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    posted a message on Brand New Customized Map Vanilla HC
    IGN? Hurtmanx
    Age? 15
    Where are you from? I am from the United States, in the state of Virginia.
    What are your favorite things to build? I generally love to build castles and the such, and my favorite genre is medieval style.
    What are your favorite biomes to build in? Generally mountains because of easy defensive positions in PVP :)
    Are you interested in PVP or PVE? I was thinking PVE would be fun for the playstyle I want.
    Favorite MOD? Tekkit Classic
    Favorite Server? Don't have one anymore, it got shut down ):
    Have you ever been staff on a server? Yes
    What kind of builds would you like to contribute or do as a community project? I can help build almost anything (except for modern builds I suck at and hate those)
    Please tell me a few things about you as a person and why you are fun to play with. I am generally friendly, but I do have a short fuse I will admit. I generally have a lot of ideas, and have a lot of free time to contribute to the server.
    Please feel free to add anything else you would like to share. Skype is enragedfixation1111
    Hope to play with you soon.
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    posted a message on MinePeace SMP: Accepting Applications!
    Age: 15
    IGN (in-game name): Hurtmanx
    Skype username (required for group chat, no microphone necessary): enragedfixation1111 (Hurtman is the actual name)
    Favorite Hermitcraft / CubeSMP player: I watch Mindcrack, sorry.
    Why do you want to join us?: I am looking for a new server because my old server died because of lack of donations.
    What do you bring to our community?: I am friendly, good at building, I have a lot of ideas and a lot of time to contribute in other ways.
    How much time per day/per week will you play on the server?: Depends but more than likely over 20 hours.
    YouTube channel (optional): Don't have one.
    Will you be able to help pay for the server?: Depends if I like it enough.

    Rate your skills from 1 (scrub) to 10 (pro)
    Building: 6
    Farming (automated/mob/crops): 4
    Mining: (You can be skilled at this?) 3
    Pranking: 5
    Teamwork: 7
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    posted a message on ~+~+~Brand new server looking for staff and pro builders~+~+~
    How old are you?

    - 15

    For how long have you played on Minecraft?

    - Since Alpha 1.2.2

    Have you ever been staff before?

    - Yes

    How much do you know about commands and plugins?

    - Quiet a bit, but it's more focused on certain plugins than others.

    Where do you come from? (Country and city)

    - USA, Virginia, I don't want to disclose my specific city.

    What is your main language?

    - American English

    What is your real name?

    - Why do you need this?

    What is your ingame name?

    - Hurtmanx

    Tell me a litte bit about your self?

    - I get straights As in school (except for geometry), I've played minecraft for a very long time, I have been staff for a few servers before, and I have a lot of free time (which is why I am looking for another staff area)

    Why do you want to be an admin?

    - I like to help people and contribute as much as I can to servers.

    How much/often are you available to play if you should be an admin?

    - After 4 every weekday, all day and night for weekends, but don't expect me to be on all the time.

    If you have Skype. What is your username?

    - enragedfixation1111 but the actual name is Hurtman

    What makes you so perfect of becomming an admin?

    - I don't think I'm perfect but I believe I am a good choice.

    What is your negative side when it comes to minecraft?

    - I'm generally too trusting on factions PVP servers :c

    If someone asks you for items? What should you do?

    - Depends on the item, if it's like food I'll be nice but diamonds? No.

    If you want to do something, but you're not sure if you're allowed to. What do you do?

    - Ask the owner if I'm allowed to or not?

    What can you provide to the server?

    - I have experience as a staff member, lots of ideas, and lots of time to contribute in other ways.

    Have you ever donated? (not a must)

    - I have donated a few times, but only to servers I really liked.

    How many times have you voted on this server?

    - 0 times?

    Are you able to speak English so people can understand what you say?

    - Yes.

    Are you a good builder?

    - Depends on the style.
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    posted a message on | White-Listed | Attack of The B-Team Server | Version: 1.0.9c | Application|
    Name: Ethan
    In Game Name: Hurtmanx
    Skype: enragedfixation1111
    Timezone: EST US
    Age: 14
    Tell us a bit about yourself: I am fairly good with the mods in B team but I have not played in a while so give me a break. I am however a good builder and a great survivalist.
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    posted a message on 2 new staff members needed
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    posted a message on RegiusRaids | Factions | Auctions | mcMMO | Custom Plugins |
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    posted a message on Classy Factions 1.7.4 Mcmmo Factions Pvp
    Pretty good server, admins are nice, good donation package, good community and no OP factions (yet.)
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    posted a message on Looking for advice on how to run a good server
    Your best chance is this. Don't hand out admins, and make sure your admins are NOT abusing. When you get home, check your server log to make sure they're not abusing, that's a big reason most servers don't come around. Make sure you have things that will keep people around, maybe get some of your friends on for a small faction for new comers? Or a town so people can join and get some good stuff.
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    posted a message on wlisted small 420 friendly community looking for a few great people
    Before I do this, I'm applying for my friend and I so...
    IngameB username: Hurtmanx/xXxXxRebelxXxXx

    Age: 14/14

    Why do you think you would be a good fit for our community?: I'm cool, I like to help people./I'm good at getting to know people.

    What is your favorite thing to do in minecraft?: Building/Fighting
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    posted a message on Minecraft Modded Survival Journal
    I read it through, but not tell us what mods are you using?
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    posted a message on HavocMC - [Factions] - [PvP] - [Raiding]
    In Game Username*: Hurtmanx
    Age: 14
    Time spent on the server: None, I like to apply before hand :]
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite snack: Ramen noodles :]
    Favorite Pokemon: Pokemon is overrated.
    Favorite Minecraft mob: Cow.
    Yes or No? Both. :P
    Worst video game of all time: Atari's ET game.
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    posted a message on Looking for Builders, Moderators, and Marketer for HUGE Server Project
    Also my skype is that, but it should show up as 'Hurtman'
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    posted a message on Looking for Builders, Moderators, and Marketer for HUGE Server Project
    1.Skype enragedfixation1111
    2. Timezone/Country EST USA
    3. Experience? I've been playing since Alpha 1.2.4 so I have a lot of experince in being a mod, building and helping out new players.
    4. Age?
    13, bordering on 14,
    5. Maturity level out of 10? 7
    6. How would you rate your skills on a scale of 1 to 10? 7
    7. Why do you want to help?
    I like building, and being a moderator in minecraft. It's nice.
    8. Anything more you need to say :) I have a microphone :]
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    posted a message on Work in progress
    Great server, looks good. I'd recommend trying it out!
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    posted a message on Server HELP!
    Minecraft Name: Hurtmanx

    Email: [email protected]

    Skype (if has one): enragedfixation1111

    Perks of what your good at doing in minecraft: I can build, redstone, and I am good with plugins. I can use world edit, towny, factions etc. so I can easily help out your server with good buildings, machines and plugin knowledge.
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