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As of 2017 and so on, I will not be as active on this site as I usually was, but I'll show up once in a while.
Other than that....

Welcome to my domain...visitor...

I am Endergirl, formerly known as Endergirl00. You may call me Endy if you like, but sometimes even EnderRagegirl under certain circumstances.

I am an Ender hybrid if you haven't notice. Yes, Ender hybrid. Those do exist. I am here talking to you right now, thus I exist.

I am the rather independent, loud, funny, laughable type

I am also kenophobic (If you don't know what that is, search it).

Cake is my favourite food. You may also find out that I give out cakes to those who are capable of building something to impress me.

" Life is like a piece of cake, it's what you do that makes the best of it,
and it's your actions that makes it the tastiest. "

I'm a casual gamer, I play a variety of games on different consoles.

My favourite animals are different varieties of birds and cats. My favourite mythical creature (if you've seen my previous thread and posts you've already guessed it) dragons or any other flying creatures (I.e wyverns, gryphons, phoenixes, etc).

My favourite game so far is Undertale

My favourite hobby is drawing, and I also have my own deviantart page (Good luck finding it)

I have a Wacom Tablet (Intuos) which I use to make my art. You can find me on my deviantart page where I am much more active than on this site.

But other than that, welcome to my profile. You can send me a PM about anything, you can chat to me about anything or mention something, don't be shy about introducing yourself, I don't bite (maybe...). Also, feel free to follow, comment, or just say hi!

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