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    Quote from FireyGinga

    I noticed the sounds/music wasn't in this update. Do you plan on adding them?

    I hadn't gotten the chance to check out Zomb's sounds before his internet ran out. For vDC 3.9, I used Zomb's latest update as a base but they weren't included in the one I downloaded.

    However, I did toy around with making some zombie/villager sounds today using my mic and Audacity (and killed my throat moaning, gurgling, and saying "braaaains" for about 2 hours). I came up with a pretty cool "Tarman"-esque zombie voice/effect, but they weren't of a quality that I'd add them to the pack just yet. Also, until I check out Zomb's, i'm not 100% sure on what I'd like to do with the various monster sounds as far as what they'll say and the various pitches to their voices.

    I've got a few cool (...copyrighted...) ideas for the music discs though; and I know I want to replace the eating with an "om nom nom!", and give the villagers cockney accents. Other than those, it's still up in the air for the moment.
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    Heeey everybody!
    So guess who's not dead..!

    I just came back after around 4 months of being on hiatus as I dealt with work, family issues, and what I came to realize was an almost crippling depression I've been slogging through for almost 3 years. I don't really want to get into the details of it all (if only because I'm sick of typing them), but it was actually getting a chance to speak to ex-Misfits singer Myke Hideous (Google him. He's awesome ;) ) that started to wake my ass up from it all.

    Melodrama aside, I was just popping in to let everyone know I'm back in the game (figuratively and literally), and released the first official vDC update in a while!
    It's not a huge one, as it's basically just the textures I had finished before disappearing and all the awesome updates Zomb69 had done while I was away; But it's got my first non-hostile mob included! (Which is the one thing people have been begging for for almost 2 years now)

    Anywho, it's good to see so many of the old faces (avatars?) still around!

    ...is it too late to make Oblivion-styled "Horse Armor" jokes...?
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    vonDoomCraft 3.9
    finally RELEASED

    So what's new?

    - All of Zomb69's awesome bugfixes (including animated Lava/Water)
    - Temporary Placeholders for Fire, Snow, Horse Inventory and More (by Zomb69)
    - Witch
    - Wither (+ his extra textures)
    - Squids (in 3 colors)
    - Pumpkin Blur

    I've also updated the HD Mobs Only version with the new bits!


    PS, No offense intended to Zomb when I call his included textures "temporary placeholders"!!
    I'd still like to do them myself (Probably in the next update), and the ones he's provided look like they'll help me a great deal when I get to creating my own (especially the fire!!).
    Everyone should give him a hug for his excellent work! ;)

    --EDIT: OKAY, finally got the thread up to date!
    Changed the video to SuperVampirates latest, Added Druha's mod textures, fixed some old HTML errors, and finally added links to the pocket Edition and Steam skin!

    Druha, when you get the chance would you mind putting the mod textures into a public dropbox folder that I can link to?
    That way, I don't have to go through the novel's worth of HTML that makes up the OP and change the links in the event that you update them.
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    Thanks guys!

    Just so you all know, I'm setting up a new version for download right now! It'll probably be ready in about an hour.
    It's got all of Zomb's updates plus the Witch, Wither, Squids, and a quick pumpkinblur I just made from the Jack O' Lantern.
    I'm not going to bother making images and all the fanciness that usually comes with an update; as i just want to get it out there ASAP.

    Right after, I'll work on updating the thread info with all the new mod textures you've all been doing!
    Plus, apparently my Imageshack subscription crapped the bed, so I'm just gonna finally grab a small Photobucket subscription in the hope that the images don't disappear every other day.

    Ok, back to uploading and updating websites and links and crap!

    Also, thanks a bunch for the above post, zomb! That helps immensely!
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    ...turns out I may have been a tad mistaken when I said "things are looking up, and I'll have an update out soon" two months ago or so.

    Frankly, I don't want to bore/worry everyone with the details/excuses. Suffice to say life wasn't quite done slapping me around.
    It still isn't, but I am absolutely sick of wallowing in depression and physical pain, and not being able to work on vDC!

    Oddly enough, it was talking to Myke Hideous (of "the Empire Hideous", "Spy Society 99", one-time "Misfits" vocalist, and possibly one of the most depressing song writers ever :) ) that finally helped snapped me out of it.
    Google him. He's awesome!

    I'm going to do this in list format, as I just got out of work and haven't slept in 2 days.

    I didn't get a chance to read most of the e-mails/PMs/etc that were sent to me over the last few months, until yesterday. I haven't the words to describe just how heartwarming most of them have been; And I just needed to say thank you to everyone for the well-wishes and kind words.

    Also, Thank you all for even sticking by vDC while I've been in limbo!!

    As I'm sure you're all aware, he's painstakingly and single-handedly been keeping vDC alive while I was unable to. I cannot express how grateful I am to him!!

    Zomb, mate, consider yourself co-creator of vDC! When I get the chance to update all the various thread/website images/readmes/etc, they'll read "by Emperor Doom & Zomb69".
    Well... except for the PMC ones... apparently I'm still banned and can't change them. Bleh.

    I haven't even updated MC since April, and just saw that they've completely revamped the way Texture Packs work.
    While I'll look into that whole switchup, if anyone could let me know what new stuff they've added (texture-wise), and what I need now to get everything working properly, I'd be infinitely appreciative!
    As much as I'd love to be able to devote all my time to vDC and Minecraft again, my schedule is still extremely strained and I don't think I can bumble around for days just trying to get my game/mods to work.

    (Also, I doubt I'm 100% up to date on you've added to the pack, Zomb)

    4. UPDATES!
    By god, it's about dang time for an official one again!
    I can't promise a massive one right away (mostly because of #3, above), so the next update will will mostly be Zomb's hard work from his updates, plus the Wither, Witch, & Squids that I had worked on before everything went pear-shaped.

    Also, it's always a pretty big undertaking simply updating about a dozen sites/creating images whenever I do an update, so the next one may be a bit more low-key than usual; But one way or another it'll be released within the next few days!!!

    I really do apologize for the fact that this isn't a short novel thanking absolutely everyone, and responding to 2 months worth of posts, but my brain is currently running on empty, and I kind of suck. :)

    So yeah...
    Official update as soon as I can figure out where Minecraft's at now-a-days!
    You're all superb people!
    Google Myke Hideous! (got to figure out a way to thank him, vDC style. I may make a zombie version of him for the pack..?)
    Zomb69 wins the internet!
    I'm going to sleep now :P
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    I'm not dead, nor has vDC been abandoned!
    (just getting those out of the way, as it's been damn near a month since I've been able to post)

    I'm sure you're all as sick of reading my "no update because..." posts as I am of having to type them, so the extremely short version is that:
    A) Work schedule is still random.
    B) I was out of action for a few weeks due to abscess in my ear exploding, which lead into a pretty bad infection and minor surgery.
    C) Almost daily problems with my little brother who has severe developmental issues. IE: he's a needlessly angry and violent. (we're working on getting him a proper diagnosis, but we JUST found out that his father's side of the family is filled with mental illness) I turned 30 last month and still haven't been able to move out of my mom's house for honest fear that he'd slip off the handle and harm her.

    As you can guess, I've had very little time to work on anything; and the free time I have had... well, let's just say I haven't been creatively inspired.

    Anywho, other problems aside, my health is back to "good enough, I guess" and I'm going to do my best to have a release out as soon as possible; even if it's only the unreleased Witch, Nether, and Squids for the time being!
    It'll probably take a few days; as I haven't kept up with MC in the meantime, and need to see if there were any major changes, but it's been entirely too long since I've been able to work on vDC!

    Honestly, this whole time my main concern was with you guys. I really felt like sh*t, not just physically, for having to temporarily abandon work on the pack. My sincere apologies for not popping in to let you all know what was up; but between painkillers, copious amounts of oozing pus, and getting punched a bunch by a teenager... well, I just hope you all can understand.

    Thanks so much, once again, to all of you for hanging in there!!

    vDC update of some sort coming soon!

    Also, on a side-note:
    I finally grabbed Skyrim a little while back, with the intent of doing a little vDC mod akin to the L4D2 one; but I think I'm going to pass on it. There are millions of ridiculously awesome mods for the game which any vDC one would just interfere with.
    Frankly, if even I don't want to use a vDC mod for the game, I don't think anyone else would. =)

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    Gonna break down the response for easier typing:
    - Ra.One villain looks pretty cool! Like a cross between Doom and the Crysis suit! Honestly though, with the massive amount of back-logged HD skins I have to do, I'm not sure it's one add to the list; if only because I don't know the character and intricate skins take forever to draw. I may do a similar looking skin at some point though, as I'd like to do a small pack of original super villains.

    - Starting a texture from scratch can be done a number of ways, depending on what style you're looking to use.
    For mine, (outlining aside) I usually start with a number of stock photos of a various materials that the texture will need (IE: burlap, sheet metal, etc). Most of the time I make them grayscale and try to mess with the contrast/brightness so that they're a middle-tone gray.
    From there, most of the shaping (adding height, shadows, etc) is done using the brighten/darken tool.
    Color is added later, after which I make the materials look cartoony or painted (can't really describe this portion. It's a huge part of my process and it's different almost every time).

    The stock photos aren't really needed though. You can start with a plain gray canvas and do the same thing; the most important part is simply the shaping with brighten/darken. (the gray canvas is important, as with a white one you can't brighten any highlights or bumps)
    The "muscle layer" I use with all my HD skins was done completely from scratch this way.

    - (about learning modeling) VERY cool! If you ever get to a point where you're confident in your abilities with it, I'd love to collaborate on some sort of mini mod. I don't have any ideas at the moment, but I'm sure something cool could be done.

    - For the dead ichigo horns, I think the easiest (and possibly cooelst) way to do them would be to not even have them as 3d models.
    instead, just add a large 2D plane cutting through the head and draw the horns on, so you have a flat sprite horns.

    Here's a quick diagram. Pretend my angles are correct and it'll give you an idea:

    I put the plane at a downward angle, as it'll make them show up better on the model.

    - Yeah, Freddy would be modeled after Robert Englund instead of the new Freddy. unfortunately, Minecraft mirrors the arm skins, so he's have to be either gloveless or have two gloves. I'd probably go with glovesless.


    (the shield effect looks better in motion)

    ...the pigtits aren't visible ingame...
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    Quote from darklight427

    im glad to see your back and doing better for yourself. and yea the ash toon would be awesome for minecraft but who is the brown guy with the red swirly eyes on the bottom middle picture. he is awesome looking i want him lol.

    i also have an idea for a witch use either the original or new Freddy Kruger face texture to give it a terrifying look. and tweak it some and maybe change the color some and it would make a really creepy witch or zombie if it don't work. instead of trying to make the regular type wizard of ozz witch fit your style. i think its mostly because of the type of witch you are using just don't work with your style and that's why they end up looking like better zombies but there are so many different kinds that might click. i will try making one from scratch and show you when im done. but yea that witch above is pretty cool looking i think the only thing missing that would make her look more like a witch is if you put a big nose on it i love the eyes, hair and teeth. but maybe a different color skin like a grey purple or grey blue dark or light don't matter but the green screams zombie. or you could use it to make an evil leprechaun from the movie if your planning on doing another witch.

    I'll have the Ash HD skin up and usable (as well as the unreleased ones I've had for a while) once the HD skin site is back up and running. I just read that the site creator/modder's brother recently passed away, so I suspect that it may be a while. Though, it appears that he's busying himself with updating the site; Which can only be a good thing for him! Working on this texturepack is what kept me semi-sane during a series of disasters in my own life, so hopefully his mod/website will be able to do the same for him.
    I still have to do so myself, but if any of you are fans/users of the HD skin mod, please let AngryKahn know that he has your support!

    The swirly-eye dude was actually the remnants of the crappy Witch I was working on for a while. I'm going to remove the hair, add some eyeballs, do a few other tweaks, and make it into a new zombie (of which I've been meaning to add more anyways).

    As for the current Witch, surprisingly the problem hasn't been making it fit my style, so much as having it fit the goofy Villager-esque model. I've actually been trying to making a non-Oz witch, but nothing else really works with the it. The giant hat, as stupid as it is, it basically the Witch's most prominent feature, so every time I removed it the skin just wouldn't work.
    As is, I've just given up and decided to go for the classic Oz witch look.

    Only the basic facial features are finalized, so the skin color and such will change. I have to toy with it a bit, but if I do end up going with green skin, I'm not too worried about her getting confused with zombies because of her massive ugly hat.

    Also, she will have a nose! You can see the basic shape of it on the brownish blob where the villager nose usually is. The parts that aren't green will be transparent, so once the nose is oragamied onto the nose model, hopefully it'll look nice and hooked. (if it works well, I'd like to do something similar with the Chicken beak)

    Anywho, I think the basics of this Witch look good so far. It mostly just needs some extra details tossed in; bone necklace, stuff dangling from the "belt", maybe spider webs on the hat, etc.

    OH! by the way, thanks for bringing up the freddy skin texture! I had completely forgotten that I'd made it (Maskless Deadpool's face).
    I'm thinking it'd probably be pretty easy to throw together a Freddy Krueger HD skin once I get the chance. At the moment I have 3 HD skins that need to be made first, but are kind of on hold so I can work on vDC some; but seeing as how the HD skin site is down, I think I can hold off on them for now...

    Anywho, Flowing animations are still giving me a world of trouble, so they may not be done for the next update. I'm eager to give the fire animations another shot soon though! This time, I think I'm just going to print out the default fire, draw over it, and work from there. It's a real pain in the ass having to draw the animation from scratch, so this will at least give me a shape to go off of.

    Quartz is still being a pain too. Making a marble texture is easy. Making a marble texture that tiles well, not so much. =)
    Plus, I'm not quite sure what to do with the chiseled quartz (or whatever they call the fancy one). Any idea are welcomed!
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    Sorry for the complete lack of news lately, guys; My work schedule/sleep cycle/etc has been crazy!
    But I think it should all be smoothing out now, as I've finally had more than a hour or two at a time to get some texturing in, so hopefully the pack should be getting back on track now!

    Anywho, gonna hit up responses tonight or tomorrow (oof, this one'll take a while); but in the meantime here are some WIPs:

    Pretty much finished Wither-

    Very early WIP Witch- (wasn't happy with the other WIP one. I'll turn her into a zombie or such)

    @ ZuperZam - https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public/vonDoomCraft/Outdated <- should all be pre-1.5
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    vonDoomCraft Left 4 Dead 2 mods

    Now Available!!


    Minecraft's most frightening texturepack invades L4D2!

    - Replacements for all 8 survivors, include Steve, Deadpool, Ash, and more!
    - Replacements for all Special Infected, including an exclusive Witch texture!
    - Dozens of zombie variants!
    - Glowing and Animated textures!
    - Blood and Gore galore!

    What are you waiting for?
    The zombie holocaust waits for no one!

    Steam Workshop Page:


    vDC Zombies:

    vDC Survivors:

    ...aaaand I have to update the image host for the thread. BAH!
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    vDC 3.8 released!

    So what's new?
    - New Hopper & item
    - New Activator Rail (Animated!)
    - New Hopper & TNT Minecart items
    - New Dropper
    - Redone Dispensor
    - Fixed Detecter Rail
    - Fixed Clock & Compass
    - Brightened the flowing:
    * Grass, Sidegrass, Tall Grass, & CTM counterparts
    * Deadbush, Fern, & all Saplings
    * All Leaves
    * All Treebarks, & CTM counterparts (bottom "tree rings" left alone)
    * Both Pumpkin Stems
    * Egg item
    As mentioned, the Flowing Lava & Flowing Water are not done. They use Zomb69's fix until I can animate some new ones with an actual "flow".


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    Really quick; the new update will be out tomorrow!
    It's taken longer than expected because of 1) random work schedule 2) trying over and over to animate the flowing water/lava and ending up with nothing good.

    Anywho, the update fixes most of the problems I've seen like the Clock, Compass, and such (still have no idea on that chest-sky thing), plus adds some new stuff:
    - Hoppers
    - the rest of the minecart icons
    - animated activator rail
    - New Dropper and re-done Dispenser (it's a skull now)

    I've also added a few of the blocks that slipped through the cracks, like the "off" detector rail.

    And now for the list things giving me a headache:
    - Quartz: Marble takes 2 seconds to make; it's somehow making it blend with the pack that's a problem...
    - Flowing Animations: At the moment the flowing water & lava are little wonky. I've tried multiple times to do little "waves" in the flow, but it hasn't turned out well...
    - Witch: I worked a few days on a blood covered naked Witch, but I think it may be impossible to make that damned Witch model look cool!
    I'm toying with it more right now, but I may just turn her into a zombie and start a new Witch from scratch...

    Anywho, getting back to textures! I'll it up responses and such soon!

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    Quote from Wolfdude131

    I'm really glad that vonDoomCraft is updated! I can use it in my Let's Play again.
    I spent a long time surfing these forums for a texture pack that would make minecraft look creepily beautiful and my search was done when I found yours. It is so saturated yet dark with the perfect amount of nerdy easter eggs (when I saw the chompy rose I fell in love haha).
    I may only have 18 followers on my youtube channel (here: http://www.youtube.c.../TheWolfdude131 if you want to check it out) but I'll gladly tell everyone how fantastic this texture pack is.
    Thankyou for putting so much time and creativity into this!

    Thanks! I'm just glad that my particular brand of "nerdy" is to some folks' liking!
    Also, thanks a bunch for the youtube support! I don't have many followers either, but I try to do what I can for the folks that use vDC on Youtube; So I'll add your channel to my featured list and try to add any vDC-ey videos to the official vDC playlist as I see them!
    (if you can, just please add "vondoomcraft" to the video tags so they're easier to find)
    Quote from paged

    Unfortunately, water, lava and water_flow lava_flow exactly the same
    You can not see what is standing and what flows :(
    Yup yup.
    Both this and the non-functioning clock are new 1.5-ish bugs. there have been a few more bugs that've been reported since the release as well, so I'm going to try and have another little bug-fixing release this weekend!
    Quote from paged

    I'm really looking forward to the new Quartz blocks in "vonDoomCraft"! ,-P
    Me too. i've been having a lot of difficulty making them actually look good, but once I've got a decent marble-like material made, it shouldn't take too long to get all the Quartz blocks done.
    I've been toying with the material at least once a day without coming up with anything usable; So i may toss together some "good enough" placeholder blocks for them until I can make better ones.
    Not entirely decided on that one though.
    Quote from Tonix

    This is one of my favorite texture packs and I haven't even used it yet! O:
    Amazing work, and very well displayed on your thread as well. That shows dedication. Awesome job.
    Why thank you!
    I tried to make it look nice and be easy to decipher, but I'm going to go back in and replace most of the links and such with images to make it easier. So hopefully, I'll be even better soon enough! (to be fair though, thread updates are my least favorite pack of working on the pack, so I'm being lazy about it)
    Quote from zomb69

    hey doom hows things?.. i been thinking of a pose for minecraft char and i decided -if you still can- i want your herobrine skin doing 'fake weiner meme' that is of course if can have bent arm... no rush

    i'll add some more pics... finished diamond walker (it's emerging from dark forest)

    I love it! I'm actually quite surprised at how well the diamond block worked for it!
    Kudos on making one of the most useless weapons of war cool again!

    As for the pic, you got it, dude! You want my Herobrine or yours'?
    (Also, it MAY take a bit. I'm going to have to mess around with different way to photoshop the bent arm.)
    Quote from denzak

    Man Mojang ­ed something up whilst making the 1.5 update...
    Before i was able to run 256x texture packs without any issues on a stable 30fps, now i can't even run 64x textures WITH OPTIFINE without having huge ram/video card issues.
    What i mean by ram/video card issues is when i load a texture pack above 32x32 all items go invisible or reset to the default textures and most terrain textures also go invisible... :/
    Yeah, they really screwed the pooch on 1.5! Not only does it make the game that much laggier for most users, but they've also managed to convince them that Minecraft now uses HD packs without a patcher... which it certainly doesn't do right.
    I was talking to Misa, glimmar, and some of the other big texture pack makers recently, and from what i got, mojang basically went about the whole texture changeup in the worst ways possible... so there is absolutely no benefit to anything they did.
    Also, most seemed convinced that the entire texture update was band-aided in to work with their upcoming Mod API (which, itself, sounds horrible.)
    We just have to continue working around Mojang's mistakes and hope for the best.

    Anyways, as I mentioned, there's gonna e a new big-fixing update this weekend, after which i'll hopefully be able to focus on new textures again!
    It really is hard to stay motivated about spending 6+ hours at a time working on a texture you're not sure will even work properly yet; but thankfully the L4D2 stuff is keeping me in the modding mood!

    Speaking of which, I've got a few new videos for them because... well, because these videos are about a million times easier to make than Minecraft ones...
    I'll probably be doing a number of these type of videos, if only to finally justify having a Youtube channel; so feel free to subscribe if you want. (Or don't. Not being pushy.)

    I'm still just waiting on a model compiler to help me out wit the witch/chicken before I can get a release out; Which is ing me right off, as I know it's only about 15 minutes of work for someone who has a modeling program installed and Ive been sitting on this for weeks now..

    Anywho, enjoy!

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    posted a message on Texture Artists' Union
    Quote from 13thMurder

    That video is awesome! i never realized left4dead was moddable... what i think is rather odd though is why the melee weapons aren't minecraft swords? wood for the baseball bat, diamond for the katana?
    ah well... it looks like fallout 3 weapons are in there actually, i'd recognise that 10mm anywhere.
    Do you have any plans to take the left4dead/minecraft crossover farther? a custom blocky map with your textures?
    Actually, there are two full Minecraft weapon packs; one for melee, one for guns. I just prefer my Pulse Rifles and Halo Swords and such. (I love seeing the cartoony Minecraft guys running around with semi-realistic weapons. gives me a "Roger rabbit" feeling)

    There is also a full minecraft campaign that's surprisingly awesome! I may try my hand at plopping vDC textures in for it, but I'd have to figure out the easiest way to do so without having to repackage the entire map pack. Other than that, I'd love to do more, but all I know how to do is texture, and I'm having one hell of a hard time finding any Source modders willing to help me out with model stuff. In fact, that's one of the only things holding back a full release. (that, and I need to make a few Versus Infected icons)

    Actually, I could probably also throw togther some L4D1/2 survivor HD skins in the vDC style, for a bit more cross-over goodness!
    I think my texturepack users may kill me though if I spend any more time on side-projects lol

    Quote from Plenty_of_Fish

    L4D2 has a steam workshop, actually.

    Maps and all!
    All Source games are highly moddable; It's what made pretty much every single one a hit.
    I just recently got L4D2 myself, and was pleasantly surprised to see just how much great content has been made over the 2 or so years since its release!

    Also, if anyone wants to try the WIP mods out, just let me know and I'll PM you the links!
    (gonna repost the video for a new page. Feel free to let me know if it's a d*ck move)
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