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    Quote from JonnyBrando»

    I'm pretty sure the flashing hotbar is a known issue with ShadersMod 1.8 ALPHA. You can try the latest release here:

    Optifine and Forge aren't compatible with 1.8 yet, so, don't worry about that either.

    If you want a stable release, your best option is to roll back to 1.7.10 and use the non-forge installer for that:

    Thanks, but that's actually the version that I was using. I managed to get forge for 1.7.10 installed with optifine (It still works without optifine too) and the stable release of the shaders mod and it works fine like that. I guess I'll have to wait and see if anyone else runs into the same problem. Does anyone else here have a GTX 760 with the newest 1.8 version of the shaders mod?
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    I'm going to first apologize for both my horribly unprofessional username (I made this account in 2010) and my lack of bug reporting credentials. I say lack of bug reporting credentials because I'm currently not using Windows. I'm using OpenSUSE 13.2 Linux with the Nvidia 340.65 Drivers for my GTX 760. I'm using the 1.8 alpha version with Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders, but it also happens with MrMeep's. Neither Optifine nor Forge really get along with linux well, so I couldn't test other versions. My inv and my hotbar at the bottom rapidly switch from dark to light. If anyone can re-create this on windows, that'd be good. If someone already has, sorry for reposting a bug. Other than that bug, it surprisingly works almost perfectly

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    Quote from CClover »
    Ehmm I am building a PC here (Like... first time even though i have a friend which can help me).
    Can someone determine what shader can be played on this computer and is it worth the price?

    PS: Price are in HKD sorry

    Price List:

    CPU - Intel Quad-Core i7 4790K: $2635
    Motherboard - ASUS Z97-A Motherboard: $1194
    Ram Memory - Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 Memory: $814
    Hard Drive - WD Green Hard Drive: $970
    PSU - Corsair PSU RM Series RM450: $775
    Monitor - ASUS VS228H-P: $1395
    Mouse - Corsair Raptor LM3 Mouse: $232
    Keyboard - Arctic Slim Keyboard: $124
    Case - Antec Value Solution Series Case: $310
    GPU - AMD Radeon R9 280X: $2480
    Windows 7: $1000
    Total: $11929 ± 1000
    Your processor is basically the best consumer grade one currently available, so no problem there. Your graphics card is good, but I'm not sure how the shaders handle AMD graphics. Also, people with Intel processors usually go for a Nvidia graphics card, but that's up to your own preference. If I were you, I'd cut the processor down to something from AMD and go for an IPS monitor to witness the full potential of the shaders, but you don't have to. I hope I helped. :D

    Quote from FastCraft »

    You can't. Read the OP next time.
    That's not entirely true... You could potentially run Windows or Linux in a virtualbox (I can confirm that SEUS works on Ubuntu 14.04) and just fullscreen it. I don't know if it would work very well, if at all though
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    I was looking into this also. The only way to get around it that I found is just to use McPatcher instead of Optifine
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    Hi. I don't mean to contribute to the overwhelming task of tending to everyone's problems, but I'm getting a weird bug with blocks like chests and signs where textures will become skewed or have missing parts depending on the viewing angle. I'm running on 1.7.5 with Optifine, I've got a Nvidia Gtx 760 with the newest drivers, and I'm using Magic Launcher, not forge (It's in 1.7.2) to put the shaders and Optifine together.

    Edit: After further examination, it seems that Optifine may be causing the issue, but this doesn't happen with any other shaderpacks (Ex:MrMeep's, Sonic Ether's) If anyone has any idea how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Even though I am having this one issue, I have to say, this shaderpack is very well optimized! I'm rocking a steady 80-100 fps on a GTX 760! My compliments to the chef! lol
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    Quote from toasty7020

    Got it to work finally!!!!!!!! :steve_sillyface:
    apparently 29xx works just great with shaders!!
    I would post an image but imgur isn't allowed, well, here's a link anyways.
    Picture with ma shaders!!
    >Taking up an entire page with your own posts
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    Quote from Enelivoke

    Does this work with 1.7.9 aka the latest version(s) of Minecraft?
    Anyone using 1.7.9, tell this to the owner of the server that you go to: Server owners wanting to use the shaders or any other mod without losing players that use 1.7.9, considering the current modding situation (Mcp in 1.7.5((I think...)), Forge in 1.7.2, Magic launcher in 1.7.4 etc.), there's a version of bukkit out there called Spigot that'll make it to where users from 1.7.2-1.7.9 can join your server no problem.
    I hope this helps those of you stuck on 1.7.9 :D
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    Quote from karyonix

    Searge may develop MCP for 1.7.9

    LexManos may update Forge for 1.7.9

    Quote from JonnyBrando

    If you want to be an _ about it, learn how to code in JAVA & GLSL, and try to deobfscuate the code without MCP/Forge/FML make it work and do it yourself! I work in IT, computers / servers / networking / security / coding / html / sql / php / asp, and do a bit of MC modding myself -- I can't do what Karyonix does. Sonic Ether dedicates his life to this stuff, but even he has a hard time.

    You don't have to use the mod, and he isn't obliged to make it!

    People like you make me sick, think you're entitled to everything, that was so rude! Respect man!
    I apologize for my previous comment. It was irrational and belligerent. Not to make a bad excuse or anything, but I run a server full of people who are basically gaming pc enthusiasts who can't stop asking me when the shaders mod will be updated, and I was kind of fed up with waiting. I see now that both MCP and forge have yet to be updated and, I know this is rather off topic, but I hope you can accept that I'm genuinely sorry for what I said before
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    posted a message on Help me choose a keyboard!
    I really like the corsair K70
    It's good for Minecraft and other FPS games. It comes in Cherry MX Blues (Clicky), Browns (Tactile Feedback), and Reds (Smooth). Also, there are optional rubber wasd keys included. It's a bit over 100, but it's really nice
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    I thought this pack had died, but I came here and I see that you're all still working on it! :o Awesome work! :)
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    Welp. Looks like optifine was updated yesterday, so shouldn't be long before the 1.7.9 version comes out :)
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    Quote from Ivy

    Hmm... I restarted, but the monitor, setup, etc. all remain the same. It looks like the Intel one is the go-to for everything; the computer hardly works when it's disabled. It's like it's refusing to acknowledge the NVidia card. If I try to open the NVidia Control panel while the Intel one is disabled, it says "You are not using any displays attached to your NVidia GPU" or similar.
    Thanks for your help, it takes a lot of patience to help us tech-incompetent folk!
    I would try updating your Nvidia driver (I'm assuming that you do have an Nvidia card). That should automatically set it to default for games, etc.
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    MCP, as far as I know, hasn't taken this long to update in a long time...
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    Houston, Texas!!!!!!!
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    Quote from webrosc

    Your card is not supported by amd in windows 8.1, you can try the latest drivers, but you may need to downgrade windows back to 8
    The windows beta driver may work...
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