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    Quote from bonnyvonscotty

    Respectfully, I disagree with everything you just said, apart from your first point about colored skies being better than a constant blue. Saying that something is "unique to BOP" is simply being evasive and refusing to add a config option out of... laziness or spitefulness, take your pick. Similarly, the argument that rubies mined in different parts of the real world cannot be used for the same applications, and therefore rubies mined in minecraft shouldn't be, is laughable. This is minecraft. My goal is not to emulate real life, but rather to escape from it.

    Respectfully I disagree with everything you just said. Drop BoP from your mods if you're not happy.

    Laziness or spitefulness. Those are the only two options?

    If you think the BoP team is lazy do it yourself. The code is open source. Right there on GitHub.

    Rather than spiteful I'd say they own the mod, do it on their own time for no monetary benefit, and since no one is a paying customer they don't want to waste personal time in their own lives to appease angry complainers that are getting additional MC awesomeness for free.

    We, as mod consumers, are unpaying customers. We should walk with our feet if we don't like the direction a mod is going.
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    Quote from UnspunReality

    Well its not that it screws up modular powersuits, but it messes with the textures and causes some to disappear in its interface. Its not compatible with optifine or smartmoving. But I use this fine regardless, unless Im missing something that optifine would give me. And Im using the highest res pack too. Im unsure if its this texture pack however, or biomes o plenty. But I dont have textures for the fire bush things in desert nor the flowers below silverwood trees. It actually gives me a


    White box saying missing texture for those two objects in the world. Im guessing those are animated and only viewable with optifine or something wrong with BoP. Though I did have this problem back when I used FTB and optifine and another texture pack back in my old FTB days... Regardless, I love this texture pack anyway. Lovelovelove!

    I'm pretty sure your whole issue is with modular powersuits. I also believe I told you before to ask on their thread.

    Faerielight is 100% compatible with Bop, Optifine and Thaumcraft. I've been running a 50+ mod modpack with no issues whatsoever with textures and in Thaumcrafts' case I've been running both with the vanilla textures and a modpack addon. The common denominator again appears to be the powersuits and you're deciding everything else may be the problem.

    The 'fire bush' and 'silverwood plants' are textures from the Thaumcraft mod, nothing to do with Faerielight or BoP. If they're broken for you then you may have guessed correctly that it has to do with the animation.

    So again there is nothing that Develsaa can do to fix your problem. It's not a texture pack issue.
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    Quote from AngleWyrm

    An even easier solution is built into NEI (Not Enough Items) mod. Just click options in the lower left, then click the 'other block options' in the lower right. You can then dump a complete list of all block and id numbers in your current setup.

    You can also customize it to just dump used block ids, or free block ids, or used item ids and any combination that suits the moment.

    That's a bad idea, newer is not better. Things often get broken and need to be fixed later. What you should get is the 'correct' version for your mods. Each mod is built with a version of forge. It's supposed to run with any version after that version, but that's not always true. Get the version of forge that is the minimum required for your mods -- the latest one that at least one of your mods was built against.

    Only time to update to a newer version of forge is if you download a mod that requires a newer version of forge than you currently have.

    It's not a bad idea and you're simply spreading misinformation.

    New versions of Forge are mostly comprised of bugfixes and improvements. They don't tweak Forge for tweaking's sake. If there's a major bug introduced in a new version of Forge it will be fixed in a day or two. More than 9 times out of 10 if a new version of Forge breaks a mod it's the fault of the mod, not Forge. That's why MultiMC is nice, you're able to roll back and forth almost instantly.

    Unfortunately even some of the most used and most popular Minecraft mods don't list the minimum Forge version or at least don't update their thread it as it changes. But even if they did if someone is testing a modpack with dozens of mods and sees an error they can't immediately figure out and resolve it's not craziness to try the same scenario with a newer version of Forge just to check. You can always roll back.
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    Quote from tasha_159

    Is there a simple way to cut trees down? Timber only works on vanilla trees,

    Treecapitator ... at least the RC version has been updated to work with BoP. The only tree I recall having to manually set in the config was Pine. The rest so far work 'out of the box'.
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    Quote from cranarack

    thanks EntropySeattle as promised :D :D :D :D :D :D :D bless you kind sir (also my old world did work so REJOICE!!! :D )

    Thanks are appreciated, but not necessary. But GREATLY appreciate you posting back your results so that someone else with the problem might read back and find they have the same problem and solution. Then again Mojang might add flying pigs right after horses. People on the interwebz don't read. :lol:
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    Quote from DeadL0cust

    BoP is causing some crazy issues with my MC on a regular basis.

    ------------- MultiMC Crash Report -------------
    Date: 06-07-2013 09:30:17
    Operating System: Windows 7 (build 7601, Service Pack 1), 64-bit edition
    MultiMC Version: 4.3.0 jenkins-MultiMC4Windows-77
    Minecraft Version: 1.5.2

    ------------------ Mod Lists -------------------
    Jar Mods:
    Filename: minecraftforge-universal-1.5.2-

    Filename: [1.5.2]ReiMinimap_v3.3_06.zip

    Version: 0.5.5
    Filename: Biomes-O-Plenty-0.5.5.zip

    ModLoader Mods:
    Version: 1.8.11
    Filename: backpack-1.8.11-1.5.2.zip

    [1.5+] ChickenShed (v1.1.2).zip
    Version: 1.1.2
    Filename: [1.5+] ChickenShed (v1.1.2).zip

    Version: 1.6.7
    Filename: CraftGuide-1.6.7.zip

    CustomMobSpawner 2.2.1.zip
    Version: 2.2.1
    Filename: CustomMobSpawner 2.2.1.zip

    DrZharks MagicCarpet Mod v1.0.zip
    Version: 1.0
    Filename: DrZharks MagicCarpet Mod v1.0.zip

    DrZharks MoCreatures Mod v5.2.2.zip
    Version: 5.2.2
    Filename: DrZharks MoCreatures Mod v5.2.2.zip

    Filename: ironchest-universal-1.5.2-

    KBI TC3 Essentia Everything Addon for 1.5.1.zip
    Filename: KBI TC3 Essentia Everything Addon for 1.5.1.zip

    Version: 2.1 RC
    Filename: Natura_2.1.rc1.jar

    Version: 1.4.0
    Filename: RopePlus_1.5.2.zip

    Version: 3.0.5c
    Filename: Thaumcraft3.0.5c.zip

    Thaumic Tinkerer [1.0.5].zip
    Version: 1.0.5
    Filename: Thaumic Tinkerer [1.0.5].zip

    Version: 1.18.1
    Filename: twilightforest-1.18.1.zip

    Version: 1.3
    Filename: TConstruct_1.3.4.3.jar

    Vanilla Recipes.zip
    Version: 2.0.0
    Filename: Vanilla Recipes.zip

    Version: Folder
    Filename: rei_minimap

    Core Mods:
    Version: 0.15.6
    Filename: GuiAPI-0.15.6-1.5.2.jar

    I'm getting these errors/failures:

    2013-06-07 08:41:10 [SEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] ########## GL ERROR ##########
    2013-06-07 08:41:10 [SEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] @ Post render
    2013-06-07 08:41:10 [SEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] 1280: Invalid enum

    2013-06-07 09:14:23 [INFO] [STDOUT] Entity: EntityXPOrb['Experience Orb'/558115, l='MpServer', x=-6816.00, y=2048.00, z=5149.00]

    2013-06-07 09:11:04 [INFO] [STDOUT] Rawr [email protected]
    2013-06-07 09:11:05 [INFO] [STDOUT] Rawr null

    I'm not seeing these issues when I take BoP out of my mod lineup, judging by what I've seen in the past it's a Tconst/Natura issue due to the tendencies these mods have to conflict. I'm also no expert, so....

    OpenGL has to do with graphics. It's likely not really a compatibility problem per se but something about BoP exposes it. Doing a quick web search this isn't that uncommon of an error it seems. Even for some people running vanilla Minecraft. Without knowing more information about your system and setup a couple quick things to try:

    Make sure your video drivers are the latest version by going to the actual manufacturers website. I have a friend who had some major shader issues that were due to him not knowing he didn't have the latest AMD drivers because Steam said he was up-to-date.

    You may also want to try a different version of LWJGL. If you use MultiMC it's really easy to change. I recently had a graphics performance issue with one modpack I was working on that was 'magically' fixed by rolling back from LWJGL 2.9 to the old version Mojang uses in Vanilla Minecraft.
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    Quote from XxTheGoodf3llaxX

    my pc can`t handle this mod, everytime i start playing mc with this mod installed it freezes my screen after a bit-.- does someone have an advice?

    No one can offer you any advise or assistance without a crash report. The behavior you're seeing could be caused by anything.
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    NOHERO you literally made my Sunday! Greatly appreciate all the hard work and it's seriously nice to see a mod author give ETAs and updates and stick to them. You all owe us nothing, of course, but it's great to have an idea for folks such as myself who are upgrading a server to 1.5.2. Held off on the last bits and release until your release came back.

    Now if Divine RPG would follow your lead. LOL.

    I can confirm that it works just fine in the mods file now, including synching with RPG Inventory, using the method you describe (zipping the two folders previously intended for the minecraft.jar).

    Hope you enjoy what's left of your weekend and thanks again!
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    Quote from painter73

    try deleting the config file for biomes o plenty and let it generate a new one at start up :)

    Wouldn't hurt to update your Java, either. 1.7.0_21 is the current version so you're 20 updates behind. Even if it doesn't fix your problem there is a serious security hole that was fixed since the version you're using.
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    Quote from csc2066

    The jury is still out on the moron thing. I am learning though. I was using the D3 version. I don't know what a memory leak is at the moment, but I'm to tired to try and add Optifine again atm. I'd be in tears if it broke it again. lol

    On the plus side, when I started the server back up it plopped me down in a wetland biome right next to my favorite biome, the cherry blossom forest. :) Much better than the bayou I was stuck in with the last server startup. lol

    Well there ya go. You're up and playing. If you didn't know already you can also disable biomes you don't personally care for in the BOP config file as well.

    Welcome to the forum! It's seriously nice to see someone with a low post count that reads, learns and contributes by posting what fixed their issue.
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