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    posted a message on Rice

    I feel that unlike a lot of possible food types, rice would offer a unique niche in that it's largely a water-based plant. So here's my take:

    Rice grows on lily pads (giving lily pads a functional use beyond occupying water space, and making it the only plant that doesn't require dirt or farmland to grow), and grows at a faster rate than wheat. When it reaches its mature state, you can harvest it for two to five rice grains and a couple rice seeds. Breaking it prematurely will only yield a seed.

    Rice grains can be eaten individually (for a very low value, only half a hunger bar each), but three of them can be combined together with a bowl to create a food that grants two and a half hunger bars. You can take this one step further and cook the rice bowl, improving the nutritional value to three and a half hunger bars.

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    posted a message on Deepslate should have higher blast resistance

    All that discussion about density and hardness and stuff seems pretty dang unnecessary. I was just asking about having a number multiplied by 2 for the sake of consistency.

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    posted a message on Explosion-proof blocks

    Obsidian is already explosion-proof though?

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    posted a message on Faster rails/minecarts

    I think the solution may be to add a more advanced rail type that can accelerate a minecart to derailment-risking speeds, like Railcraft had way back in the day (I do not know if they still have hyper rails and I can't be bothered to check.) That way, machines that use minecarts as a component can still function properly and shorter-distance railways can still zigzag all over the place without falling off the tracks.

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    posted a message on New axe combat (axes needs to be SERIOUSLY nerfed)

    The slow recovery speed of the axe actually does make quite a large difference in sustained battles; The stat tables on the wiki may help here.

    Axe DPS and Attack Speed per tier:

    Wood -- 5.6 (Attack Speed Rating: 0.8)

    Gold -- 7.0 (Attack Speed Rating: 1.0)

    Stone -- 7.2 (Attack Speed Rating: 0.8)

    Iron -- 8.1 (Attack Speed Rating: 0.9)

    Diamond -- 9.0 (Attack Speed Rating: 1.0)

    Netherite -- 10.0 (Attack Speed Rating: 1.0)

    Sword DPS and Attack Speed per tier

    Wood -- 6.4 (Attack Speed Rating: 1.6)

    Gold -- 6.4 (Attack Speed Rating: 1.6)

    Stone -- 8.0 (Attack Speed Rating: 1.6)

    Iron -- 9.6 (Attack Speed Rating: 1.6)

    Diamond -- 11.2 (Attack Speed Rating: 1.6)

    Netherite -- 12.8 (Attack Speed Rating: 1.6)

    As you can see, the swords consistently outperform axes in terms of damage per second you can dish out, the major exception being gold swords (and let's be honest, nobody in their right mind should be swinging gold weapons around).

    Furthermore, swords have two additional advantages that axes don't:

    1. Swords are the only weapon that drain 1 durability per smack. Axes drain 2 durability per smack, effectively giving them half as much durability as swords.

    2. Swords have a sweeping attack that can damage large crowds of mobs in front of you and knock them away, making them superior for clearing multiple enemies at once.

    Overall, swords are better at sustained battles than axes, while axes have a juicy amount of burst damage. I reckon they're about the same in terms of usability, but if my opponent isn't another player than I would use the sword in a heartbeat simply because of how much more sustainable they are.

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    posted a message on Deepslate should have higher blast resistance

    This is a simple one:

    Deepslate takes twice as long to mine as stone, so logically it should have roughly twice as much blast resistance, yes?

    This would make mining for the stuff to use as base material have more value than simply aesthetics, since creepers and the like would do far less damage to it.

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    posted a message on Add a Bronze tier to Minecraft

    Historically speaking, that makes no sense. Bronze tools (and by extension, copper) were dominant for a long time, but only because nobody had discovered how to work iron. Iron tools are objectively superior to bronze, so once iron became widespread bronze stuff basically became irrelevant.

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    posted a message on Black Ebony Tree

    I am totally down for having a black-colored wood in the game, primarily for aesthetic reasons.

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    posted a message on A more advanced cooking system

    Is there a particular reason you want such a system in vanilla Minecraft as opposed to simply downloading one of the many mods that do this, such as Pam's Harvestcraft or the like?

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    posted a message on Add shrek and donkey to minecraft

    Minecraft already has donkey in it. Donkey has been in the game since version 1.6.

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    posted a message on New tool material, steel. (Furnace update)

    I think converting iron gear to steel gear is an interesting idea, however I think having to go to the intermediary steps of making carbon and then alloying it in a blast furnace is rather unnecessary for Minecraft. It doesn't need to be completely realistic, after all.

    Instead, I think it could serve to add more uses to the Smithing Table by letting you infuse iron equipment with coal to directly convert it to steel equipment.

    No carbon or blast furnace alterations necessary, and it would teach newer players that the Smithing Table is used for upgrading your stuff to a higher grade.

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    posted a message on Actually useful redstone lamps

    In 1.17, Mojang created a new Light block that not only completely invisible and intangible, but also has adjustable brightness. You can read about it on the wiki here: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Light_Block

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    posted a message on Suggestions for advancements

    May I also suggest the following?

    - Tasteful Decoration: Place a painting

    - Soy Milk: Milk a mooshroom using a bowl

    - Legend of Excalibur: Rename an enchanted item using an anvil

    - Jeb's Rainbow: Obtain a sheep of every color (actual requirements: be nearby 16 sheep each with a different color)

    - Chilly Consequences: Have a snow golem you created kill a mob

    - Ostentatious Mining Methods: Detonate a Minecart with TNT

    - Industrialization: Place down a dispenser and have it grow a plant using bonemeal

    - Record Labels: Have in your inventory all of the music discs

    - It's a Trap!: Kill a mob using a tripwire trap (actual requirements: Be nearby when a mob or player dies within a few seconds of activating a tripwire)

    - Off with their Heads!: Obtain a skeleton, zombie, or creeper head

    - The Pale Rider: Mount a skeleton horse

    - Gasping for Air: Regenerate oxygen from a bubble column

    - Buried Treasure!: Dig up some buried treasure! (actual requirements: Obtain a Heart of the Sea)

    - Heart of Atlantis: Construct a Conduit and benefit from it

    - Power of the Depths: Kill a mob using a Conduit

    - Scrub-a-Dub Dub: Dry off a sponge

    - Look Ma! No Hands!: Move 100 blocks on foot without pressing any keys

    - All the Way Down: Fall from the very top of the world to the very bottom (actual requirements: Survive a fall from a height of y = 300 or higher to a point below y = 0)

    - It's Alive!: Have a lightning rod be struck by lightning

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    posted a message on Copper armor

    I mean, in the new terrain generation, iron generates much lower down than it used to, meaning it would be much more inconvenient to be able to progress to iron armor. Copper armor as an intermediary between leather and iron would make sense given that context, since copper would be much easier to access at the start of the game.

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    posted a message on Fast breathe enchant

    I'd support rolling this effect in with Respiration, as TheMasterCaver proposed above.

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