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    My! No one is one during nighttime in the server which is the time I wake up to here. If anyone has a positive time zone (UTC/GMT+1,2,3 and so on) I'd appreciate it.

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    posted a message on What is the physical unit resolution of MC?
    Quote from Meissmart»

    So when Steve or Alex jumps, they jump a full METER into the air?

    As silly and unrealistic as it sounds, yes. Steve/Alex is a full-blown Olympian from the first spawning. But then so is carrying 1728 blocks of gold without being slowed down at all :P.

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    ((Me's back :) ))

    Grandma was surprised she could fish out a cookie with her hands bound. She used the rough exterior of her workplace to file the Refresh Button off, not forgetting to somehow (awkwardly) take her cookie basket with her. The Refresh Button dropped its loop was cut off from all the filing. Her hands finally free, she sighed in relief.

    "That was bad," she said. "Let's try something nicer but still interesting." She went for the Interlinking Hub outside her Home Site and inputted "newgrounds.com". She knew it from searching for sites with wacky elements. There should be lots of people to distribute cookies to. She got on the Interlinking Transport and she was on her way.
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    posted a message on ★ Kurdish Language Suggestion ★ PLEASE READ ★
    Quote from ShahoPC

    Thanks for all your support guys :)

    Any suggestions in this matter?

    I've this:

    Quote from EndRPnT

    You should create an unofficial Kurdish language pack, just suggesting :)

    Well, if you're not so good in creating a language pack with Notepad then it's fine.
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    posted a message on A removed mod thing
    Quote from TheBreezeKnees

    Hey Lex! You said your waiting list is full which is reasonable since you have seventeen pages with requests on them. Is there some way you need assistance? I know C++ but no java unfortunately. I might be able to figure out models and do some. Other people would probably help you too.

    For those of us with ideas that are to be put on hold, should we keep posting until your list isn't full, wait for you to give the thumbs up, or seek another avenue? I really like the baby mobs and what you're doing here so don't get me wrong; I just want to know how to proceed.

    My Idea:

    Note that Lex's replies are translated with Google Translate from Dutch to English and I did not see he replied to your first few parts. (I hope you, Lex can learn English well in school though)
    I can make it simpler though:
    1. He wants to do models for you.
    2. Since the waiting list is full, he asks what should they (requesters) do:
    *Keep posting until it's not full.
    *Wait until you can accept the requests.
    *Find another mod making service.
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    posted a message on Has Jeb ruined Minecraft?
    Everyone keeps rubbing each other the wrong way to the point it's just disrupting the essence of civil discussion.

    Quote from BodOwens

    Person 1: Jeb sucks!
    Person 2: *Gives reasonable input on how Jeb does not suck*
    Person 1: Go home fanboy! you little piece of S***s is not needed here!


    -_- guys
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    posted a message on Swamps must go!
    Ugh. Every single thread has at least one fox and the grapes scenarios.

    Quote from nivram

    WoeUntoYou. In Vietnam, Arkansas, Oregon and other places I have seen all different colors of foliage and grass. Ranging from bright green to completely black.


    OK there's black grass, but you haven't state on the removing-the-hardcoding part.

    Sure they're good for resources so I voted against its removal, but I think the grass can be a tad lighter to fit the transition.
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    posted a message on Would you buy a minecraft expansion?
    Expansions are the reason why I quit playing the Sims legitly, so no.
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    posted a message on What's up with the horrible "new" sounds in 1.4.2?
    Nightmare fetishists and rose-tinted players, God I don't want some of the new sounds permanently! (Like that stare and the muddy sand) Someone better create a sound pack that replaces those ASAP. At least there is a replacement for those pesky cave sounds :)

    (If Mojang decides to go in that scary direction often I might as well request for a ditching mod)
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Quote from Luis

    Why should they 'fix' terrain? It's all about opinion.

    If it was, almost nothing would have been fixed. Opinion sometimes = feedback.
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