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Hi, I am Epicduke. My username just popped up into my head one day, and I just want to make it clear that I am not a fan of Duke Nukem, I haven't even heard of him the at that time.

O.K., now about me. I am in B.S.A. Troop 1274. I am a 2nd Class. I have about 25 Merit Badges. I used to play ROBLOX, still have an account, barely ever use it.. I like good 1st-Person shooters, No COD. I have a Wii, DS, and a 3DS, but I don't really use them that often now. I only play Wii for some Homebrew Games. I also play a game called Blockland, check it out; it's really fun. Blockland is also on Steam Greenlight, so up-vote it! My Blockland user is Epicduke (ID:30767), and my ROBLOX user is ultrasupernova if you are into either of those games.I do have a Google+ and a Gmail account. My G+ is Greg Bailey (with a GMod picture of a guy with a thumbs up), and my Gmail is [email protected]

I am not a Roblox fan-boy. I hate the idiots on the community. The only reasons I barely play ROBLOX are the morons, and the development so far.
Interests I like Garry's Mod, Blockland, Minecraft(Of course!), and CS:S.

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