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    Minecraft User Name:Spoomoniz
    Character Name:Elyweir
    Character Age: 16
    Character Gender:female
    Character Bio:Elyweir comes from a long line of powerful druids, in fact it was during her training that the nightmare started, bandits raided her family compound and she was the only survivor, she wandered in the wilderness for days before she finally came upon a small farming community, they took her in and raised her as their own, in return, she would give small magical favors, she was living the perfect life and was set to be married, but on her wedding day a mad sorceror stole her away and forced her to marry him instead, she now lives out her life trying to bring good to the sorcerors victims, and trying to unite a rebellion against the sorceror!
    RP Ability (Advanced/Intermediate/Beginner):Beginner
    Why I want to join: I've ALWAYS wanted to try RPing
    RP Sample: Elyweir sauntered down the market square smiling at everyone she walked by, today she was walking on clouds, it was perfect, the sun was shining the birds were singing, and she had not a care in the world, suddenly, a strange man came out of nowhere and charged into her, grabbing her purse of money and running, for a few seconds she was stunned, then she burst into action, waving her hands in intricate symbols she muttered a word of power, roots sprang up from the ground and wrapped around the robbers feet. Now she sauntered over to the trapped thief, smiling as the roots began to encase his entire body....
    Type out a paragraph about what your character would do after waking up in the hut with little memories.
    She awoke with a start and stared frightened she had lost...something, she couldn't remember, springing to her feet she took inventory of her surroundings, a drab wooden hut, nothing here, starting to the door she jumped back a fear, a rat had scurried in front of her, reaching the door she walked outside and felt instant relief, this is what she had been missing, this...connection with the world starting down a path she didn't care where she ended up, she was just glad for the journey

    Pillow doesn't count!
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