About Me
There isn't really much to say about me. I have ADHD so I take (almost-literal) 'chill-pills'. If I forgot to take my pills, you will find out almost instantly. I am REALLY smart, and I kinda am really strong (all in the genes). Taking my pills does have its side-effects though, so I sometimes lose my sanity. When that happens, I sit up at night and soul-search. This has happened 6 times total while on a medication called 'Concerta'. I've heard that I'm a really good person to talk to (or a shoulder to cry on), but I don't believe that. I was also told that I put WAY TOO MANY COMMAS, which I've kinda noticed, but It is just another quirk of mine.
This is starting to feel like a rant.......... BUT I DON'T GIVE A FOOPING SHOOP.
Interests Minecraft, Skyrim V