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    Quote from shadow21148»

    Hi, I'll be reviewing your app today.

    I'm sorry to say that your app is...


    Your powergaming and metagaming definitions are completely wrong, I would suggest reading the rules again.

    You cannot start off with knowledge of the 'arcane arts' and not have a magic app.

    I would ask that you give us a more detailed backstory. Our suggestion is three paragraphs. Explain to us why he is the way he is.
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    Quote from hinkap»



    There are a few things wrong with this app that you'll have to correct.

    One of them being, there are no mention of anything known as Frost Dwarves in our lore. That, and the reincarnation or past lives theme you were going for does not fit with the acceptable bounds of a starting character. I'm afraid your entire character will have to be redone.

    The formatting of this application is also very wonky, and hard to follow. It's not required, but I highly suggest fixing the formatting.
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    Quote from VanillaGroup»



    While I am a bit hesitant to step over P_Oxide, I notice the work you have been putting into your app, and since he will not be here for a few days, I elected to accept you.

    Keep in mind, however, there are only two current open cities. And in the past, when Lief would've left his brother, child, and wife, there would've only been one city. Please RP that accordingly.

    Aside from that, Welcome to Saphriel!

    Server IP:

    Texture Pack: http://resourcepack.net/conquest-resource-pack/

    Website: http://therealmofsaphriel.enjin.com/home

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    Quote from Sir_Nopealot»



    There are a few issues I have with your application, but they are completely fixable.

    First off, Half-Orcs are demonized by the denizens of Barkamstead, and one of the things I notice about your app is the consistent use of having Nisor be an active presence in the town. He would've been driven out long before he had made it to that age.

    Secondly, your use of redstone in your backstory. Sadly, Redstone is not an actual item in our lore. In fact, it is used as an item for blood. This will have to be changed, as that sort of thing does not exist.

    Thirdly, Your grammar could be marginally better. It was difficult for me to actually read and understand this application.

    The last thing is mostly a suggestion, but formatting would be nice. It would add to the readability of this application.

    Don't let the big red text get you down, however. You're free to fix and edit your app as much as you'd like.
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    Quote from Daash99»

    ----OOC Info----
    -Minecraft IGN: DarkDaash

    Your application has been marked as Pending.

    [b]1.[/b] Your characters name sounds a lot like Sephiroth from FF 7. Please change this.

    Quote from malcomshot»

    ----OOC Info----
    -Minecraft IGN: SoberMutt

    Your application has been Accepted!

    [b]----OOC Info----[/b] [b]-Minecraft IGN: [/b]Contosis

    [b]-Skype name (Optional, for server OOC chat):[/b] Contosis

    Your application has been Accepted!
    Quote from Rockstar»

    ----OOC Info----
    -Minecraft IGN: Zuthara


    Alright, let's get down to the nitty gritty of this, shall we?

    Your application has been Denied.

    [b]1. [/b]You made up a land that does not exist in the Saphriel lore.

    [b]2. [/b]You cannot start as a prominent member of something. Even if it no longer exists.

    Everything else seems rather okay, although your backstory was a little too based on the Rogues' Guild for my own tastes. Fix that up, and we'll see about reviewing it again.

    For all accepted players..

    Server IP:[/b]

    Texture Pack:[/b] http://resourcepack.net/conquest-resource-pack/

    Website: [/b]http://therealmofsaphriel.enjin.com/home

    The rest of you are free to edit your apps, and fix the errors shown, and we will get back to them as soon as possible.

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    Language, rolls, and builder apps available on our forums!

    Come check it out!


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    Ooh, this server looks shiny.

    Real Shiny.

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    In game name: lucas99801

    Timezone: Eastern US.

    Age: 18

    What role-playing experience do you have?: Oh boy, this’ll be good. So, I started out with RP on forums and junk. I moved on to Minecraft shortly after. Stayed there for a few years. Since I stopped really doing MC rp awhile ago, I’ve done multiple tabletop RP sessions. Mostly Shadowrun, D&D, Dark Heresy, and the like. I’ve also experimented with serious GMOD RP, and Starbound RP. Oh, and I also am on the one SS13 Heavy RP server.

    Why did you choose us?: I love the concept, and I remember hearing about the development of it back when Echoes of Mankind was up.

    Skype Name (Optional for Group Chat): dalton.logan.adkins


    Name: Simon Hyun

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Ethnicity: Asian-American.

    Place of Birth: United Union

    Defining characteristics and physical appearance:

    Simon has messy, black hair, and a tannish palor to his skin. His eyes are slightly upturned, and only barely betray his asiatic heritage. His eyes are a dark green, and his eyebrows are thin. His face is smooth, yet he has a small scar on his lip, barely noticeable unless you are very close to his face.

    He stands at around 5’9”, and isn’t the strongest of sorts. His body is somewhat well-toned, but otherwise is average for a man of his size. He has thin, long fingers. The nails of his fingers are filed neatly.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:


    -Medical Training

    -Analytical Mind

    -Quick reaction times.


    -Easily gets jealous.

    -Takes failure hard.

    -Light addiction to certain medicines.

    Does your character own property on the ship? If so, what kind:

    If he owns anything, It’d be a medical bay that doubles as a house. Or he’d just live in whatever place he can find, and work in a medical bay.

    Background Story (At least two quality paragraphs):

    Simon was born in the United Union to a doctor and a metalsmith. They lived in relative comfort, what with both of his parents having well-paying work, and was actually afforded some education. Due to his relatively comfortable life, He chose to become a Doctor, like his mother. He would shadow her in her daily job environment, taking notes and the like. Once he was old enough, he joined the Medical Academy of the United Union. He easily passed the exams there and became a certified Doctor and Surgeon. Sadly, Simon became addicted to a painkiller during his school days. He let the use go to far, and became reliant on the painkiller. Without a supply of it, he can become very irritable and angry.

    During a routine day at the hospital he was working it, Simon was doing his normal runs. He would check on all of his patients, and make sure they were all comfortable and safe. Then, He would go into a back room, and take his painkiller. One day, however, as he was taking this painkiller, a call came in for him. A soldier had been shot, and he was the only Surgeon on call. Quickly as he could, He rushed to the OR. However, he was currently high, and, to put it simply. He botched the surgery. The soldier could never walk again, and Simon was cast out of the Hospital for malpractice. He wandered the United Union, as his parents would not take him back in, and eventually settled around the docks, hoping for a ship to come and pick him up..

    Rp Scenario (Two paragraphs, any scenario you'd like):

    Simon quickly rushed into the OR, throwing on an apron stained with old blood. “Put him on the table!” He shouted, quickly washing his hands in the sink in the corner. A man was hoisted onto the table, his legs a blackened and bloodied mess. He quickly grabbed a pair of scissors, a knife, and a bottle of whiskey from his table. He alternated between cutting away pieces of blackened flesh, and pouring the whiskey on the exposed wound. The man began to kick and scream in agonizing pain. He simply nodded towards a man in the corner to hold the patient down.

    He continued his work, cutting the flesh away, and trying to save as much of the mans leg as possible. Once he had cut away all of the burnt flesh, he went to wrapping it up in bandages. He quickly poured the man a glass of whiskey and handed it to him. “This should dull the pain.” He said, quietly. Simon continued to bandage the leg, which was missing a foot. He walked into another room, sighing, the operation finished. He grabbed a syringe from a cabinet, and slowly injected the fluid into a vein on his arm. He sighed in relief, smiling a tiny bit, before sinking into the chair, and floating off into a dream..

    Don't forget your old shipmates.
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    Yes, Old Staff members will have to reapply. The application process is a bit different, You send the Head Whitelister whatever you feel is necessary to be a whitelister.
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    This server, and the ones that have come before it have always been fun and interesting to roleplay on. You should definitely apply and come join us!

    If you want to be apart of the Skype chat, add me on skype and I'll add you! dalton.logan.adkins
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    It is the year 285 of the 4th Era. 80 years after the great “Dragon Crisis”. And it has been longer than 2 Era’s since the grounds of Tamriel were divided as now. From the powerful Island of Stros M’Kai to the great Alik’r Desert rules the Hammerfell Alliance. A land that was once split by political differences now stands allied for a common goal. They appear to be fairly neutral, however the multiple forces that the Dominion send to Stros M’Kai has proven otherwise.
    From where the Summer’s set to the Jungles of Valenwood rules the Aldmeri Dominion, who throughout the last years lost more and more land. Valenwood, what once was a great ally to them is divided, the east wishes to be free of the Dominion so they may come and go in peace, the West is still loyal to their former rulers.
    And lastly the Empire, who ever since they broke the alliance with the Dominion have been taking heavy blows on the south border. Even though they appear to be regaining strength after the great wound caused by the Dominion, they continuously lose the support of former allies. Making them sink deep in an economical crisis due to the lack of trading.In the midst of the war, the other provinces that are left out of the war continue to grow or regain strength that was once theirs. The Great Houses of Morrowind made an agreement that there shall be no civil war amongst the houses as long as the war in the west continues. The situation in Black Marsh remains unknown, however, rumours of the An-Xileel meeting the Houses of Southern Morrowind and speaking of a temporary alliance are spreading. And finally Skyrim, now ruled by High King Tobias Stormcloak, is entering a golden age. It took long for their wounds of civil war to heal, but they did, and with it came prosperity.
    During all this, the Dominion has a new strategy. They have changed their target to High Rock, the weak link in the Empire’s chain so to speak. By taking the capitol of High Rock, Daggerfall, they hope to over-power the weakened Empire, and finally claim the Imperial City, for themselves. Though, there have been whispers. With the Dunmer regaining the strength they once held, and rumors of the King of High Rock going behind the Empire’s back, and seeking assistance from the Redguards of Hammerfell, some believe that the Alliance war of the Second Era will happen once again, but, only time will tell.
    Conduct Rules: Section 1.0
    1.1 - No Racism, Sexism, Trolling, or Spamming.
    1.2 - Players can use other forms of communication such as Teamspeak, /ch ooc, and Skype for various levels of out of character chat that does not disturb or distract from roleplay. Please do not do OOC chat in Local RP / White chat as it can get very confusing.
    1.3 - Do not to abuse any loopholes or bugs found in the server, report them, so we can fix them.
    1.4 - No advertising.
    1.5 - No hacking clients or mods of any kind.
    1.6 - No screamers.
    1.7 - Age limit for Iliac Bay is 13 years due to the adult and violent nature of the Elder Scrolls. If you are below this age, despite the app quality you will be denied.
    1.8 - The usage of warps is an instant ban due to cheating. You can use /home, /back, and /spawn only if you are stuck in a hole or fell into an area you cannot get out. Usage of these permissions in rp is not permitted.

    Characters and RP Rules: Section 2.0
    2.1 - No Metagaming - Metagaming is not allowed. Metagaming is the use of information to affect in game decisions. Knowledge learned from the forums, Skype, Teamspeak, or even in OOC on the server then used ICly to your character's advantage is Metagaming
    2.2 - No Powergaming - Powergaming is also not allowed. The definition of Powergaming is being overly powerful or committing unrealistic acts in-game. Killing or controlling other players without them acting it out.
    2.3 - No Godmodding - Godmodding is when you give yourself a large amount / inappropriately powerful abilities or spells that are overpowered. An example would be a fire spell that instantly burns everyone to a crisp.
    2.4 - All characters must be lore accurate, meaning you can't have someone from Fallout in Iliac Bay. If you are having trouble, check out the Tips for Tamriel Races thread.
    2.5 - All characters need a lore & race friendly name.
    2.6 - All Minecraft skins must be be lore friendly, and fit your character. Like if your character is an elf, make him/her look like one. You character has to have TES and age appropriate clothing, no jeans and t-shirt.
    2.7 - If you read these rules, please post "Tuktura Ugakta" at the end of the application.
    2.8 - You can only play a race in the list of available races in the How to Join post. You cannot play a Maormer, a Falmer, etc etc.
    2.9 - Your character must be completely original. You cannot play any already established characters or NPCs from the actual Elder Scrolls games.
    2.10 - Remember that everything is In Character. If you start hopping along fences, walking in circles around peoples, falling from buildings, etc, it will be treated as if it actually happened. You will be expected to roleplay entrances and exits as well.
    2.11 - From this point forward (3/27/2014) players are no longer allowed to create characters related to their past characters via family, friends, and so on. This is to prevent revenge characters.
    2.12 - Every weapon, armor, and item has to be represented with an actual Minecraft item named properly by staff. This is to prevent people from coming up with 'hidden' weapons and generally being unfair to others.
    2.13 - Every single chest and door is locked with a Novice level lock unless a sign states otherwise. For locked chests and doors, you will need to acquire a lockpick In Character. You cannot bash in chests or doors unless it specifically has a sign stating it is of weak make. This is prevent people from just wantonly stealing for every chest they see. Conversely, you cannot carry off someones chest.

    Player Deaths: Section 3.0
    3.1 - If you are killed by a mob ( Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Creeper, etc. ) it does not count as an In Character death.
    3.2 - If your character is killed in a RP fight with another player, or by an Event Master in an event, they are considered permanently dead.
    3.3 - To make a new character it is highly recommended to fill out a character info sheet for your new character.
    3.4 - Your new character must have no connection or relation to your previous character. Seeking out revenge on the person who killed your character is Meta Gaming.
    3.5 - If your character falls more than 20 blocks, 60ft, in an RP Fight it counts as a RP death.
    3.6 - To prevent RDMing (Random Deathmatching), a staff member must be present to oversee a PK (Player Kill). The RP reason for the killing must be reasonable or it is considered an RDM.
    3.7 - Characters can't arrive Iliac Bay and decide to leave without a good reason. Each case is individually judged by Admins only, to see if leaving Iliac Bay is a viable option for your character. You are expected only to attempt to leave if your character would honestly want to and not because you are afraid your character would die, and only if you have the funds and means to do so.

    Alternate Accounts: Section 4.0
    4.1 - Players are only allowed to have one additional alternate account available to them on the server.
    4.2 - Alternate accounts are not required to go through the application process, they are included in the players first application.
    4.3 - Alternate characters cannot meet. It is an easy avenue for meta.
    4.4 - Incompatible behavior from alternate accounts to assist each other in roleplay, for example alignment,class and profession, will result in warnings and eventually a ban.
    4.5 - You can only have two active characters at any one time.

    Torture and Graphic Violence: Section 5.0
    5.1 - We allow players to be involved in scenes of intense graphic violence, just like in The Elder Scrolls.
    5.2 - Scenes of torture can not be in done in the shout chat, even the character reactions. If you must do such scenes, do it in local, whisper, or on Skype.
    5.3 - Both players have to agree to a torture scene, if they don't agree just do a time skip.
    5.4 - Keep in mind the other players age when using graphic detail. If someone is uncomfortable with such a thing, then do a Fade to Black.
    5.5 - The staff of Iliac Bay take no responsibility in policing torture and scenes of a graphic nature. By agreeing to the rules, players accept that they have a responsibility to adhere to them.

    Building & Griefing: Section 6.0
    6.1 - If you purchase land you can have a Builder edit the land you have purchased as long as it fits the theme of the scenery, and so long as they have the approval of an Admin first [Daveless]. Players are not allowed to build, set blocks, or breaks blocks.
    6.2 - All buildings must be checked by an Admin or Build Admin / Master so we know your building has no secret lore breaking things.
    6.3 - If you need chests or doors locked with LWC you must PM an Admin so they can do so.
    6.4 - Any person caught breaking blocks intentionally will be warned, then given a temp ban, then a full ban.
    6.5 - There is no OOC mining, if you want to mine you have to be hired In Character by whomever owns that particular mine, usually the Iliac Trading Company. If you are not sure if the mine is abandoned, ask an Admin first.

    Complaints: Section 7.0
    7.1 - If you have a complaint about a player, fill out a ban report and follow the template.
    7.2 - When you have a complaint about a staff member contact an Admin or Owner with your issue in a written complaint.
    7.3 - Staff are expected to be friendly and helpful at all times, so please treat us with the same respect we show you as players.
    7.4 - Please remember that staff are people just like you, and Admins usually get swamped with requests. Please make sure to follow the chain of command for questions, and if you must ask an Admin something, give them time to respond. Please do not insult or demean the staff, as this will not only likely work against you, but end with a temp ban.

    ERP aka Erotic Roleplay: Section 8.0
    8.1 - All ERP must be done outside of Minecraft. Whether this be on Skype or another form of chat. We do not want to see it in MC or on the forums. If you must reference it, you have to do a 'Fade to black'.
    8.2 - Both parties must consent to the ERP. There will be no scenes of rape. This is a bannable offense.
    8.3 - Both characters must be of legal, consenting age. Which means above the age of eighteen.
    8.4 - You must have a good, character progressing reason to engage in ERP. No flagrant orgies, no sexual encounters for the sake of it.

    Farming and Hunting: Section 9.0
    9.1 - Harvest of any kind, be it wheat, carrots, potatoes, etc, is done once an IRL week. You will be expected to keep track which day of the week this is.
    9.2 - Breeding for animals takes place twice an IRL week, with a spanning of at least three days in between. If you have chickens, the excess eggs can be sold off for food, but not as a spawning item.
    9.3 - Hunting is limited to five animals an IRL week to keep the economy from inflating. Any more than 5 animals will be treated as poaching and you will likely be arrested in character.
    9.4 - The Hunting Week and Farming Week begins every Sunday.
    9.5 - To harvest from a farm you must own that farm In Character. If you are caught harvesting on a farm or killing animals, expect to be punished In Character.

    Professions: Section 10.0
    10.1 - If you character wants to be a mage, enchanter, alchemist, smith, fletcher, locksmith, or tailor, you will be expected to read the guides and adhere to them.
    10.2 - If for some reason you do not see the job you want in either the Guides forum or Professions post, it doesn't mean it does not exist. Just find a way ICly to implement it.


    Apply on our forums here and be sure to post your application both on this very thread, and in a new thread on our forums, in the Apply Here! section.




    Life Extension - Despite being related to the Aldmer, Bretons usually live up to 100 years, mages have the possibility of living up to 120 years old.

    Height - Bretons are the smallest of the man races, standing from 5’4” to 5’9” on average, with the males being taller.

    General Appearance - Bretons tend to be pale to fair skinned caucasians with brown, hazel, blue, or green eyes. Usual hair colors are black, various shades of brown, wheat, and auburn. Best real life equivalent in appearance is those with a Celtic and Gaul background, I.E. Scottish, Irish, Welsh, English & French.

    Naming Conventions - Bretons have a first and family name. Best real life equivalent for names would be French, Old English and Scottish.

    Religion - Bretons are not disposed to "excessive religion", but most accepted the Aldmeri pantheon of gods while under elven rule, then made the transition to the Eight Divines. The most notable spirits traditionally worshipped by Bretons are Akatosh, Magnus, Y'ffre, Dibella, Arkay, Zenithar, Mara, Stendarr, Kynareth, Julianos, and Phynaster. They also recognize Sheor, the Bad Man, believed to have been introduced by the elves during their conflicts with the Nords as a demonized version of Shor.

    Additional Notes - Before or soon after the start of the First Era, Aldmer came to High Rock from the Summerset Isles and interbred with Nedes, eventually creating the Breton race. Sometimes there was conflict, but also long periods of coexistence in a multiracial society where the Manmer were treated as lower class citizens. Most of High Rock would be free from elven control by 1E 498, though they would remain in the province for most of the First Era.


    Life Extension - Imperials are just like Nords regarding age, they can live from 80 -100 years old.

    Height - Imperials tend to stand around an average of 5’5” to 5’11”, with the males being taller

    General Appearance - Imperials have fair to slightly tanned skin that can be prone to further tanning especially if they are active outdoors. Their hair tends to be middle to dark browns, caramels, dirty blonde, and greyish and whitish for the elderly members. Eye colors tend to stay on the darker side with shades of browns, hazel, and in rare cases darker greens. Best real world equivalent in appearance is Italians, Portuguese, and Spaniards.

    Naming Conventions - Imperials have a first and family name. Naming conventions for the Imperials are split between its eastern and western regions. Those living in the Nibenay Basin on the eastern side of Cyrodiil tend to have names that reflect Old Roman [I.E. Crassius, Augustus, etc]. Those living in the western part of Cyrodiil known of Colovia tend to have Eastern European sounding names [I.E. Kastav, Adrian, etc]

    Religion - The Imperial race as a whole tends to worship the Eight Divines and look down upon Daedric worshipers as misbegotten fools at best, and dangerous individuals at worst. This worship is sometimes inter-spaced with admiration for their god-heroes and saints such as Alessia, Reman I and Tiber Septim. Though Talos worship has been formally banned in accord with the White-Gold concordat, many still secretly practice their adulation in private.

    Additional Notes - The area now commonly known as Cyrodiil was once divided into The Colovian Estates and the Nibeney Basin. 'Imperial' is a catch-all term for those who come from Cyrodiil, however the Colovian and Nibenese are very different culture and history wise, and if you plan to play an Imperial, it would be worth it to take a look at this page here for clarification.


    Life Extension - As mentioned earlier, the original humans live from 80 - 100 years.

    Height - Nords are the tallest of the man races and stand at an average of 5’8” to 6’3” with the females being smaller, yet still tall compared to the standard for all the men races.

    General Appearance - The Nords are a stocky and tall race. Their hair may vary from darker shades of brown and red to a bright blonde. Their eye colors tend to be blue, grey, or black. Their skin tends to be a light caucasian, ranging from fair to pale. The best real life equivalent would be people of Scandinavian or Northern European origin.

    Naming Conventions - Nords tend to have first names that reflect Old Nordic / Old Scandinavian in real life terms, I.E Svenja. Most Nords have no family name. However, some Nords have clans, or titles added after or occasionally before their given name. Titles as suffixes are often hyphenated, I.E. Red-Arm. Note that unlike clan names, titles may be changed over the course of one's lifetime, and there are a few incidents of single individuals with multiple titles at different times. Titles do not have to be hyphenated, I.E. [First name] The Bear Butcher.

    Religion - The Nords have a pantheon of worship that is very similar to the Eight Divines with many of said gods just being renamed to fit their personal belief [I.E. Kynareth becoming Kyne], in addition to local beliefs and cultural heroes. Though Talos worship was previously outlawed, many Nords still worship him in a devoted manner, which is one of the many things that caused a rift between Skyrim and the Empire.


    Life Extension - Despite not being related to the Nords, Redguards also live from 90 - 100 years.

    Height - Redguards stand around an average of 5’6” to 6’2” with the males being taller.

    General Appearance - Redguards have a dark skinned complexion, ranging from light to dark brown with a significant ruddy reddish tint mixed in. They possess very curly hair and rarely more than a wispy mustache and beard, and their degree of body hair varies. Tattoos and body piercings are common. Real life equivalent in appearance would be akin to a mix of African and Arabian peoples.

    Naming Conventions - Most Redguard do not have family names, though there are a few exceptions. Marriage, being of a royal or noble family, or a person of high standing would make it more likely you have a last name. Best real life equivalent for names would be a variety of Arabian tribes and Persian.

    Religion - The Redguards have a unique pantheon unrelated to the other man races altogether. It is a mix of traditional Yokudan gods carried over from their original home and cultural heroes. The chieftain of the modern Redguard pantheon is Ruptga, also known as Tall Papa. Others include Zeht, Tall Papa's wife Morwha, Tava (considered equivalent to Kynareth), HoonDing, Leki, Onsi, and Diagna. Many of the nomadic tribesman, who mainly travel around the Alik'r Desert, have developed a deep, spiritual connection with the land and adhere to traditional Yokudan beliefs, which includes deities and spirits of all kinds.

    Additional Notes - When Hammerfell became a province of the Second Empire and demarcated in the Imperial custom, Redguard society was formally divided into two main socio-political groups: the Crowns and the Forebears. The Crowns are descended from the High King and the Na-Totambu who ruled in Yokuda; they hold Yokudan tradition in high reverence and greatly dislike foreigners. The Forebears are descended from the Ra Gada warrior class which conquered the province, and in so doing were exposed to many Nedic (and later Breton and Imperial) traditions and ideas, while the ancestors of the Crowns were not. The Forebears seek modernity; they are more cosmopolitan than their Crown counterparts and more welcoming of the Empire and its way of life, though this ideal has turned against them lately. The practice of eastern magic is greatly frowned upon by Crown and Forebear alike, especially the practices of Conjuration, Illusion, and Necromancy.



    Life Extension - Altmer have by far the longest age range, they can age up to 1000 years.

    Height – Altmer are the tallest of the native Tamrielic races, standing anywhere between 6’0” and 6’5”, and both of the genders tend to range in this area of height.

    General Appearance – Altmer have various shades of golden skin and eyes that can be gold, amber, grey or a gradient variation thereof. Hair colors can be golden, blondish, auburn, grey, or white and is usually left to grow long and in the cases of females, can be coiffed or braided into various decorative forms.

    Naming Conventions – Altmer usually have just a first name unless they come from a prominent family or are in high standing.

    Religion - As their hierarchical society developed, the lower classes stopped worshipping their own "lesser" Aedra in favor of those claimed by their social "betters". Thus the Altmer pantheon slowly formed around the most popular and well-known of the Aedra, which included Auriel, Trinimac, Syrabane, Phynaster, Magnus, and Y'ffre, many of whom would later be incorporated into the Nine Divines

    Additional Notes - Altmer consider themselves to be the most civilized culture of Tamriel; the common tongue of Tamriel is based on Altmer speech and writing, and most of the Empire's arts, crafts, laws, and sciences are derived from Altmer traditions. Social clashes amongst the Aldmer would lead to a series of emigrations from Summerset Isle to regions all over Tamriel, notably under the prophet Veloth, which would lead to the great diversification of Elven races, such as the Chimer, Bosmer, Orsimer and Ayleids (exactly when and where the Dwemer and Snow Elves emerged is not clear, but they are believed to all have a common ancestry)


    Life Extension - Despite being almost-direct relatives to the Altmer, Bosmer only live up to 250 years at a maximum, the average is 200.

    Height - Bosmer are one of the shortest races on Nirn. They stand between 4’7” and 5’5”, with the females being taller and the males rarely getting taller than 5'0".

    General Appearance - Bosmer have various shades of tanned caucasian skin colour. Their eyes can be totally black and different shades of orange and amber. Their sclera is never white, it is a lighter shade of their iris colour. Their hair colour varies from blond to dark brown to red.

    Naming Conventions – The Bosmer have a very diverse range of names, and only ever a first name if they come from Valenwood. Those living or born outside of Valenwood may eventually adopt a family name in order to better integrate with society, though that is not always the case.

    Religion - Y'ffre is their most important and perhaps bizarre god, though the Bosmeri pantheon includes many other strange deities. They are one of the few who worship the trickster Baan Dar. Like some of the Nords, they worship the Daedra Herma-Mora. They also worship the moon gods Jone and Jode, as well as many of the more typical members of the Eight Divines.

    Additional Notes - The Bosmer of Valenwood follow what is known as the Green Pact. It is a strict code, which prohibits the use of any wood or vegetable matter of Valenwood as building materials, and requires that Bosmer be strict carnivores.This non-vegetarian practice is part of the Meat Mandate, a section of the pact that also states a Bosmer must eat his fallen enemy; this cannibalistic nature sets them apart religiously from other nations. The Bosmer allegedly made the Green Pact with Y'ffre the Forest Deity in return for Y'ffre's patronage and perhaps protection. As a result, the Bosmer use bone, animal, and insect products widely; imported wood is used when necessary. There are also almost no cities or towns built by the Bosmer themselves. Additionally, the Green Pact made the felling of trees by anyone, foreign or native, a crime against the Bosmeri religion.


    Life Extension - Dunmer can live up to 800 years, with the average being around 700. Rumors abound of Telvanni living longer due to forbidden uses of necromancy with some of their House members, though this is unproven.

    Height - Dunmer usually average around 5’5” to 6’0”, with the males being taller.

    General Appearance - Dunmer have various shades of ash grey skin. Their eyes have dark red iris with lighter red sclera. As for their hair, it can be black, grey, dark red and white.

    Naming Conventions - The Dunmer have a first and last name, this is the case for everyone (Incl. Ashlanders)

    Religion - Following the disastrous Red Year, widespread worship of the Tribunal ended. In its place the former Dissident Priests took full control of the Temple and sought to reinstate worship of the "Anticipations" (Azura, Mephala, and Boethiah) as the "New Temple". Fittingly, the Daedra were dubbed the "Reclamations", as if they were reclaiming their status from the Tribunal. The rise of this New Temple almost completely vindicated the previously persecuted Ashlanders, who had persevered in worshiping in the three Daedra for millennia. Amongst the Dunmer, the Ashlanders are lauded for having the "true vision" to keep true to the old ways. It is now quite common for many Dunmer to make the arduous pilgrimages into the ash wastes to seek the counsel of the Wise Women, who have done much to dispel Tribunal worship. They directly connect the eruption of the Red Mountain and the Argonian invasion to the anger of the three Daedra. In general, the Dunmer have a unique relationship with Daedra in that they are one of the few races that exclusively worships them instead of Aedra or a mix of the two.

    Additional Notes - The Ashlanders are the only ones who can speak the native language of Velothi.


    Life Extension - Orcs also live as long as humans, despite not being related to them a single bit. They usually don’t live up to 100 though, since any true Orc wishes to die in battle before his/her time has come.

    Height - The average height for an Orc is around 5’7” to 6’2” with the males being taller, though both genders are equally bulky in terms of muscular mass.

    General Appearance - The Orsimer are a burly race with even the females having defining musculature, with a greenish skin tone that tends to turn grey with age or exposure to the sun & elements. Their eyes tend to be greenish or brownish colored, and their hair is usually black, dark browns, or whites and greys for the elderly.

    Naming Conventions – Orc family names are always prefixed depending on gender, "gro-" for males, and "gra-" for females. The prefix is followed by the father's name if male, or mother's name if female. The child may also receive the name of the parent of the opposite sex if the parent of the same sex is unknown. There are also cases of Orcs taking their family name from the name of the Orc stronghold where they were born.

    Religion - Orcish religion centers around the worship of Malacath, Daedric Prince of Outcasts, also known as Mauloch or Malak. The stories recount that Boethiah "ate" Trinimac and excreted the dung that is Malacath, although Malacath derides the story as being too "literal-minded". The Orcs have considered themselves outcasts like their deity ever since, and this is reflected in much of their culture. For instance, unlike other races, the Orc tradition is to have weddings take place at midnight. Near the end of the Third Era, Gortwog gro-Nagorm promoted the idea that the Orcs worship Trinimac again instead of Malacath, a proposition which the majority of Orcs within Orsinium agreed with, while the majority of them outside Orsinium considered it blasphemous.

    Additional Notes - Orcs born outside of strongholds are called 'City Orcs' or just outsiders by stronghold Orcs who view them in the same light as they do the other races.



    Life Extension - Argonians have a maximum age rate of 120 years, the older they get, the lighter their scales become.

    Height - Argonians usually stand at 5’7” to 5’10” with the males being slightly taller.

    General Appearance - Argonians have a scaled appearance that are usually a variety of greens, yellows, blues, browns and sometimes blacks. Their eyes have vertical slits for irises and the iris can be a wide variety of colors. While Argonians appear reptilian in nature at first glance, they also exhibit qualities of fish and amphibians: they are able to breathe underwater through small gills behind their ears, and swim using the same method as that of a tadpole or eel by moving their tail side-to-side to propel through the water.

    Naming Conventions - There are three types of Argonian names.
    ~ 1-word names
    ~ Hyphenated Argonian names (sometimes the hyphen(s) are omitted)
    ~ Tamrielic/Cyrodilic names, with or without hyphens
    Argonians often refer to their non-Cyrodilic names as their "Black Marsh name."
    In some cases, the Cyrodilic names are just translations of their Argonian hyphenated names.

    Religion - Argonians worship (or at least, deeply respect) the Hist. They are a type of ancient, sentient tree native to Tamriel that Argonians cherish, and that the trees secrete a type of sap that can be violently hallucinogenic when ingested. The Argonians apparently believe that the Hist have given them their souls and that when they die, their souls are returned to the Hist to be reincarnated as a new Argonian

    Additional Notes - Argonians are known as Saxhleel in their native tongue of Jel, which means “People of the Root”.


    Life Extension - The Khajiit, much like humans, have a maximum age rate of 90 - 100 years.

    Height - Varies depending on the type of Khajiit, however Suthay-Raht stand around 5’5” to 5’7” on average with the males being slightly taller.

    General Appearance- The Suthay-Raht very much resemble smaller wild-cats such as lynxes and bobcats. Their cat-like appearance is visible through their coat of fur, large, triangle shaped ears, eyes, and pawed legs. Their fur can have markings such as stripes, and also comes in a variety of shading, from grey to an almost orange russet. Some do have hairstyles such as dreadlocks made of their fur, though many opt to shave these off in deference to the Mane, a religious leader figure in Elysweyr. Females tend to be a bit more slender than their male counterparts.

    Naming Conventions - Khajiit names, particularly among males, often have a prefix before them, usually though not always separated by an apostrophe, I.E. Do’Rasha. Females tend to have non-hyphenated names, I.E. Vajhira. Khajiit do not have family names.

    Religion - The Khajiiti pantheon encompasses a myriad of gods, both temporal and otherwise, and borrows a great many gods from other pantheons including a mix of Aedra and Daedra. Of the dark spirits, or dro-m'Athra, who are represented by the inverse phases of the moons, the Khajiit do not speak.
    Additional Notes - While there are a great many type of Khajiit, Suthay-Raht is the only playable type of Khajiit in Iliac Bay.

    Special Note About Half-Breeds

    Say you come from separate parentage, it's rare but it can happen. Due to the way genetics work in TES, you take on the race and primary characteristics of your mother.

    Example - A person with a Breton mother and Altmer father, will look primarily Breton. They may have slightly pointy ears and the eye color of the father, or a very slight gold tint to the skin. The fathers influence on how the child looks is minimal. In addition, the child will take on the lifespan of the mother as well since their race is fundamentally the same, so even if a man and mer interbreed, if the mother is of a man race, the child will only live as long as said race.
    Please keep in mind that men and mer generally don't interbreed, as it is seen as distasteful in some way in most cultures. Khajiit and Argonians cannot interbreed with any other race.

    When in doubt, refer to this: http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/?q=namegenerator


    Here are some pictures of some of the amazing builds present on our server:

    Resource Pack:

    The Resource Pack is a work in progress.

    If there are any further questions, please feel free to add my skype at dalton.logan.adkins, or to message me on the forums. I'll answer your question as soon as I physically can.

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    Can you explain how the server will begin, in a nutshell? Will there be infrastructure, or..
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    posted a message on Group of Friends looking for a serious, hardcore, roleplay server.
    Before you even think about mentioning it, We do not want to see the following servers mentioned:

    -Rise of Kings



    -Fallout: A Nuclear Winter


    We are either currently playing on these servers, do not want too, or the servers have not released.

    We wish for a server that has RP fighting as a first go, unless both parties agree. The genre doesn't much matter to us. We are all experienced roleplayers, having been in the community for a long time.

    We await suggestions.
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    OOC Information --

    Ingame Username: lucas99801

    Previous Role Play Experience: Multiple Minecraft RP servers, including a few started myself. Names that come to mind are, Aeonis, Risehelm, Darkahlen, Turius, Ravien, Hareveth, LOTC, Falchion, Echoes of the Ancients, Akavir,Ashes of our Fathers, and many, many others.

    I have also roleplayed in the BYOND game Space Station 13.

    In your own words define Meta-Gaming:

    Metagaming is the act of taking information learned out of character, and using it in your roleplay.

    In your own words define Power-Gaming: Powergaming is a very broad definition. In my perspective, Powergaming is roleplaying to win. You roleplay to where you win every encounter, ever. You never die. You get out of every situation that ever exists that could hurt you, even if there was no other way out of it.

    What is NLR and what is it's purpose?: The New Life Rule is to prevent players from metagaming who killed them, and why. You are not allowed to return to the sight of your death once you are killed.

    Please describe the difference between OOC (out of character) and IC (in character):

    Out of Character is basically, like right now. You are not roleplaying anything, and are just talking to friends, and strangers on the internet.

    However, IC is the act of roleplaying, and playing the mind of a separate character. This character does not know all that you know. It only knows what it has found out through it’s roleplayed out life.

    Have you ever been banned before? If so why?: Nope. I’m completely and utterly new here.

    Why do you want to join us?: You have made a Science Fiction, High Fantasy roleplaying server. This is what I’ve been trying to do for years.

    IC Information --

    Remember, the faction you choose will have a huge impact on your character.

    Character name: Kailar Valkrae

    Faction(Choose one): The Seraphim

    Age: 25 in the Elven Equivalent to Human Age.

    Race: High Elf

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Kailar is very distant, and dry. He does not show any emotion other than sarcasm, or general lack of emotion towards the subject. In the rare occasions that he does get angry, It is very, very frightening. He will descend into a blind rage, where nothing that he even once held as a colleague is safe. The man views Humans as nothing but upjumped primates.

    Appearance: Kailar stands at a height of 5’9”, and weighs around 150 lbs altogether. He is slender, yet muscular, and not as weak as his size would say. He has long, white hair, and wears very loose robes, when not in ceremonial armour. His face is smooth, and very angular. There is not a flaw on his face, and it could be considered

    Extra: He is very, very agile, and quiet on his feet. He also has an interest in the occult, and any sort of magical happenings.

    Backstory (Atleast 2 good paragraphs!):

    Kailar is a high noble of The Seraphim Empire. He was born into a highborn family, and was given the education, training, and resources that was accorded to a high born noble. He went to an academy for leadership to prepare him for his eventual ascent to a leadership position in the Seraphim. Kailar is ruthless, and efficient. He will go to any lengths to complete any objective he sets out, even it means destruction and death on a mass scale. He has even go so far as to betray his so called friends in school. They were attempting to cheat on a test, and once Kailar had finished, and turned in the test, he immediately turned them in, and got away, with no evidence linking it to him. This labeled him as a target to the other students. No one trusted him, and Kailar liked it that way. He was left alone to hone his skills, and to study.

    One day, He was approached by the students he betrayed. They attempted to get their own form of vengeance on him. They went in, attempting to detain the teenager. He immediately sidestepped, and punched one in the back of the head. The other two tried to tackle him, and he jumped. The two collided, and fell to the floor. He landed, and kicked one in the head, before punching the other in the head. He left them, writhing on the ground. The head of the school approached him, pulling him into his office. The head asked him why he beat those students up. Kailar responded, with a sly smile. “I will do what I need to survive, advance and thrive..”
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    I may be in the process of redoing this idea, PM me if anyone is interested.
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