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    Since i make 50x50 chars, good for signatures im here to try to make YOU a mini char
    Rules :
    1. I will make you guys 5 pixel skins/characters, you can wait an hour before you can order 5 again, if not you will be added to the wait list :)
    2. I will not make characters that over sizes to 50x50 + or -
    3. Do not rush me, as these things take time
    4. Use the old skin format if posting a skin
    Yes you can apply but you need to PM me before i can make you join me
    Im only choosing 5 people to join!

    Join Request
    I want to join because : (ex. I want to help EnderCreeper08 make pixel skins/fix his problems)
    I use : (Paint.NET is Recomended)
    Im active for : (ex: 3 Hours, Tuesday)

    1 Applied

    23 Pixel Skins Made
    Are you looking for a new pixel skin/character?
    Or are you looking for a pixel skin/character that matches your skin?
    Check the spoiler for new pixel skins and updates!

    HD Add-ons are now in the shop!
    1 Pixel Skin Add-ons made

    Simple BG's.
    (Note: You can only select a background in the Spoiler below)
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    posted a message on [ReAlMz Pack Overhaul] Arrows to Quivers Resource Pack
    NOTE : The forum will be COMPLETELY replaced with a resource pack called "ReAlMz Pack"

    Release Date : Late July or Early

    Are you tired of the same old arrows?

    Do you want a different texture for the arrows?
    "All arrows are the same!"

    Then why not change the arrows to quivers!
    Arrows will look the same when fired, but it's item texture is converted to a quiver instead of arrows.
    Getting a Bow with Infinity I and an Arrow (Or quiver) in slot 9 will make you feel more like an archer!

    The player holding a quiver and a quiver is on the ground

    Arrows will still look the same when fired

    Random Nubcaik (Not really a nubcaik but an example)
    "Lol, i report u 4 steelin da qwivr textur frm Mojang"
    A : Basicaly, no...
    The quiver texture was unused, so i think i'd make arrows to quivers, and besides, you need to use some grammar.

    Mod (Not really a mod but an example)
    "We will terminate your post, you can just basically rename Quivers to arrows then be done with it."
    A : When there's a new version, the arrow with the quiver texture will disappear to that new version, and you even need to spend minutes or seconds just renaming those textures so resource packs/texture packs are very handy since they're easy to switch with this texture.


    I hope you like it! Bye.
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    posted a message on EnderCreeper08's Signature Pixel Skins/Characters
    Quote from Happy_Gy_17
    Oh, I just wait :P The Skin
    I need to sleep, after a long day, here's your pixel skin

    Also guys, im sorry i wasn't around, busy in schools n stuff, ill try my best to continue your requests
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