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    posted a message on Do you name a mob?
    Creeper = Mr. Creeps

    Spider = Spidey

    Cave Spider = Spidey's younger moar anyoing brother

    Zombie = waffle (long story)

    Pig = Frank

    cow = Demon from the nether (remember that mooing sound?)

    Wolf = Wolfie

    heres the zombie story .-.

    so it was early one morning and I made my self a waffle while crafting

    a zombie poped out and I screamed WAFFLE to my friend (instead of saying ZOMBIE)

    my friend said what? and was hit off of a cliff, it was hard core

    and I'm still searching for that zombie... it happened 2 months ago..
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    posted a message on Skeletons have had a huge buff!?
    Quote from danthonywalker

    I think all mobs should be buffed to the point they actually should be feared, IMO, even with full diamond armor.

    Hard = need enchanted diamond armor still a challenge

    normal = fine with diamond

    easy = fine with Iron

    peaceful = fine with nothing :P

    also just saying the mobs should get smarter

    ex) skeletons run behind a zombie when you get close
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    posted a message on Creature players
    1) no herobrine

    2) that would make it easier with D v.s Z server so sure
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    posted a message on Abandoned villages, unabandoned mineshafts
    perhaps the unabanded mineshaft could be conected to a regular village>
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    posted a message on Better Dungeon Loot
    Quote from LesserLoops

    Invisibility Cloak (Super Rare) (Maybe?)

    Gives the potion effect of Invisibility, all the time the cloak is eqquiped.


    Post suggestions or art in the comments, and if I like them, I'll add them.

    A tiny bit op but how about this?

    when standing still you get 10 seconds of invisibility (doesn't go down)

    then when you move it goes down

    to get more you stop and wait about 0.5-1 seconds for the cloak to "charge" again and you get your bost again

    also for a suggestion perhaps cosmetic items like zombie shirt and pants, a skeleton costume and a spider costume (note: for a skeleton costume I have to raid a skeleton dungeon.)

    EDIT: the mincon capes don't turn invisible would this cape turn invisible?
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    posted a message on New block idea: Grinder
    Nice Idea I suppose but just like this would be a little over powered.

    to make it less op perhaps this

    to use it you need to power it

    we could power it with redstone so it becomes a middle game tool instead of an earlier tool.

    (my reason is having near limitless sand and gravel just from stone should be a more complex tool and because it uses pistions you would need to power the pistons.)
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    posted a message on HAZMAT/explosive resistance armor
    Quote from pinballboy7

    The explosion resistance should be nerfed. Each armor piece should resist around 20%, with the effects stacking, so people don't wear full diamond and then hazmat boots. Also, redstone is fairly easy to find, so something else should be used to craft it.

    I asume he ment a full suit gave 95%

    but this also would only protect against explosives

    and it has a terrible durability

    This frankly isn't this much of an over powered Idea.

    (just an Idea if you had the 95% protection and put blast protection on, and it went over 100% by Damage logiv would the blast heal you?)
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    posted a message on What's wrong with this picture?
    why is this in suggestions?
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    posted a message on Potato Launchers: Not Nearly as Stupid as they Sound
    yes please :3


    how much damage would It do

    how fast would it shoot

    does it do splash damage

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    posted a message on I have a question
    My good sir/madam I believe that is called

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