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    How much FPS do you get in Minecraft? On my Acer Chromebook 315 with the settings below on Pojavlauncher, I get an unpredictably playable 300-400fps without Optifine on 1.7.10. Which was surprising since I didn't think it would be that high since I have UHD Graphics. Using Optifine made FPS skyrocket to around 700 to 1100fps. Looking up at the sky and turning down the resolution and zooming in and pressing F1 made the FPS go up to insanely high levels


    Graphics: Fast

    Smooth Lighting: Off

    Render Distance: 2

    GUI Scale: Normal

    View Bobbing: Off

    Fullscreen: On

    VSync: Off

    Particles: Minimal

    And I also hit 1000+ fps


    CPU: Celeron N4020

    GPU: UHD Graphics 600

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