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    posted a message on [1.6.4+] Adventure Lobbies | Play Adventure Maps With Friends for Free [FEATURED ON: The Shaft]
    The fact that you're requiring people to post to play for more than a set amount of time is absolutely horrible, but

    This is an easy way to play an adventure map with friends, much easier than getting them over to my house and LAN worlding or hosting a server.

    EDIT: Also, some other players in case they make some.

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    posted a message on Ender Initiation (v1.2.2) [ADV] [PARKOUR] [MC 1.4.2]
    Release 1.2.2 is out! Main features:
    • Chest in diamond that requires you to jump with good gear, use some emeralds to do something, then complete some really hard jumps. Massive reward though.
    • A beacon on the Diamond Checkpoint's roof, and a jukebox in the checkpoint as well.
    • More play-for-emeralds puzzles in End.
    So what're you waiting for? Download it now!
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    posted a message on Ender Initiation (v1.2.2) [ADV] [PARKOUR] [MC 1.4.2]
    1.2 is out! Many changes (look at main post for changelog) including all of the WIP 1.4.2 features I planned. The End is much, much, much harder now. I cannot stress this enough. Took me 9 tests to beat even with top tier gear. (That's the main reason for the laggardness of this update.) 1.2.1 will probably just feature the record "wait" in a jukebox I made specially for it. Waiting for 1.4.4 to be released to include it, though.
    Enjoy the new release!

    EDIT: Minor update 1.2.1 has been released. All it does is unlag a piston. That's IT. That piston'd better not lag out again the next time I open Minecraft...
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    posted a message on Ender Initiation (v1.2.2) [ADV] [PARKOUR] [MC 1.4.2]
    1.1.1 is out! Changelog in original post.

    Also, I FINALLY beat that darn redstone run. I actually made it there faster than the redstone so I buffed the redstone a bit.

    1.1.2 is planned to have a big forest around wood. You know, because I like making navigation a nightmare. (And hiding chests.)

    Best parts of this update:
    • The Gambler is pretty epic. You could get a good weapon, a sheep that gives you a wool (or pushes you TO YOUR DEATH), emeralds, etc...but if you pick wrong you get shot/burn to death.
    • Portal 2 reference. And the ocelot of fun.
    • Frustration changes. (It's a LOT harder now.)
    • Darkest Death buff. (There are idiots who are going to find it. I promise.)
    Also, I WILL answer any questions about areas you find impossible (in a PM to avoid giving people spoilers.) I promise they're all possible. So if you're having trouble, ask away! In fact I'll add that to the original right now.
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    posted a message on Minecraft AI Testing Map
    Your last two statements contradict each other...

    "Also try my other adventure map, Prison Break."
    Anyways, downloading now. This looks good, I hope not to be disappointed.
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    posted a message on What is cheating?
    I think this has been pretty much closed up, but here's my two cents:

    Beds exploding was 100% intended by the developers (as a funny way to prevent sleeping in the nether, as opposed to a boring error message.) Minecraft is a sandbox game (the ending may have made it more RPG-like, but it's still sandbox nonetheless) and the enderdragon is a massive challenge with 100+ health. I think any way of killing it would be acceptable.

    Of course alex stated that he used Essentials, so, depending on which commands were used, you could classify it as cheating.
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    posted a message on Ender Initiation (v1.2.2) [ADV] [PARKOUR] [MC 1.4.2]
    Up to now it's STILL the only one I haven't beaten. However my failures aren't due to the redstone getting there before I do, it's due to me falling in lava. All the jumps are possible so it SHOULD be possible to do.

    Release 1.1 is coming out soon, gimme a second to get the changelog up. (Mostly bugfixes, a few random additions. Nothing major.
    EDIT: v1.1 is out! Everything except the puzzle I mentioned and the last one in stage 11 has been 100% confirmed to be possible with this version.

    Good luck, initiates...you'll need it. (Especially with the ghast spawner buff...)
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    posted a message on Ender Initiation (v1.2.2) [ADV] [PARKOUR] [MC 1.4.2]
    Yeah, part of the reason I left cheats on was so that people would have the freedom to do stuff. The map is meant to be really really hard and in my runthrough (it took me 20+ minutes to beat the first puzzle, the rest up to Wood were a breeze) there was a spot in wood where I kept dying. Because I really, REALLY didn't want to do the stuff all over again I just creative'd my way to where I had died. That's allowed, just note that you didn't do a "perfect run" of the map.
    Also, watch it with the spoilers! That legend you mentioned is top-secret material (well, it's late-game material, anyways.)

    NOTE: While you guys are testing, I'd REALLY appreciate it if someone could confirm that the last Redstone Run (Stone, that one with all the jumps:there's a screenshot of it) is possible. It's the only one up to iron that hasn't been 100% confirmed to be possible by me.
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    posted a message on Ender Initiation (v1.2.2) [ADV] [PARKOUR] [MC 1.4.2]
    There was a game-breaking bug in version 1.0.2. It spawned you in Stone on Creative Mode. I've released (or rather will in a few seconds) 1.0.3 to fix it, but if you don't want to redownload, use /gamemode 0 and jump in the Suicide Pit. The map will play fine.
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    posted a message on Ender Initiation (v1.2.2) [ADV] [PARKOUR] [MC 1.4.2]
    I have a feeling that the first video of this map is going to involve someone screaming a giant rant of curses at the first puzzle, which is exactly what I did when I was testing it. (It's 100% possible, don't worry.)
    Anyways, 1.1 is now in development. First thing to do is expand The Rainbow, because it looks really ugly.

    EDIT: Emergency release v1.0.1 is out! I noticed a bug in Crumbling Pyramid that made it impossible. It's fixed now.

    EDIT 2: Release v1.0.2 is out now. There were a few more bugs in Wood, Cold, and one in Stone.

    EDIT 3: You guys have given v1.0 26 downloads, but the other versions just have 0? I really hope that's just MediaFire lag...
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    posted a message on Ender Initiation (v1.2.2) [ADV] [PARKOUR] [MC 1.4.2]
    EDIT: God this post is ugly. Fixing.Yes, I'm back. Only to release this map though.After months of work (I believe I started this the snapshot villager trading came out, so that would be late-may) I've finally gotten a playable version of my map out. No, it's NOT aesthetically pleasing. I figured that I'd work on the puzzles and storyline first, then add decorations later. This is NOT the final version of the map. (There are several areas that I'm waiting for 1.4 to implement.)So, in general, this map is a parkour/puzzle adventure map that features a taunting, sarcastic narrator, many different puzzles, and a mysterious storyline that develops over time. After this map is finished there might be two sequels (hopefully), depending on the path you choose at the end of this math. I doubt the sequels are coming anytime soon. One is in progress (it's called Eternal Night) and won't be finished for another few months.)
    Okay. A few things first.
    1. Cheats are ENABLED in the map. This is for a few reasons:
    • For the checkpoint system to work, people should be able to /time 13500. In my opinion it doesn't fit with the general "theme" of the map to have one of those redstone-powered iron door thingies.
    • There are parts of the map where you blow things up and it's impossible to go forward if you die. I REALLY hate it when that happens so it's part of the checkpoint system for you to be able to /gamemode 1 and jump over that part you blew up.
    • Mobs activate traps. Self-explanatory, I'd think.
    2. This map is really, REALLY hard. It's mostly parkour, but the first puzzle is a big spiraling ladder that goes about 50 blocks up. That gives you a general idea of the difficulty.
    • There's also a spot where you're racing a bunch of redstone repeaters. Over a bunch of 4-block jumps. And lava.
    • And in 1.4 there's going to be there IS a part where you fight a Wither. Using stuff that you buy from villagers. With emeralds that you may never have found.
    • In Obsidian there's a puzzle that has you doing about 10 4-block jumps. Faster than redstone. And you do it all for a freaking bucket.
    • Not to mention the spawners...
    3. This map is largely unfinished. Right now it would usually be in the testing stage (although I'm pretty positive every puzzle is possible) but I figured it would be easier just to release it to the public and let them test.A few puzzles to test would be the repeater one I talked about earlier, The Zigzag, and the last puzzle in Stage 11.4. If you refuse to read, I reserve the right to completely and utterly ignore you. Got it? Good.5. Hall of Fame (people that helped a lot w/the map or made big accomplishments on it)1. EnderleafThe first person to complete the map and follow the instructions at the end will get a spot here. Also, anyone who gives me a really good idea for the map (I need more puzzles on stage 11) or reports a major bug could end up here too.For now I sit here alone though.6. If you have questions about certain puzzles in the map (like OMG DA FIRST PUZZLE IZ IMPOSIBULL) then ask me. I'll answer in a PM. They're all possible, I promise.Okay. Screenshots! (There are a lot. I felt like I had to capture as much of the map as possible :P )Screenshots are taken using the Texture Pack "Old Faithful", which is NOT required for the map in any way.NOTE: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! If you don't want them you might only want to look at the first few screenies.
    NOTE: When I refer to ""puzzle in Dirt; Puzzle in Sand; Puzzle in Obsidian"" I'm referencing the different stages of the map. Stages are separated by checkpoints.NOTE THE SECOND: 1.1.1 modified the look of a few of these puzzles. The changes aren't major enough to re-take pictures imo.The ORIGINAL spawn point.The first puzzle.The "Endless Path" in Dirt.The first major checkpoint, the Sand Checkpoint.From another angle.The "Glass Maze" in Sand. One of the easiest puzzles in the game.The first "Villager Shop" or "Testificate Shop" and part of the Crumbled Pyramid in Sand, a pretty hard puzzle.The end of the Crumbled Pyramid and a jungle tree, surrounded by a river of lava.A VERY dark tunnel in Wood. If you look closely you can make out bedrock.Another, seemingly impossible puzzle in Wood. HINT: Study the rules closely to figure out what is and isn't allowed.The final puzzle in Wood, and the third checkpoint, as seen from above.The fourth checkpoint, as seen from inside.A puzzle in Cold.The Villager shop in Cold.The Battleaxe puzzle in Stone. Note the pig.The easiest redstone race puzzle in Stone.The puzzle I mentioned earlier, with the redstone and the jumps.The first puzzle in Iron, facing the Iron Checkpoint.The sky, as seen from a puzzle in Iron. Note the mysterious "Rainbow" at the very top.The Labyrinth, in Iron.The seventh checkpoint.A wierd puzzle in Gold.The Zigzag in Gold. One of my favorite puzzles.The end of Gold and beginning in Diamond.The first puzzle in Diamond. (I know, I skipped the checkpoint, which is the largest in the whole game. Oh well.)Build-your-own-parkour, one of my favorite puzzles in Diamond. Note the string on the side.The Obsidian Checkpoint.OMG SO MANY FREAKING SPAWNERSThe portal to the Nether. It's a bit hard to ignite...An easy puzzle in Nether. (Study the rules!)Oh crap. OH CRAP! OH MY GOD GHAST SPAWNERSSSSSSSSA mysterious tower in Nether...pretty repetitive puzzle, I have to admit.The top of said tower.Deep, dark tunnels in Nether...The Pit in Nether. (It has its own legend and backstory, if you make it this far I'd advise you to check it out.)The final checkpoint.The End Portal.No more screenshots, the End is full of secrets and I don't want to give them away.
    Then comes the download. (Not adfly, I'm not one of those people. I don't personally mind it but there are a lot of people that do and it's just not worth it for the tiny amount of money it brings in.)
    Latest Release:v1.2.2
    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?3xx5f0n5e9v5x91

    Changelog: (small update this time)
    • Added two more play-for-emeralds puzzles to Stage 11 (one parkour, one...interesting one that an enderman may hijack)
    • Added an Iron Golem to a checkpoint of nearly the same name
    • Added Wait to a jukebox :)
    • Added a nonfunctioning beacon to diamond checkpoint (nonfunctioning, that is, unless you find a way to get up there and put a diamond in...)
    • Added something lifethreatening (and completely useless)
    • Tweaked TNT Sprint
    • Added a parkour that requires a LOT of dedication (52 emerald reward! Plus something secret...)
    • Starting chest now contains a carrot
    Older Versions

    Download: http://www.mediafire...64yjq675dji39gg
    Changelog: Re-unlagged a piston. This is the only change so that the piston doesn't lag itself while I make other edits. (It'll probably lag out anyways considering how long it takes to get to the point where it is.)
    Download: http://www.mediafire...13ihmegg4n9a1sr
    • Dirt checkpoint now has a roof
    • Added lots of signs everywhere for no apparent reason
    • Cacti were added all over Sand.
    • Added a crafting table to the wood/leaf checkpoint. It's a good place for it.
    • Fixed a really silly error in said checkpoint.
    • There's a forest and a grassy field in Wood. :)
    • Dumb sign removed.
    • Made chances of survival harder in a puzzle based on dumb luck.
    • Buffed a minecart puzzle in iron. (This reverts a previous nerf, btw.)
    • Beheaded zombies.
    • Decorated diamond checkpoint w/1.4 decor.
    • Removed some ladders from diamond checkpoint. Eh, nobody needed them anyways.
    • Added a jukebox that'll have "wait" inside when it's released
    • Played with decorations (puzzle in diamond is now full of heads :D )
    • Added more cows to Farm Animals Revisited (mooshroom too)
    • Hid some redstone in said puzzle
    • Made The Rainbow less boring
    • Unlagged a piston in obsidian (again)
    • Fixed a puzzle in Nether made impossible by 1.4
    • Buffed ghast spawner
    • Sent another villager to hell
    • Slightly buffed The Pit
    • Added Glass Parkour to the End
    • Made the end much, much harder (WIP features are done. It's now semi-impossible, BUY FROM THE VILLAGERS AT MARKET UNTIL YOU HAVE FULL GEAR OR YOU WILL VERY, VERY LIKELY DIE!!!)
    Changelog:Glass Maze Changes:
    • Now has a sandstone ceiling Cancelled, made the maze too dark and torches are ugly. Other light sources don't fit with the theme, so I made it back to mormal.
    • Entire maze is filled w/glass
    • More corridors
    • False exits, one of which contains a cookie (so you should CLEARLY go looking for it)
    Other Changes
    • Added more torches throughout the map
    • Tweaked the Staircase of Woe: explained the style and switched a few blocks
    • Made the Path a little more dangerous (okay, a lot)
    • Made life a hell of a lot harder for stupid people in Darkest Death (stage 3 puzzle 1)
    • Made Frustration a lot more frustrating (it's full of freaking FENCES now)
    • Fixed the redstone thingy lagging out in the cold checkpoint
    • Added some snowy pixel art
    • Added a troll ocelot and villager @ stone checkpoint & battleaxe respectively.
    • BEAT THE LAST REDSTONE RUN! IT'S POSSIBLE! I buffed it a bit, too. :P
    • Added The Gambler
    • Added a pretty epic chest
    • Added 2 villager spawn eggs to chests in gold
    • Added a troll sign on top of the Wall of Swedish Fish
    • Added a modified Portal 2 reference
    • Added a much-needed piece of wool in a top-secret location
    • Added more minecarts to a dispenser in Iron
    • Buffed a puzzle in Diamond, but also nerfed a part (due to the fact that it blew up part of the next puzzle)
    • Added more signs (including a super-secret Hide-And-seek easter egg:get a screenshot, go to the Hall Of Fame instantly!)
    • Added something random to some chests
    • Fixed an irregularality in The Battleaxe
    • Really changed "The Path" in wood-it's now impossible to escape once entered
    • Covered up some visible redstone in Diamond
    • Made "Farm Animals Revisited" a lot harder + fixed the entrance + fixed TNT bug
    • Added something to the Rainbow (it's not important)
    • Added a warning to Obsidian, Puzzle 1
    • Confirmed that the first spawner puzzle in Obsidian is possible (I did it w/full armor + good use of potions)
    • Nerfed the gold apple after said puzzle (self-explanatory)
    • Fixed piston in obsidian lagging out (I hope)
    • Tweaked the first iron puzzle (you now PLACE the minecart)
    • Edited The Labyrinth in Iron (pistons were swapped)
    • Fixed a game-breaking bug that spawned you in Stone on creative mode.
    • Made the Vine Test in wood much harder
    • Fixed a major bug preventing entrance to cold checkpoint
    • Fixed Cold Checkpoint beds getting your head stuck in an ice block
    • Fixed a bug that made the Battleaxe really easy
    • Fixed major bug in Crumbling Pyramid that made a jump impossible.
    Finally, I'm not sure I get all this license stuff, and the creative commons thing I got was HTML so I can't really use it. If I need to do more, let me know!So that's it. If you liked or hated the map, please tell me. In fact, if you even looked at the map, I'd appreciate a response.Also, if you find a bug or the pistons in Obsidian lag out (they do that) tell me and I'll try to fix it. (The pistons should be o.k. in 1.1 but if I release a new update, they might have lagged out.) For bugs please say what puzzle and what stage it was on. (For example, if it was on the first puzzle, you would say it was on Impossible Climb in Dirt.)That's it. Enjoy the map!
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Everyone's complaining for a 1.0 update...It's not out yet, and I doubt it will be for the next few days.
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    posted a message on The 47th Hunger Games (IC) -PRE-REAPING-

    OK, if there's another one of these, I'm gonna be a gamemaker. I REALLY don't feel like typing that whole thing again. This post will be edited with my Reaping, and then I'll give myself two mentors and an escort.

    District Nine Reaping
    I wake up and jump up. Today's the Reaping. Today's the Reaping. I go outside, only to be soaked. It's raining? I trudge to the [insert place where Reaping takes place], which is thankfully indoors. By the time I make it there, my clothes are completely ruined. I sit down, only to be kicked. I turn around and see Julia and her father beside me, completely dry.
    "Get outta here, wet-face," she says, giving me another savage kick. I move away. I hope she gets picked. She'll be the only kid that'll be satisfying to kill. Meanwhile, the Capitol escort is going off on a tangent about the 42nd Hunger Games. Bored, I sit and wait for the jars to be brought up. Finally, the escort reached his hand into a jar. He says a name, but the steady rain drowns out the sound.
    Julia gives a little cheer and jumps up and down. Well, obviously she's not going to the Games, I think, disappointment flowing through me. When I look onto the stand, I see a small girl looking down. She'll never win, I immediately think.
    Tanuvius draws the last name, and the rain seems to quiet enough for me to hear it.
    "Zachary Lengas!" he says. I didn't have to volunteer! I walk up there, and Julia sneers as I walk past. I think of how ridiculous I must look, sopping wet. As I take the stage and watch the eyes of the crowd, I do something unexpected.
    I smile.
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    posted a message on The 47th Hunger Games (IC) -PRE-REAPING-
    I just typed up a huge thing and tried to post it, and apparently it didn't post.
    And I really don't feel like typing that up again.

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    posted a message on The 47th Hunger Games (OOC and Stuff) <ACCEPTING FOREVER>
    Quote from Enderleaf

    I'll just snatch the last career spot then...

    District Number: 2
    Name: Lily Histing
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Strengths: Knives, bow/arrows, spears, mining, running, crafting, swimming. Sharpens weapons often with rocks.
    Weaknesses/Fears: Scared of thunder. Unrational fear of hippos, terrible at climbing or doing anything of the sort. Not good at hand to hand combat, very skilled with weaponry.
    Career Tribute: Yes
    Biography: Lily has been training all of her life, and has actually been picked for the reaping twice, only to have someone else volunteer for her. This time, Lily is determined to go into the Hunger Games and decimate everyone with her 24/7 training for 6 years. She also works diligently, and creates electronics relatively quickly.
    Appearance: Lily has long, black hair and bloodthirsty green eyes. She is very tall and middle-weight, often an imposing figure. She generally wears top of the line, expensive clothes, and has a sparkling diamond ring on her finger.
    Notes: The diamond ring has something special about it...
    (Wow, neato)

    Is this better?
    (BTW, Lily may seem overpowered, but I actually plan on her being stupid and going into the cornucopia and staying there until everyone is dead, meaning that she'll probably die early on.)
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