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    I read it through, but not tell us what mods are you using?
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    Wow? So the only thing that matters is your arena idea? Wow.
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    Hello, I recently started a new SP world, and I wanted to show the forum on how my base evolves though the days. I have spent one day in it, and have gotten fairly far. So what follows is the key parts so far.
    Here is a view of the base from the outside.

    Here is a view of my current inventory.

    The Docks -
    Materials used -
    Cobblestone, Boat, Glass.

    The Work Station
    Materials used -
    Pickaxe, Workbench, Furnace, Torches, Glass.

    The Mining Station
    Materials used -
    Torches, Pickaxe, Shovel.

    Mining Station Alpha
    Materials used -
    Pickaxe, shovel.
    Ores found -
    2 iron ore,

    Suggestions Page -

    :Yellow: Pending Suggestions -
    Branch mine, minecart track leading to it.
    :Green: Accepted Suggestions -
    Every five suggestions map is available for download.
    Add wool with the dock (as stated it is safe for boats to hit)
    :Red: Denied Suggestions -

    Please leave positive feedback!
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    I was on top of a tower, and all of a sudden some guy walks into my base. He's stealing my stuff, so I jump and hit him 4 times in the air with my Power V sword which killed him. He raged, and never came back.
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    Sorry, too used to making stories where characters are in different perspectives.
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    Hey guys, this is going to be a nice little thing with me and a NPC village seed. I will be posting entries from a third-person-point of view, and I will take as many screen-shots as it takes to satisfy you, I did not know where to put this, so I decided to put it here.

    Act I -
    Part 1 - The Forgotten Human
    "Argh...." breathed the man, his eyes opening. He was somewhere... not home of course. Slowly, he inched himself up and looked around. This was odd, he had been home the other night... then he recalled he had heard a hissing sound right before an explosion. He hadn't know what it was, but he was obviously very far from home. He had to survive.

    He was obviously near a jungle, or a forest, or whatever it was. He looked to his left and saw a hill. He carefully climbed up and saw an odd sight. It was a gravel road, but why was it here?
    He followed the road, and it led him to the sight he wanted to see. It was a village inhabited by strange people.
    He walked though the town, until he came to a building which looked like a blacksmith. He heard metal clanging and hissing sounds as the tools and weapons were forged. He walked into the backroom to see... a chest. He walked back outside and talked to the blacksmith. The blacksmith said he could take anything in that chest, it was junk to him after all.
    He walked back into the blacksmith and opened the chest. Inside were a pair of iron boots, apples and some bread. Thanking the blacksmith for his hospitality, I sat down on the chair in the corner, and put on the iron boots. The boots were strangely comfortable, He took one off and looked inside. There was leather padding inside, obviously for comfort. He placed it back on and walked outside. The villagers said he could bunk with one of the people that accepted him in. I moved in, and looked around.

    (More to come, thanks for reading!)
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    I believe minecraft is a PC only game - People Above Me.

    Really? Are you that dumb? Minecraft got posted on XBOX and I hope PS3 soon. Why can't it be on the Wii? That sounds pretty bad-ass, and if it happens. I'm buying it, end of story.

    So either learn to read the minecraft news or GTFO.
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