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    Super Hostile Guide
    • This guide has been discontinued as of April 29, 2014. A lot of the techniques and descriptions in this guide have been written in past versions and are therefore mostly outdated. It is unknown whether I will be able to continue this project in the future

    This is the Super Hostile guide, which will help you through your Super Hostile adventures. This guide features walkthroughs, secrets, tips, and various video series.
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    Quote from name="»
    This guide uses the following difficulty system to rate dungeons (please see the original Super Hostile thread to view ratings for the entire map instead):Not hard at all, not that much mobs, nor puzzles. Tons of easily accessible resources. Mostly for newbs.WOODEN TOOLSA bit difficult, some mobs, maybe some puzzles. Less resources, and may contain a monster spawner or two. Similar to regular Minecraft.STONE TOOLSNot too difficult, will contain mobs. Contains much less resources, and will contain spawners. Similar to regular Minecraft.STONE TOOLSDifficult, a lot of mobs. Not a lot of resources, and may contains a bit too much spawners. Similar to hardcore mode of regular Minecraft. Obviously not recommended to those without battle training.IRON TOOLSExtremely difficult, may contain a ridiculous amount of mobs and puzzles, and a lot of traps. Too many spawners for regular players, and those without training may not even survive for seconds.DIAMOND TOOLSIt is important to know, however, this difficulty rating system I developed is based on conquering the dungeon, NOT getting the wool. Also, tools are recommendations, and they only relate to the difficulty of the dungeon. It's not necessary to have these levels.
    Quote from name="»
    This guide uses color codes, symbols, and different fonts to help you quickly identify things within it like wool.Wool locations are indicated by the following structure of text: :Pink: Pink woolThe text color and wool color changes depending on which fleece box you got to.Chests are indicated by the following structure of text: :chestfront: Potion - MediumThere are a few other fonts and symbols used through this guide, but they are used less often, so I won't explain them here.Thread identificators:
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    Signifies the developer is working to adding new content and is actively working with the community.
    Suspended Icon
    Signifies that the developer is too busy to add new content, but is still working with the community.
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    Signifies the developer completely stopped working on the thread, indefinitely.
    Guide Progress
    Sea of Flame II - 100% + 4.5%Fallen Kingdom - 0%Infernal Sky II - 0% + 5%Kaizo Caverns - 0%Black Desert II - 0%Canopy Carnage II - 0%Legendary - 0%Nightmare Realm - 0%Sunburn Islands - 0%Spellbound Caves - 0%Lethamyr - 0%Inferno Mines - 0%??? - 0%Waking Up - 0%

    Guide Entries: Regular Contributors: Like the guide? Clicking the little green button down here helps a lot! Thanks!Current guide rating 4.0! Very Good!Vechs created the Super Hostile series and the Complete the Monument genre. Any credit to the maps should be given to him. I only make the guide, walkthroughs, and tutorials. Thank you.Your donations help keep this guide running and will help make me much better content in the long term. Thank you so much for doing so!
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    Shine > Usefulness

    Just like gold in real life.
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    Quote from GurdStuffTechnic

    - snip -

    You might have just convinced me. With an almost unanimous opinion on this subject, the most logical thing to do is create a global CTM guide website, especially since Vechs took a "break" from Super Hostile.

    I'll keep everyone posted, as usual, and see what I can do.
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    posted a message on Help finding all Super Hostile Youtubers (500,000+ subscribers)
    I am currently putting together a list with all the top Super Hostile Youtubers out there. This is a long and tedious task for just one person, and this is why I'm begging for your help.

    Criteria for listing:
    • Played at least one Super Hostile-related map (Super Hostile, RFW, etc.)
    • Either:
      • Has at least 500,000+ subscribers
      • Has been mentionned by Vechs (his "official" youtubers)
      • Has played and recorded with someone that fills the criteria above
    Thank you so much for your help, even just a name will help a lot. I'll try to give credit to everyone who helps.

    I currently have: CaptainSparklez, EthosLab, Zisteau, JoeHillsTSD, ZombieCleo
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    Quote from GurdStuffTechnic

    I could definitely donate some knowledge on specific dungeons, and hopefully that will help out too. Also, if somebody is gonna go on with the website plan, maybe it would be better to wait for that to get done.

    Hope to keep in touch, Technic.

    EDIT - Look at Wikia or one of those places if you want to set up a website real quick. If you set it up yourself, it'll take A TON of time. Of course you'll have to pay to so it's all about weighing reward vs cost. You'll also have to host the website yourself.

    I already have experience building websites from scratch, so I think that's what I'm going to do. I have a few ideas in mind; it won't necessarily look like a wall of text.
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    Quote from GurdStuffTechnic

    Hey, I was wondering what I could do to help with the thread. I've no real Super Hostile training because my computer is too laggy to play, but I've studied others play the game. Hoping to hear from Enotho. BTW, Pieluvr couldn't you help if somebody started up a page? Anyways, if anyone has posted anything like what this is and is still continued, I would like itf you could mention it. Thanks, Technic.

    Thank you for offering your help! This thread requires quite a bit of time to put together and that's why I'm looking for people to help. Like I stated earlier, I was thinking of making a website for the super hostile guide. That too, would require a lot of time to assemble, but I'm looking forward to it!

    There aren't any other currently active super hostile guide on these forums to my knowledge.
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    There's a reason why they added redstone in the game.
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    It fits extremely well with some blocks, you should try to find some nice combinations.
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    Quote from Oblisgr

    Ye, it helps.
    But i cant create models unfortunatelly.
    I only wanted to import.
    If this program supports inport of 3d studio max, or lightwave or milkshape etc I could enter those there and then export the same as minecraft support models.

    To create custom mob models, you need to either make it out of pure java algorithms or use a program made specifically for this purpose. You can't import any 3D file types in minecraft.
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    Old thread, but it's actually pretty simple. Type in:
    /f config chatTagInsertIndex 0

    This changes where the color code is positioned in the prefixes.
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