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    I wasn't quite sure where else to post as I am also looking for a server to join.

    My in game is Emiryn and my real name is Amanda. I'm 28 years old looking for a 24/7 server to join outside of the private hosted server and group I run with usually. I enjoy working on projects with others and being helpful in general. I'm currently attending college so my schedule varies as to when I'll be able to play. I have Vent and Skype and am willing to try other voice communications to facilitate coordination while on server. If you would like samples as to projects I have worked on in the past I'll be happy to submit them for consideration.
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    Quote from Koolwitak »
    I made a gif comparing the original to this one, what do you think? Is the transition too slow? Too fast?

    The gif looks fine to me, and it showcases your work compared to the original texture pack; however, I think having the static pictures side by side would be best. I was getting a headache with them flashing back and forth between the two photos as I was trying to see what all had changed. (It may be due to them not being exactly centered on top of each other, which of course is a pain to do.)

    Also, my friends and I enjoy using your texture pack. It has made us enjoy the game a whole lot more and we can't wait till the next updated pack is released.
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    Not sure if focusing on a 'stable' object on screen will help or not but its what I do since I've been having issues with motion sickness, both on Minecraft as well as EVE Online. I have not changed any of the in game settings on either game, I have found that the lighting in the room helps to some degree, also clutter on my desk helps out too, so I have something else to look at when turning the camera if I've not gone tunnel vision on the game. If I have gone tunnel vision on the game I focus on a the interface windows, tool bars, hand etc. when I turn the camera so I do not get ill. I still have to take breaks from time to time, but I'm slowly building up a tolerance to this phenomenon.
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    When I start a mining project I dig a long stair case (3x3) connecting to the basement of my home then start branches from there. I make sure each branch is two tiles below the previous floor, this way I can see if there are any minerals in the floor of the previous level without compromising the integrity, again the dimensions are 3x3. Once I have the main branches set up I start offshoots, each are 3x3 with two tiles between them. If I manage to find a route to the surface I tend to make the area usable and knock out a few of the tunnels if minerals were not found, set up additional storage etc. When I closed off my last branch, 13 offshoots with a good bit of Coal and some Iron, I knocked out the walls to reclaim most of my torches while leaving enough to prevent monsters from spawning then close it up with a block/window or door. Not sure if this really answers your question but this is what I’ve been doing to keep things ‘neat’.
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