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    posted a message on 12w25a Game lagging more than 24a
    I see quite a bit of bitching about this, alot of "stfu it's a snapshot", the usual fanfare that made me quit this forum a while back... but not what I'm looking for. As someone who suffers severe lag issues (in creative single player, I easily catch up to chunk generation), I'm not interested in your bitching. I want to know, however, if anyone has found a workaround or temp solution to get 25a to run with less lag.
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    posted a message on Random Crashes
    Hey all, I'm trying to get Minecraft working properly on Xubuntu Linux 11.10... let me just say for a moment that this was a major pain in the ass to even get running. First of all, Sun Java isn't directly supported through the repositories, so installing it was annoying as hell. It is done, however, and I'm running 1.6.0_30. Second, the proprietary drivers with my Radeon HD 6750 actually caused Minecraft to continually crash at the level generation window. I haven't tried any Open drivers because, according to the list, my card's not on it. Therefore, I'm running just the default drivers (radeon).

    Well, under this specific setup, Minecraft does in fact run and generate the world... except that it randomly crashes at some point during gameplay. I set the render distance to Normal, as I can't find/install the 64-bit Java as well (it was hard enough finding the 32). Still, I get crashes.

    Any assistance you guys can give would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask for additional hardware/software info.


    EDIT: Another problem... even if I save and quit to title normally, without crashes... it doesn't save chunks. Any modification I make to the world is undone. I've also tried running Minecraft with the "java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame" command as noted on the download page.
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    posted a message on So this is the End, huh?
    Quote from TheZombie

    One thing though. Let's say you go to The End and, I dunno, kill the dragon. Let's say when you kill the dragon he drops a Explosion Sword of Truth. Well that sucks for you. You can't bring it back to the main world, because to get back you'd have to die, which makes you lose all your items.

    What I'm basically saying here is this: They're gonna have to put a lot of work into The End to make it better than the main world.

    Gonna tell you the same thing I told someone else... if you seriously think this is all the End will ever be, you are dumber than advertised.
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    posted a message on Online Petition: 1.9 Features - Keep it or Remove it?
    I was unaware the features of this game were up for committee. I can only imagine what games like God of War III or Civilization V would look like if up to the community. (The latter is probably a bad example as it's the most moddable game I've ever seen. But still!)
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    posted a message on Why does the exit to the End have to be the end?
    Quote from Golbolco

    I think it's a stupid idea if the exit to the end is dieing. Why can't a portal just generate? Bad idea, Jeb.

    If you really think that's the only way the End is ever going to work, you're dumber than advertised.
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    posted a message on Notch Jeb i have just lost a lot of respect for you
    Quote from skyace66

    accoring to a new tweet by JEB http://twitter.com/#!/jeb_/statuses/124201530856452096

    skyworld has been saced for the ender. seriously WTF. Notch has promised this to us for a LONG time and right when he's supposed to add it(after Nether became more usefull) he completely changes it for something totally differnt.

    and on top of that, they are pratically taunting the generation code for old skyworld in everybodys face in the pre-release going "you want this? to bad!"

    you know, maby i would be more okey with it if they gave us a bit of a heads up and werent so spontanious. I mean Notch said at PAX for 1.8 he would add skyworld soon and than ditches the idea completely. and in all honesty, why cant we have both?

    P.S before people start going "we told you so" you did that claiming it was fact without any actual proof, this is the first time Notch or Jeb have said anything about it so just back off

    It's a bit disappointing that they're not going to do the Skyworld, but they are giving us a totally new dimension, so I'll have to see what the new place is like before I offer any critique on it.
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    posted a message on Anyone else notice the past few updates are stolen mods?
    Heh, having been gone for about a week, I started thinking to myself "you know, I need more pointless, ill-informed impotent rage in my life." Sure enough, the board delivers. I love you guys. :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on What does your library look like?

    Outside view of my library.


    First floor.


    Potion Shop on the first floor (ignore the bed, it's for construction purposes)


    The second floor where the Enchanter(s) will go. Obviously needs a bit of a redesign as I made this in Pre2, before we knew bookshelves would serve an actual function.


    The part of Floor 2 where I did my brewing with cauldrons in the Pre2. Each chest is intended to be used for each reagent in turn, as well as bottles, etc.
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    posted a message on Quick Nether Wart Question
    Quote from Atuan

    You're correct, they will not grow in Overworld. You're also correct in assuming they will not grow if no one is in the nether.

    A tip for you: Find some nether ruins and hopefully a blaze spawner. Move your farm there. Create a rail system from your portal to this farm. When you need warts, you can kill blazes while they grow. This gets you yummy fire resist potions while you wait for your warts.

    That sounds like a plan, actually, at least as soon as I get enough warts to get my initial potions done. :smile.gif: The ruins I have are relatively small, but I've actually got 2 or 3 Blaze spawners nearby. That'll do nicely. Thanks guys!
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    posted a message on Quick Nether Wart Question
    Quote from CasBr0ad »

    why dont you just take some soul sand and warts back to the normal world...?

    Well according to the Wiki, they don't grow in the Overworld. If you provide conditions optimal for their growth (light level 8 or lower) they will break when they normally would grow, or so they say. I guess I can try it when I've got a substantial crop going.
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    posted a message on Quick Nether Wart Question
    Quick question: I'm building a Nether Wart farm in the Nether near my portal. Will it grow while I play around in the Overworld or do I need to remain in the Nether for it to grow?
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    posted a message on New Dragon Pictures!
    You people do know the Ender isn't done yet right? Notch probably tested them in the Overworld because that was the land he had available for testing.
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    posted a message on No Point number on XP Bar in pre3?
    Quote from Achruss

    You can us eiot to enchant your gear, bnut right now it just gives it a magical, shiny, beaautiful glow. best. Update. Ever.

    The prerelease is not an update. If it was, it'd download to everybody's launcher. The prerelease is a preview and a chance for Notch to get feedback, bug reports, etc. That means you're going to get unfinished, not-yet-functional new features, as opposed to his old method, from earlier updates, of giving us items but not a use for them for like 4 major updates.
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    posted a message on why does everyone think air portals are for ender and not skylands?
    why does everyone think air portals are for ender and not skylands?

    Because I can read?
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    posted a message on Mob grinders destroyed?
    Quote from Wulf_Oman

    I disagree. Its good when your desperate or mining and run out of food

    No no, I said "crap" not "useless". It's nobody's first choice, so I can't see anyone wanting a way to easily get stacks of it. If mob traps were broken, I doubt people would cry over Rotten Flesh as generally speaking about 6 is enough for those times you're out of food. :smile.gif:

    But yeah, I'd love to see it where, if you don't kill the enemy, nothing drops (exception: Music Disc for the skellie/creep combo). Make Saltpeter available in deserts, make chickens more persistent and gravel easier to acquire flint from, and make bones more available some other way (thought: drop from zombies too? They have bones and the flesh rotting off them makes them easy to take. :smile.gif:)

    Of course, that's simply my opinion and nothing more.
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