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    Lol dude you are asking way too much. All the stuff you want is possible but my oh my, it would take forever to code all of it. But i know what your talking about, ive played wasted ive seen their mechs. They're pretty cool i will admit, I understand why you would want them. Well guess what, i have actually just finished a plugin just like their mechs. Mine are the exact same almost(Mine uses crackshot guns and uses different particle effects when the mech has low health) otherwise mine have 600 health(600 exp levels), Can super jump(with exp bar cooldown), Mechs inventory is saved to the IronGolem(So who ever gets in the same irongolem has the same inventory,When you enter the Mech your inventory is saved(and when you exit its given back to you) Also my mechs are disguised using LibsDisguises(You control the mech disguised as a irongolem). Now this took me weeks to code, and im not just going to give it away. Maybe if you wanted to purchase my plugin we could come to a offer.

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