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    posted a message on New server! [Horizon][24/7][No Whitelist] <3
    Great server, great staff, I recommend this to any legit minecraft player!
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    posted a message on Looking for Professional Minecraft Builders to Start a Server With!
    I sent you an email :3
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    posted a message on [Staff Needed]ElementCraft
    Wait wait wait, I just remembered something...

    Aha! It's some stuff me and my friend built, here.

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    posted a message on [Staff Needed]ElementCraft
    First is me, second is a friend of mine.
    Admin/Moderator application.
    Age: 17/15
    How long have you been on the server: Not on it yet.
    Reason for wanting this position (requires atleast 2 sentences): Me and my friend are experienced moderators/admins and would be glad to help your server.
    Experience (details): Highly experienced/lightly experienced.
    Contact info(skype): No skype/has skype.
    Dedicated time: Summer break bro!
    What you can bring: I'm a fantastic builder, and I know how to write a great thread. /I'm a good builder,
    Proof of work: No proof, didn't take any photos,
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    posted a message on Need willing tributes for The Walls Survival PvP [whitelist]
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    posted a message on Starting New Server* Need Help.
    IGN Enragedfixation
    Age 14
    How good of a builder are You? I'm a great builder, and I have a taste for medieval and ancient buildings.
    How long have u had Mc? I have had it since Alpha 1.2.
    After you help me build would u like staff? Why not? I'm a good moderator/admin.
    Extra Information- I have teamspeak and ventrilo.
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    posted a message on MetroplexPvP | Hunger Games
    Really good server, you should join it. Nice staff, great community.
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    posted a message on ♔ Brothers In Blood ♔[NO WHITE LIST] [Factions] [JOBS] [PVP] [MCMMO] [iconomy]
    In-game-name: Enragedfixation
    Age: 14
    Have you read the rules?: Yes.
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    posted a message on New survival server Need staff!
    IGN: Enragedfixation
    How old are you: 14
    How long have you been playing minecraft: I have been playing since Alpha 1.2.
    What would you do if I made you an admin: I would help the server grow, with awesome builds and help you manage the server.
    Have you ever been banned from a server: I have only been banned by a corrupt admin/owner.
    Why did you get banned: Corruption.
    Are you admin on any other servers: (Prove it) <-- msg me ip of the server No, but I am a trial mod currently on one.
    Do you know what STFU means: Shut The F Up
    Do you know what a cat is: Yeah...
    Do you like cake: Yeeeeeees.
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    posted a message on The Village Challenge
    Hello, and welcome to the Village Challenge. This is a challenge in which you improve an NPC village to an NPC City. Challenges are done in tiers, and there are limits and requirements for each tier. Let's start.

    Backstory -
    You traveled... for so long. There is no telling on how many deserts you traveled through, how many forests you braved. How many times you've come close to near death. Finally, stopping on a small plain, you fall to your knees and sob. Your home.. gone. Your family.. gone. It was all to much for you to handle. But out of the blue, came a sound. It was the sounds of home. Rising to your feet you dashed in the direction of the sound but stopped when it came into view. This wasn't home. This was an entirely new village. You looked around, it was flawed, but you were a skilled man/woman with many talents. Maybe you could shape this place into a new era. A new future for these people... and a new home for you.

    Rules - You are not allowed to build your house (required in second tier) outside of town area. You are not allowed to use creative, or too many items for this. An offical seed will be released soon, but you can use any seed that lands you close to an NPC village.

    Tier I - A New Beginning

    After traveling for many miles, you walk into town and meet the town mayor. He talks to you, and you want to help out. He hands you a sheet of paper with the resources the town has, the skills, and what they needed immediately.

    - The only tools allowed are wooden tools, and a stone sword. You are allowed to use furnaces, wood etc. but you are not allowed to smelt any building materials inside of the furnace as of yet.
    - In order to pass onto the next tier, you must make one of the NPC houses a storage area, and place 64 wooden planks and cobblestone inside of the chest. You must also reach a minimum of 10 villagers within it, so make sure you build lots of houses.
    - Requirements in short, 64 cobblestone, 64 wooden planks, a full wooden set, 10 villagers within the village. Breaking the rules will result in you being a total ass and breaking the rules :].

    Hope you play it, I'll post the second tier shortly.
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    posted a message on Ultra-Craft [24/7] [Need Moderators, Builders, and PLAYERS!]
    :Pig:Moderator Aplication |
    IGN:(In game Name) Enragedfixation

    Age: 19

    Experience with moderator power: I am an experienced moderator, and know a lot of the commands and I am very friendly.

    Banned from any servers? If so, Why: Once, but that was because the owner was corrupt and I got pissed off because he was messing with dedicated players.

    You have skype? If so whats your skype name: No skype.

    Anything else: I'm good at building as well as moderating, and I have teamspeak 3.
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    posted a message on MetroplexPVP (FACTIONS, GREAT STAFF, HUNGER GAMES)
    Where your wildest fantasies turns into a wild reality.

    Welcome to the MetroplexPVP thread. This is a good and upcoming server, and we would very much appreciate if you were to join this server. First of all, let's go through the ranks.

    A member is someone who has recently joined the server. A member is generally someone who has played for less than two weeks, but if they prove their worthy they can be promoted before the two-week mark.
    A trusted person is someone who has been on the server for two weeks or more. Widely recognized as dedicated players, we hope to have a large base of these players shortly.
    A moderator checks the players of the server. He/she can /ban, /kick and mute. You must be selected or recommended by a staff member in order to gain any rank after this.
    An admin is someone who is right below the owner himself. These are the experienced staff members, and are dedicated to the server. Defy, wrong or do anything to them, and you will suffer beyond your worst nightmares.
    Come on, you should know this. This is unobtainable.

    Hunger Games

    Hello, and welcome to the hunger games main center.

    The hunger games was built by a team of players, with Hunter, Olive, Kit, and the main builder, Enragedfixation.
    Winning the hunger games will reward you with a prize, and if your on, a spot in the next hunger games. Winning these will in no way influence your way into a staff position, but proving yourself as a fighter may give factions a second look at you.

    We are thinking about setting up a live stream for hunger games.

    (A hunger games can be hosted whenever an admin or an OP is on. Do not beg for hunger games, or you may receive a five minute mute.)

    Website - www.metroplexpvp.enjin.com
    IP -

    Hope to see you on the server!
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