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    posted a message on RECRUITING STAFF FOR [24/7] [64 SLOTS] [TOWNY] [CUSTOM PLUGINS]
    IGN: Minecommunity88
    Name: Taylor
    Age (13+): 13
    Building Experience:I'm great at making spawns and building Mideval styled builds and modern styled builds. I can also make pixel art.
    Staff Experience: moderator for a few months on two servers... One is creepercraft and other we haven't decided a name yet. Co-creator on one.
    Overall Minecraft Experience: how long: 3 years of playing minecraft
    Why should we choose you: because I can build/ add anything and I can also start stuff like parkour or race or towns and anything like that
    Skype (reccomended): I can only have my relatives on Skype
    Pictures of Builds or server work (reccomended: I don't know how to add them yet...
    How often you can help: almost all day on week days on weekends about 5 to six hours.
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    posted a message on The NEW update corner
    Hey this is where u can add pics,ask questions,and post awesome,new seeds for the updates
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    Hi guys!!!im new here but the crafting update was on the 14 of March,...or was it the 14 of February?but anyways when u get the new update,...I'm sure that when u open ur inventory...u can see what it looks like on the of version

    I have noticed that when u set a crafting table down,u can actually make diamond gear.;)
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