Vanilla ★ Custom World ★ We're BACK!
    the thread fixed those screenshots are badass. also is any one in the teamspeak right now?
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    posted a message on [1.12.2] 🔥 SMASHCRAFT 🔥 Guilds ★ mcMMO ★ Player Economy ★ Survival PVP Vanilla ★ Custom World ★ We're BACK!
    Loving this server, been playing on it for well ovver a year now, I suggest you guys give it ago. only problem?

    we need dancing alot of dancing
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