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    1.19.2 SERVER IP: Mc.EmptyEgo.Com

    Empty Ego is a Community based on Positive & Creative Interactions;
    We are much more than a Minecraft server...

    Empty Ego is a simplistic take on Hardcore Survival with a flair...
    We're talking about dire situations, active planning, and legitimate difficulty from sources other than mobs.

    Winters Bite & Summers Blister
    Every Month in the real world is 1 Year in our servers. Experience the shifting cycles that are seasons. Make sure you plan accordingly - Each season brings different groups of mobs, changes to both temperature and weather patterns. Be sure to take cover and stay hydrated when necessary!
    More Info: Realistic Seasons Wiki

    Travelers Beware! Encumbrance Exists...
    Being the best isn't easy. Higher tier gear may be stronger at glance, but those materials are more dense! Don't let looks deceive you; Wearing full Netherite slows you down, where as Leather has nearly no effect on your speed. Oh, and don't forget Shulker Boxes/Ender Chests. Items will effect your speed whether in your hot-bar or inventory. Only take what you need! It could be your life on the line...
    More Info: Towny Combat

    Need Protection? Join or Start a Town!
    How are players to grow and develop without a community? Build your own, or join another - No matter the case, keep in mind the demands of such a system. As Towns grow they become mighty powers to be reckoned with. We know these groups as Nations. Nations capture other towns to obtain geopolitical dominance. Not to fear, war can not lead to destruction, but it can lead to your capture. When captured, Towns pay a certain amount of their daily resources to the occupying nation.
    More Info: Towny/SiegeWar/TownyResources


    Hate Pay-To-Win? We Do Too!
    Our Server has absolutely NO pay-to-win features, keeping things clean for those that earn their claim

    Sick of Cheaters? So Are We!
    Cheating has no place in our server and our active staff will make sure it's taken care of ASAP

    Love a Challenge? They're Our Favorite!
    Intricate tuning has built this daring journey, 100% ready to be taken on by brave adventurers

    Well...? Quit Sitting Around, You're Wasting Time!

    1.19.2 SERVER IP: Mc.EmptyEgo.Com
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