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    posted a message on Structureless Superflat World

    Hooray, I'm back.

    Okay. I had a couple of days off and managed to get the wheat and slime farms knocked out.

    Gotta say love that finally have fully automated water control and that Slimes are such a big part of making it work. Been locked in combat with them since the very beginning and feel like the war has finally been won.

    Here's a sunrise shot of the Slime Farm, really like how it turned out.

    Spout ended up oddly fancy. Almost looks like a dragon head. Wasn't my intention but while covering up the redstone it took shape out of nowhere.

    Production Shots

    Bringing my new friends along and sending them on up!

    Redid the Wheat farm first. Always was creeped out a little bit whenever I'd have to manually refreeze the water there. Small, dark space with way way too many nooks. Here's the first shot with both Mob's in position.

    Had some kinks to work out. A couple times the Slimes managed to escape the tracks still in their minecart. No idea how that happened, but extended the turn and that seemed to do the trick.

    Future Stuff

    Let's see...

    The guts of the new mob farm are done(about sucked the soul out of me). Really going out on a limb with an original design. I'm hoping it'll work okay though. Gotten the trick of building this crazy Slime-Zombie-Rail water control system, so can't really make any more excuses and just need to finish it up.

    Planning to try revamping the flower farm too. With how small of an area it is I'm thinking maybe just leading the zombie back and forth could work. Had an idea for something based on Iron Golems luring the Zombie too. Now that mob's can no longer control minecarts makes them easier to use again.

    Thinking might be possible to build a day/night detector now. Saw something Grass Block based, back in the day. Be interesting to try.

    Kind of feeling "Meh" about some of the older buildings. May be time to give them a sprucing. Zoo in particular. The ice walls are cool, but boy is that thing darkly ominous. Feels more like a crypt than the just for fun zoo I imagined.

    Quote from Hexalobular»


    Simply amazing.

    The stuff you've done here would be impressive enough on a normal world.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Thanks. Slowly but surely!
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    posted a message on Structureless Superflat World

    Turning old enemies into new friends

    A long time ago was looking at using large slimes to push mobs. Didn't work well without access to packed ice so let it go.

    Ran across the video again and realized it could be used in a slightly different way now to allow controlled water freezing. So here it is. Very cool. Much closer to the piston/dispenser farms that are more common.

    Frosted ice is beneath the grass paths. This both allows the zombie to slide easily and allows him to freeze the nearby water.

    Planning to use it for water flushing farms(mobs and plants). Should be quite a bit more supped up than anything that has come before.

    Something odd I noticed is that Frost Walker will work the second a mob is loaded, even if they haven't moved. Could be used as a game/chunk loading detector.

    Sheep Farm 2.0

    Should have built this sooner. Makes the process of wool collecting much faster. Decided to focus on maximizing grass regrowth. There's other ways to do it, but this gave good results.

    Pre-roof, using iron bars to keep them from all crushing to one side or another. Lots of lighting to help that grass along.

    You wind back and forth shearing and end up back at the start where you can either go again or be on your merry way. Normally end up with several stacks before leaving them to recharge.

    That's all for now. Heading off to work on the new farms :)

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    posted a message on Getting passive mobs through the little end portals

    Tested it. Babies and smaller animals definitely work. May want to fence in the area on the other side as a precaution.

    You could also build a flying machine or make a very very long bridge. I think your way is easier though.

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    posted a message on Structureless Superflat World

    Oh, happy days. Got myself a full set of heads :)

    Got lucky the last lightning storm and ended up with 3 charged creepers from a single strike. A couple of SSSSSSSSSS's later, I am happy to say I've figured out a way to farm heads without getting myself killed or further destroying the scenery in the process.

    Eyeing up some of the creeper head banner patterns. Pretty awesome designs out there.

    In other news, I've been looking at adding in some kind of redstone lamp display. Saw a video where someone was using tripwire to activate them rather than redstone. Don't have the pistons/armor stands he used but could use minecarts on a slope instead.

    Underground is getting a bit crowded but hope to add another player detector. So cool to have a fully automatic door. B)

    Have some ideas for a daylight sensor using grass growth. I know one design involving sheep would work. I think possibly one with water could prove better though. With mob spawn rates, can't rely on it to light the whole base, but lighting a carpeted room should be safe enough.

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    posted a message on What is the most reliable way to farm charged creepers in legit survival mode?

    There's no way to force lightning to occur at a particular location. Might be an idea to test out a mini mock-up in creative mode. At least you'll be confident in your design working eventually.

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    posted a message on Structureless Superflat World

    Come in, come in, don't mind the bat.

    Got a bat-based player detector working :)

    Pretty cool. When you come within ~3 blocks of the bat, it flies off an iron pressure plate, activating a clock and causing the door to open.

    Bats are unable to hang on transparent blocks, so it'll fly around for a bit and then eventually settle back down over the pressure plate again. You can see the creative mode model below.

    In world, everything is contained underground, but you can see part of the clock here.

    I've always felt bad for bats. Make the cutest noises but they are not the most loved mob, putting things mildly. Glad to have found a way to use them.

    I'd been experimenting with mine carts serving as 'boats' for ages on my test world and while they are really really slow no matter what I do, the concept did work well for a clock.

    In other news, I've been working on a new monorail span. Connects form the main area to a tentative Ice Structure(trying it again).

    The monorail line itself is finished, but hoping to jazz up the decoration some more.

    I got the "mine cart of doom" thing done. Rapidly kills any mob that encounters it, but still seeing creepers sneaking through. At some point I'll probably have another go at modifying the setup.

    All for now, going to work on the Ice structure and continue sprucing things up.

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    posted a message on Ever seen a charged creeper before?
    Quote from CattyCat»

    How'd you get so much :blink: ?

    Gold farm I made for a superflat world. A single strike can change multiple mob's so you actually see a decent number of pigmen each time.

    Quote from zmaster27»

    I have in modded, using a lightning wand from thaumcraft i accidentally charged a creeper and got blown to smithereens

    lol :)
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    posted a message on Ever seen a charged creeper before?

    Pigs need love too! ;)

    I normally get a bunch each time a storm roles through.

    Been struck by lightning once. I've seen charged creepers before but only from a farm, not out in the wild. Never seen a Villager change into a Witch before though.

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    posted a message on i havent gotten any mending books from my afk fish farm. whats going on?
    Quote from Adversity»
    Just FYI, you do not want to use lure if you're just going for mending books, that's probably why you have a double chest of green fish.

    Lure will only increase your chance of pulling up fish, while luck of the sea is what reduces "junk" and increases treasure catches (like books). If you're using both lure and luck of the sea, you lose potential treasure catches because of the lure pushing fish catches.

    They changed that at one point. Lure only effects the speed now.

    I've got my own "God Rod" maxed out B)

    If you can, fish whenever it rains, so you get every speed boost you can.

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    posted a message on i havent gotten any mending books from my afk fish farm. whats going on?

    Got one today playing the latest snapshot. Does take awhile.

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    posted a message on Zombie village on day of spawn

    Some villages are lucky enough to survive until you come across them. Others are... not...

    Seriously though you encountered a Zombie Village.

    2% of villages will generate as zombie villages. In such villages,
    all generated villagers are instead zombie villagers (that will not
    despawn, but have no special resistance to sunlight) and all doors and
    torches are missing.

    Villagers would need to be brought in or created by curing zombie villagers.

    Pretty cool, fairly rare to run into one.

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    posted a message on 1.12 news and updates (source: Twitter @jeb_)

    Nice, I like when they throw an easter egg in :)

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    posted a message on Structureless Superflat World
    Quote from flip35»

    that's what I was thinking, if only he would've rerolled until he got the perfect chest

    I don't think Witches spawned outside their huts when I first started this world. Would definitely do many things differently if I was starting over fresh. :)

    Quote from The_Rook»

    I never thought of the cake door. Good job!


    Mob Heads remind me of them. Can serve similarly and have the additional capability to be a different height off the ground if placed against a block. Hoping to find some novel uses for them. First block I or a mob can stand on and be 3/4's the way off the ground here. New options are always great to have on this world.

    Future Stuff

    Expanding the original Charged Creeper farm. Been seeing good results lately.

    Started the Minecart Killing machine. Up to 10. Requiring a ton of iron though. Cake based Creeper separation kind of works, but I'm still getting a few making it through. Hoping more minecarts solves the problem.
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    posted a message on Structureless Superflat World
    Quote from danaphanous»

    The harder part is getting the tool.

    To hoe the ground, your only option is an iron hoe from the rare zombie iron ingot drop and sticks from witches. :D

    Yes, Superflat tech is super tedious lol

    Quote from flip35»

    Or get a gold hoe from zombie pigmen ;D

    c) Use starting wood blocks to craft a wooden hoe because you are desperate for food :{

    Was burning up a ton of energy early on though. Running around at dawn collecting mob drops and mining during the night. Was a fun time and dry farming worked surprisingly well, but would have loved it if I could have used the wood more productively.

    Mwahaha! :)

    I think the two lightning based blocks take the cake in terms of rarity. Mob heads and Gold blocks.

    Not a block, but End Crystals are my personal favorite trophy item though. Obtained them from back when Skeleton Horses still dropped them. Now they are cool memento. 8)

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    posted a message on Structureless Superflat World

    The wait is over B)

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