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    *looks at SMP* Yes!, been waiting for something like SMP :D
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    People believe in God because of faith, I (A christian myself) think of the universe in this way God created the laws of physics, physics created The Big Bang, that created us. And those who argue that "Because God exists" is a stupid argument, well its faith, just as you might have faith in anything. Without any type of faith we couldn't even trust anything. Like what we are, who we are, and our purpose. Faith is a way of answering these questions so we can be given a purpose.

    Oh yeah and Christian Question, if you have no boundaries (outside of time) creation is done, and no wait has to happen. It's just there. Even atheists have to think like that, because they can't truly yet explain what started The Big Bang, and if they did you could ask "What happened before that." Just like we can ask what happened before Time, and God.
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