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    posted a message on Fruit Trees & Thirst Bar [Bug Images Fixed 06/02] [Hydratation Revised] [New Images] [New Table Explanatory]


    Maybe you could put sugar in lemon juice and make it lemonade? Also, I don't support the apple trees, because you can get them from oak trees.

    Welcome to the forums :)

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    posted a message on Custom skins with the /summon command!

    It's already possible to summon a mob with a custom head, but why not with a custom skin? This would help a lot with adventure maps. For instance, Herobrine's Return by hypixel. The final boss is Herobrine, yet you can still see his zombie arms. Having custom skins on mobs would fix this.

    Here is the command to summon a zombie with a custom head (CaptainSparklez's head):

    /summon Zombie ~ ~1 ~ {Equipment:[{},{},{},{},{id:skull,Damage:3,Count:1,tag:{SkullOwner:CaptainSparklez}}]}

    And here is what the command to summon a zombie with a custom skin might look like:

    /summon Zombie ~ ~1 ~ {{hasCustomSkin:1},{skinOwner:CaptainSparklez}}

    Note: I'm not that good with commands, so that's probably wrong.

    Now, this only works for zombies, right? Well, websites like NovaSkin have custom skins for mobs. Maybe you could download a skin from there and move it into a "Skins" folder in .minecraft, where you could do this command to summon a skeleton with this skin:

    /summon Skeleton ~ ~1 ~ {{hasCustomSkin:1},{skinFile:DJ_Skeleton.png}}

    Note: This would only work if you downloaded the skin file.

    Also, tell me if there's anything wrong with this. :)

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    posted a message on Who has the best avatar out of the two above posters?


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    posted a message on Ban the user above you #2

    Pikachu has 7 letters

    7 + 2 = 9

    8 divided by 2 is 4

    9 - 4 = 5

    5 - 2 = 3

    A triangle has 3 sides

    Banned because illuminati confirmed

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    posted a message on Let's make a story using one word at a time!


    (Current result: Once upon a time, Billy killed your salad and burnt your rice, his mind was eviscerated so he punched you in the ear and laughed and drank soda. Then he decided that Microsoft can't eat fries, so he smelled his sand. Then he felt the lava dog eat paapy after the last banana before the unnecessary bucket died. So I replied to King Derpisourisderpius Eviscerated Spaghetti and brothers who do stuff in a DogeVonDogey potato on a cheeseburger exploding cheese into the cautiously running cat filth that eats your crotch. Sanic ran into a police car a was doing something incredibly stupid for his applesauce mother full of cheese, mayo punched him on the right bumcheek was feeling pain. DUBSTEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, what the French toast is rekt mate with me is very pi is pi and i lik TENTACLES because of anime gurls so I was urging a anime I yee. Later, Sanic made Obama say poop which ended in a great apocalypse. Other civilizations from the sun were simultaneously experiencing the worst story ever, but then potatoes flew past Starbucks and exploded into pineapple fragments rickrolled because he was trying marijuana out. The population didn't know what to eat. Maids suddenly ate people who smell because manga is possibly something awesome and totally fake unicorn comic. Creeper that poops babies on their heads while terrorists vomit explosively because they are fat and there is an abomination mom shoe has TheLieDay. Y did ILLUMINATI eat human flesh. Rekt Megaman flying on Hitler's butt playing Barney games while simultaneously crying because AAAAAAAAAA!!!!! while slurping enderjuice. He combusted into fecal starburst when a nYEEnja walked into a bar. Then Potato Man ate libraries for nutrition. Farts assaulted their grandma for happiness and love because aliens hate pizza bees and craft dispensers that eat feminists that like girls and bananas so they can dominate the entire Comic Sans empire. BUT SUDDENLY, THE LIVING printers that fly to Korea while ogling wash-machines quarters started chewing on asphalt with Doge teeth and...)

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    posted a message on how to add Stampy and other friends?
    First of all, Stampy plays on Xbox, so if you don't have Xbox you can't play with him. If you do, he would have to add you as a friend and invite you to his world, which he almost never does unless you're extremely lucky.

    If you have Xbox, you can add other players, but on PC you don't add people, you just play on servers with them (be careful, not all servers are kid friendly).
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    posted a message on Minecraft Movie?
    OK, maybe herobrine is a bad idea. But rather than the Ender dragon, maybe they should make up a villain. For example, "Lord Business" didn't exist until the Lego Movie came out.
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    posted a message on Yohner's Silleh Adventure! **PART ONE** done :)
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    posted a message on Worst server experience
    Mine was on a really good server that I liked. My favorite game was Kitpvp, but the arena was controlled be 3-5 enchanted-diamond-armor clad hackers. They kept killing me. That is why I never played on that server ever again...
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    posted a message on Things to Build in a City
    1. Small House (A small 5x5 house)
    2. Realistic House (A rather large house, maybe modeled after your own)
    3. Mansion (A huge house, maybe for you or the rich villagers to live in)
    4. Condos (A giant row of connected 5x5 houses)
    5. Old-Fashioned House (An old-looking house optionally with a horse garage and an outhouse)
    6. Shop (A large building with deals on certain blocks and items)
    7. Church (A large, tall building)
    8. Bank (A square, brick building with an area for a bank teller)
    9. Sports Complex (A large area for sports.)
    10. Lab (A large area for science experiments.)
    11. Redstone Testing Area (A large area to test new redstone devices.)
    12. Prison (Small cells to put players who have done a lot of griefing or stealing.)
    13. Obsidian Prison (An extra secure prison, it can also be bedrock it you're an admin.)
    14. Lava Prison (A prison secured by lava.)
    15. Water Prison (A prison secured with water, so anyone who tries to escape will drown.)
    16. Maze (A fun thing to build if you get bored.)
    17. Castle (A large bulding for the rulers or the land.)
    18. Ship (A ship in the sea, armed with cannons.)
    19. Minecart Track (A great way to get around the town.)
    20. Library (A building filled with bookshelves, a great place for enchanting.)
    21. Starship (May the Force be with you when you build this amazing floating vehicle.)
    22. Underground Chambers (A secret underground area with defenses and maybe a basilisk.)
    23. Mine (A place to gather ores.)
    24. Park (A nice, plat, open space.)
    25. Rollercoaster (An exciting, fast Minecart track.)
    26. Skyscraper (An extremely tall building.)
    27. National Park (A large area with some mountains ane maybe a river.)
    28. Dock (To launch boats from.)
    29. Town Hall (The central building.)
    30. Bakery (A store that sells bread, cakes, and cookies.)
    31. Grocery Store (A store that sells all kinds of foods.)
    32. Armory (A place to buy your weapons and armor.)
    33. Target Practice (An area with colored wool targets for bow and arrow practice.
    34. Nether Portal Building (An area to house your Nether Portal.)
    35. End Portal Access Route (A minecart track leading to the nearest stronghold.)
    36. Crafting Shop (Pay someone to craft something you can't figure out how to do.)
    37. Mushroom Island Minecart Track (Make a minecart track to the nearest mushroom island biome.)
    38. Smelting Shop (Pay someone to smelt your items if you don't have an coal.)
    39. Enchanting Shop (Pay someone to enchant your tools and armor.)
    40. Farm (An area with crops and water.)
    41. Cactus Farm (An area where you can grow cacti.)
    42. Automated Golem Farm (Round up some Endermen, and get lucky. Creative mode only.)
    43. Tree Farm (An area to plant trees.)
    44. Cobblestone Factory (Use water and lava to create cobblestone.)
    45. Obsidian Factory (Use water and lava to create obsidian.)
    46. Sugar Cane Farm (An area to plant sugar cane.)
    47. Automated Mob Killer/ Xp Farm (With the use of lava, water, and cacti, create your own mob trap!)
    48. Natural Xp Farm (Find a dungeon, and transform it to be an xp farm!)
    49. Dungeon Minecart Track (Make a minecart track to the nearest dungeon.
    50. Restaraunt (Make a place where villagers can dine. Sadly, you have to light it up so mobs don't spawn.)
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