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    posted a message on [1.7.5/14w11b+] Fancy EnergyPack [64x] v1.8.0

    1.8.0 version for 1.7.4 [LATEST]

    1.8 Snapshot Fix Pack v2 Download: [LINK]

    Tweaked Stained Clay

    Uses the wool color scheme for Clay.

    Faceless Pumpkins
    Title explains itself.

    Minigame patches modify several item textures to match with server minigames.
    Hot Potato Minigame Patch
    Minigame on: coremc.us

    Block Hunt Minigame Patch
    Minigame on: us.mineplex.com OR eu.mineplex.com

    These packs are for 1.8+ use. They change the way some blocks look like in shape.
    3D Ladder

    3D End Portal Frame

    3D Farmland

    3D Tall Grass

    Bump-mapping Pack v1
    Made for shader use.

    1.7.0 version for 1.7.4

    1.6.0 version for 1.7.2

    1.5.0 version for 1.6.4 or 13w40a

    1.4.0 version for 1.6.4

    1.3.1 version for 1.6.4

    1.3.0 version for 1.6.4

    1.2.0 version for 1.6.4

    1.1.0 version for 1.6.4 [Landscape Update]

    1.0.0 version for 1.6.4
    Link Removed

    Connected Textures Compatible [Since:1.1.0]
    Aether II Mod Compatible [Since:1.4.0]
    I am planning on adding support for the following mods:
    • CraftlandMod
    Any ideas on mods that you want this pack to be compatible with? Leave a reply on this post and I should see it!

    Development Videos

    • Minigame Patches
    1. SMASH

    • Added custom sky colors (Requires Optifine)
    • Added Beacon Colors (Requires Optifine) Apparently it was working updates ago without me knowing.
    • Removed Random Deadbushes
    • Updated Empty Netherrack Ore Custom Block
    • Added Iron Wall Custom Block
    • Changed End Portal Eye
    • Changed Ice and Packed Ice
    • Added Item Frame
    • Changed Leaves
    • Added Melon Block
    • Changed Netherrack
    • Changed Obsidian
    • Added Potato plants
    • Finished Villagers
    • Added Witches
    • Changed Option Background
    • Changed Buttons (Again)
    • Added Resource Pack Arrows
    • Changed Arrow
    • Added Boat Item
    • Tweaked Buckets
    • Added Cauldron Item
    • Added Charcoal
    • Changed Coal
    • Added Clay Ball
    • Changed Ender Eye
    • Added Fireball/Fire Charge
    • Added Slimeball
    • Added Magma Cream
    • Added Nether Star
    • Changed Quartz Item
    • Added Enchantment Glow (Obviously not very noticeable)
    • Added Chain Armor
    • Changed Title Format

    • Changed Bedrock
    • Changed Bricks
    • Added Cake
    • Added Carrot Crops
    • Added Coal Block
    • Added Cocoa Beans (Block)
    • Changed Diamond Ore
    • Changed Endstone
    • Changed End Frame Eye
    • Changed End Portal Frame
    • Changed Farmland
    • Changed Gravel
    • Changed Lapis Lazuli Block
    • Changed Nether Brick
    • Changed Chiseled Quartz
    • Changed Quartz Block
    • Added Slime Block
    • Changed Stone
    • Added 1.8 Stone Variants
    • Changed Stone Bricks
    • Desaturated by 50% the Warm biome colors.
    • Added Sheep
    • Changed 4 of 6 villagers
    • Changed Buttons
    • Added Sugar Cane Item

    • Changed Bookshelf
    • Added Dead Bush
    • Added Podzol
    • Added Iron Door
    • Added Poppy
    • Tweaked Furnace
    • Tweaked Jukebox (Intended for nearly 2 updates ago)
    • Added Hay Block
    • Added Acacia and Dark Oak Leaves
    • Added Acacia and Dark Oak Logs
    • Tweaked Wood Log top textures
    • Added Saplings
    • Added Sponge
    • Changed Cracked Stone Bricks
    • Changed Health bar
    • Changed Options background.
    • Added shading to some items

    • Attempted to change the window icon. Cannot be possible due to a feature removal.
    • Attempted to add Normal mapping. Not sure if works.
    • Added Desk Custom Block.
    • Added Empty Ore and Empty Nether Ore Custom Blocks.
    • Added a way to figure out if making an End Portal correctly.
    • From the Minecraft Wiki:
      To make the frame activate, each of the portal frame blocks in the pattern must "face" toward the middle. Since the image is near-symmetrical, it is difficult to tell which direction an individual block is actually facing, but if the block isn't facing in that direction and that is the last frame block where the Eye of Ender is placed, the frame won't activate.

      If using CTM, it will be easier to see where the frame is facing.

    • Added a burp sound (When eating).
    • Running on beacons or punching beacons will emit different particles.
    • Added Cauldrons.
    • Changed Daylight Detector.
    • Changed Diamond Ore.
    • Added Enchantment Table.
    • Tweaked Fern.
    • Added Dandelion.
    • Added Stained Glass [1.7].
    • Tweaked Grass and Snowy grass sides.
    • Changed Jukebox.
    • Tweaked Nether Quartz Block.
    • Added Rails.
    • Added Redstone Dust/Wire.
    • Tweaked the Tall Grass animation a bit. It is now less noticeable.
    • Re-added Biome Colors. 50% more saturated than default.
    • .
    • Added Beacon Beam.
    • Added Experience Orbs.
    • Added more transparency to hotbar.
    • Added Diamond.
    • Turned Gold-Iron-Diamond axes into battleaxes.
    • Added Bottles o' Enchanting.
    • Added Golden Nuggets.
    • Added Potatoes.
    • Added Music Disks

    • Added Aether II Mod support!
    • Changed Resource Pack icon
    • Improved Sugar cane and Vines using CTM
    • Added a transparency fix alternative texture to leaves. You do not want to be banned for X-Ray
    • Added menu tips
    • Added Flower Pots
    • Fixed all Grass subtypes only being rocks with CTM (Sorry for the delay on that)
    • Improved Nether Portal
    • Added Snow Golems
    • Fixed a really annoying bug with the "|" character
    • Added Repeater and comparator item textures
    • Added Ghast Tear (Intended for previous update)
    • Added Hopper item texture
    • Added fancy paintings!
    It was a long time since i didn't update this pack, so there might be a lot of stuff that i added that i don't really remember if i added them in this update.

    • Added Ender Crystal
    • Added Ender Dragon Healing beam (Will be redone)
    • Added Snowball
    • Added Bone
    • Added Bed Item
    • Added Creeper Skull
    • Improved Bone Meal
    • Added 4 more Custom Blocks: Dirt-Stone Transition, Stone Brick Wall, Rock and Tiny Cactus

    • Added a chance to find apples in oak leaves [CTM].
    • Added signs.
    • Added Anvils.
    • Added Beds.
    • Changed crafting table.
    • Added breaking animation.
    • Diamond block now has a shine animation.
    • Added End Portal Frame.
    • Added Roses.
    • Added Hopper.
    • Tweaked jukebox and noteblock sides.
    • Added Ladders.
    • Added Redstone Block.
    • Added Tripwire hook.
    • Lilypad has now a ripple animation.
    • Changed chests.
    • ATTEMPTED to add random textures to the player.
    • Fixed mounts' health bar.
    • Added the rest of the tools! :D
    • Added the Ender Eye.
    • Added creeper head item texture.
    • Improved Emerald texture
    • ADDED CUSTOM BLOCKS (including Direction block, crate and square stone bricks [See Custom block section].
    • Fixed Diamond shovel named "iamond Shovel"

    • Added Cookie texture.
    • Added connected textures for the Glass.
    • Added horizontal connected textures for the wooden planks.
    • Added Glowstone texture.
    • Added inventory texture.
    • Added custom menu background.
    • Added Pickaxes.
    • Added a fancy connected texture to the Quartz pillar.
    • Added Creeper.
    • Added portal.
    • Added sign.
    • Tweaked stone a bit.
    • Tweaked Coal Ore.
    • Added more detail to the wooden planks.
    • Made mossy cobblestone more visible.
    • Added more detail to the Obsidian and Netherrack.
    • Tweaked furnace GUI.
    • When using Connected Textures, the trapdoors don't have a cross in the middle.
    • Fixed bug with the Absorption heart texture.

    • Added waving tall grass.
    • Added Leaf textures.
    • Added villager textures.
    • Added ingot textures and brick textures.
    • Added fence and Fence Gate textures (Only CTM).
    • Added Beacon texture.
    • Added fern texture.
    • Added skull and zombie skull items (May look weird in the inventory).
    • Added Coal texture
    • Added stick texture
    • Added more detail to most stone-like blocks.
    • Added Enderman texture
    • Added Health, hunger, armor and air bar icons
    • Grass color is now the same on almost every single biome!
    • Remade cobblestone texture.
    • Remade Ice texture.
    • Fixed the furnace header not being very visible.

    • Initial Release

    Will be updated, section out of date. Suggestions on custom blocks? Post them and i will try to add it as soon as possible!

    It is okay for people to use things from the Fancy EnergyPack as long as the rules below are followed

    It's okay to:
    • Use as a base for mod textures.
    • Remix the pack for your own and only use.
    • Do NOT claim this as your own.
    • Give clear credit.
    • Give a link to this thread. Never use a direct link to the download.
    • Do NOT make money out of this Resource pack.
    On Remixed/tweaked versions of Fancy EnergyPack:
    • Youtubers can create and distribute a modified version of this Resource Pack, but only if they have 50+ Subscribers and 1000+ video views. Credit Required..
    • Map makers can also make modified versions of this pack to match the adventure map. Credit required.
    This section can be modified in any moment without alert.
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    posted a message on The Independent Texture Tool [v1.1]
    Using the new 14w25a Model format, I managed to create a small API that allows Resource Pack creators to change dependent block textures (For example, a button) very easily.


    How to use:
    To use this API with a supported Resource Pack, Simply put the API under the supported pack

    Download the API and go to the "Independent Textures" folder inside the "textures" folder (.zip>assets>minecraft>textures>Independent Textures).
    It should contain many textures with their special names.

    You can go ahead and edit them inside the IT_API pack
    Create a new folder inside "textures" called Independent Textures, and put all the special textures in that folder.
    Warning: Do NOT delete the default textures inside the Independent Textures folder. Just edit them or leave them alone. Deleting or renaming any part of this folder or this folder itself will cause blocks to have a pink/black checkerboard

    Supported Textures:
    So far, these are the textures that are supported:
    • All anvil bases for all damages.
    • Beacon's Glass. **
    • Beacon's Obsidian. **
    • All colors of carpet. **
    • All cobblestone walls, side and top. *
    • Comparator torches, on and off. *
    • Repeater torches, on and off. *
    • Repeater locks.
    • Crafting table bottom. **
    • Podzol bottom. **
    • Grass bottom. **
    • Snowed Grass bottom. **
    • Farmland dirt textures for both dry and moist. *
    • End Portal Frame Bottom. **
    • Fence, side and top. *
    • Nether Brick Fence, side and top. *
    • Fence Gates, side and top.
    • Glass Panes. **
    • Stained Glass Panes. **
    • All 4 pressure plates. **
    • Lever base. *
    • Jack-O-Lantern side and top. **
    • All Silverfish blocks (Monster Eggs). **
    • Snow Layers (1 Texture). **
    • Both Buttons. *
    • Daylight Detector (Real) Sides *
    • Door Sides, Top and Bottom *
    • Smooth Sandstone Top and Bottom **
    • Chiseled Sandstone Top and Bottom **
    • Mycelium Bottom **
    • Lit Redstone Ore **
    • Slime Block Inner Cube *
    • Cauldron Water (Per Level) **
    • Bookshelf Top - Bottom **
    • * Has unused parts of the texture removed from the texture for editing ease
      ** Texture explains itself.

    How it works:
    This API is very simple: Using block and Item models, it takes the original model of the block and changes the texture directory to be inside the "Independent Textures" folder, where you can easily edit all the blocks.

    In some special cases where the Held Item has a different model and texture mapping from the actual block, the texture mapping has been changed to fit properly into the held model. These cases include:
    • Normal and Nether Brick Fences
    • Buttons

    Download [v1.1]

    Version History:

    • Initial Release

    • Changed name from API to Tool
    • Added Daylight Detector (Real) Sides
    • Added Door Sides and top
    • Added Smooth Sandstone Top and Bottom
    • Added Chiseled Sandstone Top and Bottom
    • Fixed Monster Eggs not showing their texture in the inventory
    • Added Mycelium Bottom
    • Added Lit Redstone Ore
    • Added Slime Block Inner Cube
    • Added Cauldron Water (Per level)
    • Added Bookshelf Top - Bottom
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    posted a message on The Independent Texture Tool [v1.1]
    Quote from DirtDiglett

    This is a wonderful implementation! It removes the need for CTM for certain blocks like Lever, which means it works fine on snapshots and such.

    I thank you greatly!

    Could you possibly do one for the Doors so the sides can be indepently skinned to the front please?

    A new update has been released including Door sides and top, as well as many more textures.
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    posted a message on The Independent Texture Tool [v1.1]
    Quote from DirtDiglett

    This is a wonderful implementation! It removes the need for CTM for certain blocks like Lever, which means it works fine on snapshots and such.

    I thank you greatly!

    Could you possibly do one for the Doors so the sides can be indepently skinned to the front please?

    That could be a nice thing to do. I will try to do it now.
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