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    As the above people have pointed out, all gun suggestions belong here. Please read the rules before posting, and use the search feature to check for an existing thread before creating a new one.
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    posted a message on I test thee, Minecraft Forums!
    The discussion subforum is intended for general Minecraft-related discussion. This is not vaguely related to Minecraft, and I do not believe that this would fit into any other section either. Please read the rules before posting, and refrain from posting spam.
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    posted a message on The Walking Dead [Reboot] -Accepting-
    Quote from falloutnuke

    ((Well; his mind's messed up from killing his wife; he has two undead daughters; all because he believes he was too soft. So in response; he stepped up his approach to things. He still has remorse; he's just ruthless to certain things.))

    (( Sounds a lot like the governor. :P ))

    (( My little application: ))

    Rhett Stevenson



    German (White Skin)

    Physical Appearance:
    Relatively short crew-cut blond hair, large scar across his left cheek, deep-set dark blue eyes, some stubble, tall-medium build, well-muscled.

    Two green T-Shirts and two pairs of blue jeans, all somewhat ragged at this point. Heavier coat in backpack as well. Also wears a pair of worn hiking boots.

    A Daryl of sorts. He is a survivor at heart and has a strong will, but still has compassion for people and won't kill needlessly. He is cautious by nature, and never lets himself get into situations that he can't back out of. He doesn't trust anyone, but is nice if people are kind to him. He is also intelligent, and tries to think through things before acting.

    When the so-called apocalypse started, Rhett decided not to evacuate, in favor of waiting out the initial stages of the pandemic. By either an amazing stroke of luck or genius, he survived two months alone in his small house, unnoticed by the walkers. By that time, he came to the conclusion that it was necessary to leave. Packing up things that he believed were central to survival against anarchy and the wilderness, he escaped his small town via bicycle without too much trouble. He then lived in forests for a long time, periodically raiding nearby towns and salvaging what he could. One day, he was found by two people who invited him to join up with them. Being too untrusting, he refused, and seeing Rhett as a plausible enemy, the two men attacked him. Rhett killed both, but was injured with a gash across his face in the process. Ever since, he has borne the mark as a symbol of him being the kind of person not to mess with.

    Salvaging things from the Chicago outskirts.

    • Camping backpack
    • Titanium crowbar
    • Small hatchet
    • Small machete
    • High-quality bicycle with extra tires and pump
    • Large canteen with water
    • Painkillers and basic medicine, including water purification tablets
    • Canned food
    • Small food preparation kit (including flint+steel)
    • Bedroll
    Hasta la Vista, walker. Also, I don't know if the weapons/medicine would be too overpowered or not, especially just starting out. I'd assume they wouldn't be since there aren't any ranged weapons or anything at all, but I thought I'd check.

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    Thirst has been suggested before. Please use the search feature to check for existing threads before you create a new one.
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    posted a message on Is Rei's Mini map compatible with these mods?
    Quote from empireman0102

    OOps lol, but Thanks for the answer!

    Always glad to help. :) But also, you might want to consider getting Modloader or something similar, as they manage your mods and make sure that they are compatible with each other.
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    Mirrors have already been suggested here. Although I can see that this suggestion is quite different from that one, this is still somewhat redundant.
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    Note that I'm unsure, but I think this contest should be in the Skins subforum rather than Discussion (which is for just general discussion about Minecraft).
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    This is redundant, as Pinballboy has already mentioned. Please use the search feature and read the rules before posting a thread.
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    This is the incorrect section to post this in. All suggestion topics as to what should be in vanilla Minecraft go in the suggestions subforum. However, this thread includes more than one suggestion, which is against the rules as it is considered a wishlist, as well as being vague. Please read the rules before posting.
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    Sponges. In a vanilla Minecraft world, there is a 0% chance of finding them. ;)

    But for the purpose of the thread, the hardest things for me to find are wither skulls. I can never seem to get my hands on any, no matter how long I grind a nether fortress.
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    I don't hate any mobs. Each has its own purpose and interesting characteristics. :)
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    posted a message on What's the big fuss with post count?
    I agree with the op. It can get really annoying for people to say "OMG can't wait for 5000 posts" all the time. I'll admit I say things like "Cool, post 1000", or something like that, but constantly talking about your posts is irritating.
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    As of looking for plugins, this is the incorrect section to post this in, since 'suggestions' is only for things you'd like to be added into the game.

    As of making a suggestion to HD skins (which I must assume as this is in the suggestions section), there is already one here.

    So, you should probably check for an HD skin plugin or modification somewhere in "Mapping and Modding", I would think.
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    posted a message on Ore generation Overhaul: Your very own Gold Mine! (or diamond mine, etc.)
    Personally, I have always been dissatisfied with the way ore currently generates. I agree that it feels scattered and random- and this suggestion would fix that as well as make mining more interesting. Full support, this is an awesome idea!
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    posted a message on minecraft 1.6 video, what we want
    You are only supposed to put a single suggestion in each suggestion thread, or a closely related group of suggestions. This is about everything for 1.6, which would be disallowed as it would be a wishlist (although it currently isn't since you only have one suggestion at the moment). Just a forewarning.
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