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    Quote from Arsenous
    Smoking is bad for you Yes it is. . If a player is near smoke, they should start to cough after 10 seconds No, that would sort of break gender based skins. , get nausea after 20 That potion effect makes some people sick. , and poison after 30 I dunno, maybe.. If they are around it for more than a minute they begin to drown.Great, drowning because of a fire.

    A new gameplay mechanic should be added called "Oxygen Deficiency." This is a bar that is shown above armor that is determined by an algorithm of air quality, saturation, and hunger How does hunger affect oxygen? . If the player is around too much smoke and not enough oxygen, or for too long, the effects above begin to happen. Also, if the bar is at a certain level, they are unable to eat or do other tasks. Mining near lava... is now impossible due to smoke.Sometimes, the player is forced to stand still for a period of time No. . This is in order to make the game more realistic.

    - More realism in Minecraft No.
    - More fun having more tasks (maintaining oxygen) Yeah, trying to mine/build while maintaining oxygen.
    - Multiplayer fun Flint and steel + AFK Player= Troll
    - Anti-smoking Minecraft wasn't made to promote anti-smoking

    - The feature may rarely be slightly annoying in caves where there is no oxygen *Very annoying
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    Quote from Chopper9986

    I think that this is unique and I don't know if this has ever been thought of before. my old idea: emerald stuff was shut down. I see why.

    i think that i can add more detail into my posts Please.. Anyway, I think that you Me? should add skin statues just like you do with player heads.Sounds cool, how do you make it? another idea Another idea? You haven't even finished the first one!: the /skin command used like /skin (playername) Great, I know the syntax but don't know what the command actually does. I think this is unique so this is my suggestion. I have put a lot of thought into it. "A lot of thought" this post probably took one minute to make. No Support. Barely any detail.

    Quote from Chopper9986
    I will let you know that this is a thought that I have had long before I signed up for the forums. This was my biggest idea yet. It is,two tiny paragraphs with no detail.
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    posted a message on Looking for people to build PvP arenas

    I'm currently making a PvP map and need eleven arenas. I'm good at redstone, but bad at building.

    The eleven maps I want should have different themes, the themes I want are: Volcano, Ice, Sky Village, Nether, The End, Food flying on balloons,Sky farm, Sky lands, fish bowl, and mushroom, I will cross out the themes that have been taken. These arenas should be similar in style of Sethbling's Super Smash Mobs, because the map is in a void world.

    If you make an arena please put it in a schematic.

    I'll give credit by adding an easter egg involving you in the map, and credit in the forum topic. I'll include your YouTube if you want me to.
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    posted a message on Let Comparators Detect Armor Stands

    But one question, since the armor stand is an entity, would the block under the armor stand give out the output?

    Armor stand secret entrance!
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    posted a message on sims and gta together read this
    Deleted,I think my iPad messed it up.
    But my post in a nutshell, this suggestion is literally already in the game, multiplayer.
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    Anyone want to play?
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    You have probably clicked this thread because you want to play in a UHC. Good, that's what I want.
    In EnderUHC we have 8 plugins,like HealthBar and SpectatorPlus.

    If you have never played UHC before here's what it is, it's a minecraft gamemode where it's normal survival, but you can't regenerate health without Golden Apples, Golden Heads, Or Health Potions. Golden Heads are quite powerful, healing 10 hearts. But requires a player kill. Glistening melon has been changed as well. Custom crafting recipes below.


    Also,if you want to join you MUST be able to play daily at 11AM CDT. Every UHC Session lasts one hour, and you must play for at least most of it, at least 20 minutes or you'll be kicked. This is because we want everything to be fair, we don't want to have 2 people on at 4am getting diamond armor while everyone else has nothing. More info: http://www.timeanddate.com/library/abbreviations/timezones/na/cdt.html


    1. Don't swear in game.

    2. Don't cheat.

    3. Don't spam.

    4. Have fun!

    5. Put the words "EnderChicken" at the end of your whitelist request.


    If you would like to join please fill out this form and post below. This number represents how many spots are left ----> 8
    I will message you the IP.


    Age (Any age is fine,just be mature.):

    Why do you want to play?:

    Are you able to play for at least 20 minutes daily at 11AM CDT?:



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    posted a message on minecraft 360 new tool hamer/machines from pc
    If this gets added,it would be useless unless Microsoft made xbox open source. That's why PC Minecraft is able to be modded,since computers are open source.
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    posted a message on Thread regulations
    If this gets added I bet a lot of trolls would just spam mods with scary stuff.
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    posted a message on New Possible Mobs

    Ender Creepers Very original name. ; which can teleport but explode within a smaller radius than a normal Creeper. Its health will be around 40-50 Which is half of the Ender Dragon. and spawns much less frequently than Creeper and its attack is about 15. It has a melee? It will drop a guaranteed 5 gunpowder and there's a 33% chance of it dropping an Ender Pearl. Its best spawning place is in the Enderman Jungle (see Biomes for the Future). Nether Dramcryx; which shares the quality of making you on fire like the Hell Spider What Spider? and has more health than Jungle Dramcryx What jungle.. whatever?. Its health will be 175 More than a Wither. and it will only spawn in Nether strongholds and very rarely. Its attack is 25.It kills an un armored player in one shot. It has 50% chance of dropping a stack of Nether Wart and a 15% chance of dropping 10 Blood Gems Wat?? . Nether Dramcryx Jockey; which will be a Wither Skeleton riding on a Nether Dramcryx. The health will be 300; Twice as strong as the Wither. its attack about 20 and an unfathomably rare find. It drops a guaranteed Wither Skull and 5 Blood Gems.Jungle Hound; which will have much less attack and health than their variant- the Death Hound;WHAT DEATH HOUND?!?!? 12 attack and 25 health. It spawns in, obviously, jungles and frequently. It drops a guaranteed 15 Coal. Zombie Golem; which is a Golem that spawns in a Zombie Dungeon and guards it. The health is about 450 Great,a mob more powerful than the Ender Dragon and The Wither combined... and attack about 27. It drops a guaranteed 25 Iron Ingots, a 50% chance of 3 Diamonds and a 20% chance of a Diamond Chestplate ...For 25 Iron!!! Please post any other suggestions I will appreciate it! Result: Crazy strong mobs,barely any detail for the "Blood Gems","Death Hounds","Nether Spider" No Support.
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    posted a message on Looking for someone who can make a ModReview
    I will, my only requirement is the video on your forum post :3 My videos take a while to make cause I have to research, record, edit, upload, so don't expect it to come until the 12th of August.

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    posted a message on [Hmm ! Give us a use !]Give a use to other villager professions ! - Not the redundant villager builders suggestion !
    Full Support!

    I like this suggestion. A lot.

    Full suggestion review:

    Quote from wailwail ยป

    Villager farmer number 2 : Hooray ! Mojang finally improved villagers !

    Villager priest number 9 : Wha ? What did they do ?

    Villager farmer number 2 : They allowed me to farm crops !

    Villager butcher number 5 : How about me ?

    Villager librarian number 10 : And me ?

    Villager blacksmith number 7 : Me too .

    Villager farmer number 2 : They didn't do anything to you guys , deal with it ! You suck * evil laugh *!

    Best suggestion intro ever. :D

    Poor villagers need our help to give them a use !

    Butcher :

    Since the butcher ... Is a butcher , he need to kill animals ! you know , villagers aren't vegetarians , so they can't just eat bread , carrots and potatoes . First , 3 animals of the same time ( the type is picked randomly ) will spawn in the butcher house's backyard , the butcher will breed the animals with their corresponding item , which is given to him ( thrown at him ) by farmer villagers from their inventory , when there is 3 or less animals in his backyard , and will kill adult ones until the number goes back to 3 , then he breeds them again . that means if you spam 10 cows in his backyard , he will only keep 3 of them , and breads them again , he will also pickup all meat and leather and feather drops . As for meat , he will give it to other villagers OR keep it for himself , same as farmer villagers .Good idea.

    Priest :

    One of the most annoying things about villagers is they don't have natural regeneration , iron golems don't have it too . that's where the priest comes into use ! Priests will brew Potions , they brew 10 random potions a day , and always keep them in their inventory , they brew strength , swiftness and instant healing splash potions . they throw healing potions at injured villagers and iron golems , and will buff the golems with strength and swiftness .

    I like this idea.

    Blacksmith :

    Most villages never have iron golems , why ? they are their only protection , with this suggestion , iron golems will be far better , easier to make , and will not cap at 1 for every 10 villagers . First , blacksmiths will have an extra space in their house , it is considered an iron golems factory , there will always be one iron golem spawned by one blacksmith , that means that if there is 2 blacksmiths in a village , you will get 2 extra iron golems ! note that they build them by placing the blocks , not having them spawn like a summon command , meaning that you might find the blacksmith placing iron blocks and a pumpkin to summon one . also note that this does NOT change the way iron golems currently spawn . they will still spawn naturally when the original conditions are available .

    Is it possible for the player to mine the iron blocks? If yes,we have a problem.

    Librarian :

    Idea one :

    I was thinking they could write random books will information , crafting recipes and such to players , they have an infinite supply of paper , but will need butchers to get leather . Books they write often contain lore , stats of some mobs , crafting recipes of some items , they will also sell maps of some structures , meaning that a Librarian WILL sell you a map of a jungle temple . but the structure needs to be 1500 blocks near the villager , and map trades happen very rarely . note that the creeper image in the screenshot below is exclusive to villager books , you can create books like that will commands though ....

    Maybe a chest could be added to the library,which will have paper and a random book.

    Idea two :

    The second idea is that they store your XP , making bottles 'o'Enchanting much easier to get in survival . first , right click the villager , it will open the regular trading GUI , but there is an arrow in the top right corner . when you click it , the trade screen changes , there is one slot where you put emeralds , then the amount of bottle o'enchanting changes with the amount of emeralds you put , and emeralds' worth of XP changes with the reputation , the lower the more expensive and the higher the cheaper . In the normal reputation , on emerald is worth 6 bottles 'o'enchanting . and then when you click on the bottles to get them to your inventory it will suck your XP ( 10 XP points for every bottle ) and take the emeralds .

    Also a small suggestion : Make bottles 'o'enchanting always give 10 XP , to avoid loss when you store your XP in a bottle .

    This is a clever idea,perhaps an item called "Empty Bottle O' Enchanting" could be traded by the Librarian instead. And maybe some text reading, "Every Bottle O' Enchanting you trade for costs 10 XP!" I dunno.


    Solid idea,could use some tweaks but otherwise... Support!

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