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    posted a message on CHEAP GRAPHICS! $5 AND UNDER!

    Start out by making Graphics for free. Improve your skill, Then when you can design with professional skill, Start charging for designs that you put hours of detail into.

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    posted a message on Building mode (gamerule)

    If this /blockHitbox True function would add a block outline to all half-blocks and partial blocks to show it's seperate faces
    Then it absolutely deserves a Support!

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    posted a message on Can't repair tools forever.
    After seeing all of your comments, i'm sort of curious

    What about naming your pickaxe should give it a virtually immortal lifespan?
    Why should naming a tool make it cost less experience to repair?
    how does that make sense? at all?

    After a tool undergoes so much wear and tear, dont you think it is only realistic to have to replace it after a while?
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    posted a message on The Stile in vanilla! (Hopefully, anyway!)
    This is an article about the Stile being added to vanilla minecraft!
    If you would like to see the article about this becoming a mod, click here! The Stile Mod! (Hopefully, anyway!)

    Have you ever had to maintain a hefty animal farm?
    Isnt repopulating your cows and chickens a hassle when they all scramble out the gate when you open it?
    It is?!
    Then let me introduce to you, the Stile!

    The Stile is crafted like so!

    OR Do you have any crafting recipe ideas?

    But what is The stile?

    An arrangement of steps that allow people but not animals to climb over a fence or wall.

    The stile i am referring to is simple. Its a wooden fence, with a plank of wood in between the barriers!
    And it will be oh so handy! The stile acts like a regular fence block, being two-and-a-half blocks tall, and transparent! Instead of having to open a fence gate and accidentally let out the animals in your pen, you can simply climb The Stile like a ladder! This allows players to travel in and out of their animal pens without the risk of animals escaping! How Handy!

    And that's not all! The stile functions very well as a decorative block! adding that touch of variety to your long perimeter fences. It also acts as a nice replacement block if your fences contain too many gates!

    Now that the wonderful introduction is over with, i need a little help from you folks out there!

    It would also be appreciated if someone could make a recipe image of the finished stile!

    Here are a couple reference images to show you what they might look like!

    And hey! It looks like we have our very first peice of Concept Art!
    Click to see what The Stile might look like in block form!

    I'd really appretiate any help you guys could lend! and please, tell me if this suggestion is a good idea! I'd love to hear your feedback!
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    posted a message on The Stile Mod! (Hopefully, anyway!)
    What a nice idea!
    I will definitely take that into consideration! especially if other viewers agree!
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    posted a message on The Baby Creeper and Taming Creepers
    Dear god. I'm so sorry for the surge of hate you are about to get.
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    posted a message on Has MC died, as a whole?
    I honestly get so sick of people saying MC is dieing. Literally, there is almost no reason you should think that. at all. ever.

    • The game is being updated almost 'constantly'.
    • its coming out on more platforms than you can count.
    • The developers are constantly working and posting on progress to the game.
    • Minecon tickets sell out in >30 seconds.
    • about half of youtube has turned into Minecraft lets-plays
    • The modding community is astoundingly large
    • schools are actually using minecraft as a way to teach students.
    • Minecraft is literally the most bought videogame on the internet. Seriously.
    HOW could it be considered a dieing game? how? HOW???
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    posted a message on Giant Ocean Monument Info Thread
    Quote from GerbilCrab475

    Wait, I just realized something.

    So the guardians kill squids. They also happen to have gold blocks in their temples that they are protecting...

    No, Jeb, you couldn't. Y-you wouldn't.

    You're setting this up! You evil person! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Quote from TheRedstoneBlaze

    LOL. Skydoesminecraft will love those Guardians until he gets near them.

    Hmm.. technically... wouldn't guardians be WORSE than squids to sky-fans?
    Think about it. They kill both squids AND humans, and they purposefully horde gold blocks.
    I feel like guardians would be more like a "mutual enemy" sort of deal.
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    posted a message on It's so... adorable? [New Endermite Model and Texture]
    Jesus you people can complain. Do you care that mooshrooms are identical to cows save for a reskin and a few mushrooms? or that perhaps cave spiders are smaller reskins of spiders?

    Hell. do you care that salmon and clownfish are reskins of fish?
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    posted a message on PixelPrint: Decorative Doorways

    This is the second installment of a possibly maybe-series I might be working on, called PixelPrint.

    I Draw buildings and pictures (but mostly buildings) with 11x11 pixel squares (and smaller pixelsquares when more detail is required) with 1 pixel gaps to separate changes in depth, and color.

    Every PixelPrint will most-likely be Minecraft friendly, unless this becomes a stronger hobby of mine, so feel free to build my designs if you so please.

    Today I was experimenting with large, extravagant archways and entrances.
    The Demon head was my first design, and i had originally intended it to be different shades of gray, as if it were carved into stone, but i found it to be too boring to look at, so instead i added dark red coloring (Netherbrick) and used dark gray (Cobblestone) for the horns. I actually had tried several times with different kinds of horns, but most left me unimpressed, and i think these were the right choice.
    The skull i also had a bit of a problem with at the beginning, but i think i finally found a design i was happy with. I think the cheekbones shape the skull quite nicely, and I think the proportions make it look like a good generic skull (not anatomically correct, of course). I'd build it out of quartz for that boney effect
    The dinky little arch at the top is the Abandoned Mineshaft archway from vanilla minecraft, which i usually use to theme my mines in-game, though now i will have something much larger and more creative to built.

    I hope you like my designs, and as always, Comment! Tell me if you like the designs, and how you feel about the art style
    Is there anything i could do to improve?
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