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    in development by Enosphorous and LordBlackHole

    Download for 1.7.2 & 1.7.10

    Download for 1.6.4 (compatible with RedGear Core 2.0.5)

    Brewcraft is an expansive project that has its sights set on making some major changes to the brewing system in place in Minecraft. It aims to not replace the vanilla mechanics, but rather add and run alongside this system. To accomplish this, we have added in a wonderful machine we like to call the Brewery. This machine unlocks an entirely new process of brewing, which allows the creation of not only all of the vanilla potions, but also an array of potions we have added for ourselves. We have also added in machines and such which make potions and fluids more applicable to the Minecraft world; a potion Sprayer which mists potions over an area, Kegs to hold them. . . but don't let be spoil everything, try it for yourself!
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    posted a message on Slimes - Helmets For All! [71 Supporters]
    Quote from YoshioXD

    I like the idea,


    So if you throw a Helmet at it will it put it on?

    Yeah, if the helmet item is on the ground, then sure.
    Quote from Spinosaurus4

    Nice, support.

    Quote from LDX

    Thank you!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Tinkers' Steelworks
    Hey, Toopsie, were you planning on making Scorched faucets? TCon Seared faucets stick out on High Ovens and Deep Tanks like a sore thumb to me, and I can't get over it.

    I would be glad to take that upon myself, send a pull request for you on GitHub, if you'd like.
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    Quote from Diejin

    I like it, but it shouldn´t cost 2 durability from the bow. I'd like it to be used to knockback enemies at a lower cost than firing arrows, (because i always generate more carrots than the ones i need). Also, would infinity enchantment apply on these carrots? I'd even accept knockback and flame enchantments to be applied, anything but power. It'd be useful :D soraka!

    Hmm. Enchantments would most likely still apply, simply because the thought of a flaming carrot is funny to me. :P

    Infinity enchantment would also apply, but carrots shot from a bow with infinity wouldn't be recoverable. I'm going to add that to the main post right now, thanks for pointing that out. . .

    Quote from block2311

    Hilariously enough, I think this may be actually useful for me, as I never bother killing chickens for arrows! xD

    Haha, nice, double purpose! Glad you like it!
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    Carrot Arrows
    A last resort & easter egg weapon

    Obviously, using carrots for arrows is a stretch. Carrots are not the most desirable ranged projectile, and aren't the first thing you would thing of in terms of defending yourself. However, I propose that, as an easter egg or humorous addition to the game, the ability to shoot the carrot crop out of the bow is added. This is purely for fun, and does not add any valuable or useful mechanics to the game.

    The carrot, for obvious reasons, can't be a powerful projectile, and can't be made an efficient substitute for an arrow. To support this, I propose that the carrot does half a heart of damage (not enough to fatally injure anything, and not a threat in combat aside from knockback) AND either 1) when a carrot is fired out of a bow, the bow takes twice as much damage as when an arrow is fired (two durability is consumed), or 2) when a carrot is fired, it does not fly like an arrow and has a much shorter range and more dynamic arch through the air, due to less a less aerodynamic structure and the carrot being unfit for firing out of a bow. Golden Carrots can also be fired, applying the Night Vision potion effect for a short period and dealing half a heart of damage. The bow would physically fire a carrot entity, which would stick in the ground where it lands. They are, in all cases, valid to be picked up after shot.

    No, no new enchantments. I'm not going to go there. Carrots can still be power out of the bow if it has any enchantments, gaining the same abilities as a normal arrow would (Flame = the carrot is set on fire). In cases of the bow having the Power enchantment, the carrot would still deal half a heart of damage, rendering the enchantment useless for carrots. The Infinity enchantment would still work, but carrots shot from a bow with Infinity would not be able to be retrieved.

    Other Effects
    These carrot arrows have one special effect: when they are fired, pigs will watch them fly through the air, and run toward the spot where they land (reasonably, of course, within a certain distance). The pig who gets to the carrot arrow first will attempt to eat it, and when it does so, it will go into 'love mode', consuming the carrot. Aside from making pigs go into breeding mode, the carrot projectiles can also be fired from vanilla Dispensers, dealing half a heart of damage, and essentially mimicking the dispenser behavior of vanilla arrows.

    How is this desirable?
    To be honest, it really shouldn't be desirable. Firing a carrot out of a bow should first be simply as a gag, to add to the whimsical/fantasy aspect of Minecraft, and in certain scenarios, however rare, as a legitimate last-resort weapon. It is not meant to add to the combat aspect of the game, as carrots are essentially useless as a ranged projectile, but is meant to be a humorous addition.
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    Hey, everyone! Today is the day you've waited nearly two and a half months for! We're finally releasing Brewcraft 1.1.0, for Minecraft 1.7.2! Have fun, everyone, and be sure to comment right back here with your feedback and/or suggestions!

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    Throwable Bones
    A new take on a ranged weapon!


    What is a standing problem faced by early-game survivalists, a problem that causes countless deaths and many cases of severe frustration? The fact is, when players are faced by ranged enemies, or, really, enemies in general, they have almost nothing worthwhile to throw at them. Snowballs are known to do a grand total of zero damage, and eggs are practically worthless in combat. Instead of taking a warmonger's approach on adding simple ranged weapons into the game, ranting about adding battle-axes and spears, I'd simply like to suggest making the vanilla bone a throwable item.


    Gameplay balance is essential to any feature even being considered as an addition - does the feature maintain the fragile balance that is kept by the game's other features? Is the feature game breaking? If bones were implemented as a throwable entity, their damage would be kept to dealing one heart to victims. Upon right-clicking while holding a bone, a twirling projectile bearing the image of the bone would emerge, consuming said bone and continuing on its given path until reaching the target. Once the target is reached, the bone would disappear and similar particles to that when a snowball collides with a surface would appear. The bone entity would be affected by physics; the bone would be thrown in an arc, limiting the range and effectiveness of the bone as a weapon. Adding to that, bones, when thrown, will always disappear after either hitting or missing their target. The bone will be destroyed, similar to the snowball entity.


    My reasoning for adding bones as a ranged weapon is this: throwable bones would pose as a cheap and effective ranged weapon for combat, for players who do not want to go through the trouble of crafting a bow or making preparations for a ranged battle. Bones can be found quite commonly from skeletons, and can now be found as a 'junk' item when fishing, making them an easily obtainable weapon. This is why bones could serve as a common, yet not totally game changing weapon. Bones are not altered in any way, aside from the fact that they can be thrown by right-clicking. It has been brought to my attention that this has the capability to cause some mishaps with wolf taming. Fortunately, when close enough to interact with a wolf, taming will take priority over attacking the wolf.

    But it makes the bow useless! or What makes the bone so special?

    I beg to differ; throwable bones simply removes the monopoly the bow has on ranged warfare. It opens up another option for players to move to a ranged approach in combat, and expands the array of moderately powerful weapons for players to use. The bone also, once it collides with an entity, causes tamed wolves of yours to attack said mob, therefore overriding the vanilla wolf behaviour to attack the mob of your choice. I suppose this part is optional, but would create a 'special' aspect for the bone to have.

    Thank you for reading, please leave any criticism/praise in the comments, I really appreciate it!
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    Quote from pefan
    i give 50% for a few reasons one i like the idea of throwing bones but on the other hand bones are way to easy to get and it is kinda op the reason i support: it does give another option in combat which is nice and i don't know if you know this but back in beta and alpha the bow was know as the spamming bow you didn't need to charge it and it could rapid fire, it was very fun to use and acted about the same as your throwing bone idea, it was very fun and if you were skilled at it you could take a enemy out really fast and would not waste ammo the reasons i dont support: in my world i have a skelly xp farm in my house so i have about 2 full double chests full of bones now if those all turned into weapons i would never need a bow again because there a re-new able source which kinda makes them op plus it would almost get rid of the use of bows because bones are kinda useless (they nerfed bone meal and dogs are rare to find)

    This is all true, they are renewable, they are moderately powerful. Skeleton farms would eliminate the need for a bow, it's true, but then wouldn't you want to use bones all the more, as a primary weapon?

    Haha, anyway, thanks for your opinion, I'l consider nerfing it a bit.

    Quote from Reptilelord
    I've always wished from throwing weapons in minecraft (they are always my favourite way to fight), I support!

    Thanks, I appreciate it!

    Quote from layman9

    You got this straight from Terraria, didn't you? Admit it :P . Anyway, partial support, because I'm about to add some things I hope you'll add into the thread. When you use the bone, you have to right-click HOLD it for about 0.5 seconds. This adds some balance. The bones should drop a bone entity if they hit a wall or something, and shatter in a special particle burst about 40% of the time, without giving you back the bone. The ranged damage would be about 3. Please tell me if you like these ideas!

    I may have. . . :P

    I was just about to add a small amount of cooldown time, so that they wouldn't be a rapid-fire weapon. Maybe the bone could be given back, just maybe. I'll think about it, thanks for the response!

    All of your ideas are considerable, I'll definitely add a couple of them. Thanks! :)
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    posted a message on Would You Attack The Above Avatar
    Mmm, no. That cat is too corporate for me to even consider it.

    I suppose I don't stand much of a a chance though, being the letter E. :P
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